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Tickle Therapy Works!

December 5, 2014


Posted this on my Facebook page a while back, and realized, just recently, that I never put the link on my webpage.


This clip is one of my favorites as it features one of the most beautiful laughs from a ticklee, ‘Shay’ is her name in the video, coupled with some of the sexiest tickle talk you may ever come across.

@ 3:56 into the clip, Shay, having her feet masterfully tickled and in between her slow, melodic, sexy laughing says, and I quote, ‘This is better than sex!’

In terms of enjoyable foot tickling videos, just not sure it gets better than this. Oh my!

One more…

@ 4:56 into the clip…

Shay, says that, and I quote, ‘It’s actually getting me wet and happy’.

Oh my again!

To which the lead tickler responds, looking right into the camera,

‘You have to love a girl who loves a good tickle!’

Think I can die now…sigh… :)

Again, between the comment above and this one, has there ever been a better example of a woman enjoying her feet being tickled?!

If there are, please post in the comments here.

Lastly, PLEASE consider donating something to this video company:

to make sure more incredible clips like this one get made.



The beautiful ticklee certainly did :)

Another wonderful tickling video where the woman is loving having her feet tickled!

November 29, 2014

Ludella asks Taylor to tickle her feet. Wonderful laughter and tickle talk ensue. Enjoy!

It’s been SUCH a LONG day! Would you want to tickle my bare feet?!

November 29, 2014


Erica’s been in high heels all afternoon for her friend’s wedding.

She’s taking a break, and has kicked off her Nine Wests right across from where you’re sitting.

She gives you that look that says, ‘I’d do anything to have you come over here and rub my bare soles for a few minutes!’

You engage in conversation, and soon, you are running your fingers up and down her smooth, soft, bare arches.  She’s purring from all the delicate tickling you’re giving her.


‘Danica, will you please tickle my feet?!’

November 17, 2014

Another incredible video clip of a woman enjoying having her bare feet tickled.

The woman is reclining on a couch as the clip begins, and is asking her beautiful friend, Danica, if she can tickle her feet. Danica obliges lovingly teasing her arches, soles, and toes for a full 5 minutes. You’ll love the way Danica tickle talks during the episode!

So sexy!

It’s clear that the ticklee and the tickler are really enjoying the experience.

Just blissful and delightful all wrapped up neatly together!


P.S. At 5 minutes and about 5 seconds the video starts back over, and runs for another minute or so.

Taylor’s a little stressed out at work. Nothing a little tickle therapy can’t fix :)

November 11, 2014



Dixie REALLY Loves Being Tickled On Her Barefeet and Toes!

October 20, 2014

At 5 minutes and 49 seconds into the clip, Dixie, reclining back in her office chair, Taylor running her nails up and down her bare soles says, “It’s so nice not being distracted with work, I can just enjoy it’

WARNING: gets a little hot and steamy at around 6 minutes and 10 seconds into the clip, as Dixie begins to pleasure herself while her feet are being tickled by Taylor.

For the tickle and foot fetishists of the world who love to see a woman truly enjoying having her incredibly beautiful bare feet tickled, I don’t know if it gets much better than this clip! The tickler also seems to truly embrace her roll, and appears to really love tickling Dixie’s feet. Her tickle talk is just wonderful!


Paige loves to have her bare feet tickled all over! She tells you so :)

September 21, 2014


Always on the hunt for video clips that feature women enjoying the tickling experience, I found one gem on YouTube that I though I would share , and see what you thought.

As a tickle fetishist, I really want to support people who put out high quality videos like this. I hope you will too!

The clip is from Tickle Torture (which, in my humble opinion, should really be renamed to something like ‘Tickle Time Fun’ or ‘Tickle My Feet’)  and available at

But, full disclosure, I could not find a direct link to the clip on their site.

If anyone knows it, please post it in the comments section below, thanks!

The clip features Paige, an attractive young, college-aged woman, reclining in a big sofa chair with the foot rest extended, and her bare soles facing the video camera.

Paige gives me hope that there are more women out there who really do love it when their feet are gently and delicately tickled.

A few of my favorite moments:

@ 1:39 – While her feet are being tickled and in between laughing, Paige says, “I’ve always loved having my feet tickled.  I don’t even know why.  I find it relaxing I think.’

@ 5:01 – Again, while her feet are being tickled, and in between laughing, Paige says, “Get my toes again, get my toes!  I like that, that’s my favorite I think!’

The clip from Youtube is below, as well as a link to a short post on Facebook I made about this video clip.

Thank you, Paige, for letting us share in your tickle experience and hear your beautiful laughter while your gorgeous soles and toes were ticklishly explored with fingers and forks.  I wish all clips could be like this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


While I’m at it…thought I would just mention that a story I wrote back in the fall of 2008 would play along very nicely with the theme of the above clip :)

Don’t remember it?

Check it out below and see what you think?


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