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Hot Barefoot Babysitters!

July 22, 2007

My earliest memories of having a foot fetish were when babysitters would come over to our house and watch my sister and I. Many times these babysitters would plop themselves on the couch and kick off their shoes much like the picture to the right.

Being just a little tyke, I knew that I liked it when our babysitters would bare their feet, I just didn’t quite understand why. Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and now I know why the aforementioned photo is so enticing.

I only wish I had had the courage to walk up to the edge of that couch and run a feather across those beautiful babysitter soles.

If I’d only known then what I know now.

Can you imagine if that same said babysitter would have then lightly giggled and said to me, “Ohhh, do it again! I love it when someone tickles my feet!”?

I most assuredly would have melted on the spot ;)
Any of you out there have any good barefoot babysitter tickle stories to tell?

Any babysitters out there that wanted their feet tickled while lounging on the couch?

Would LOVE to see your comments posted here.
Thanks for checking in to the blog! Have a great day!
Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled (WWEHTFT)
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  1. November 28, 2007 11:07 pm

    Posted by LadyFootTickler on MySpace on November 12, 2007Just thought it deserved a spot here on my blog as well. My Babysitter Part II The next story about my babysitter was when I was about 8 years old, but first let me describe my babysitter because I remember her like it was yesterday. She was about 5’5″, weighed about 135 to 140, medium length black hair, and her toes were always had nail polish on them. She was cute, however I never heard her talk about a boyfriend. Well she came over to babysit us at about 6:00 PM on a Saturday and it was obvious that she had been busy all day because she was tired. After my mom and dad left she asked me to help her out by keeping an eye on my 4 year old sister as she wanted to take a quick nap. My sister went to her room and was playing with her dolls and stuff. As always my babysitter took her shoes and socks off and then she laid down on the couch on her back and within minutes she was asleep. Her right foot was slightly hanging of of the couch and she had dark cherry red polish on her toes. It was driving me crazy and I had to tickle that foot. I got a broom straw and got into position at the end of the couch near her foot and started tickling her big toe with the straw. At first there was no reaction, but when I did it again, she scrunched her toes quickly and I was gone in a flash back to my chair in front of the TV. I didn’t think I could move so fast. After about 3 minutes I looked back and she was still asleep so I found my straw, got back into position and this time I tickled the arch of her foot. She slowly flexed, spread, and scrunched her toes and continue to this everytime I tickled her foot. Finally she turned over facing the back of the couch with her feet together and near the edge of the couch. I just had to touch those soles with my fingers so I got rid of the straw and started tickling her soles with my fingers. She slowly wiggled her toes and would scratch her foot with the other foot, then she stretched like she was waking up and I was gone quickly back to my chair. I just knew she would be angry, so when I looked back to see if she was still sleep however, she was awake and smiling. She asked “Why were you tickling my feet?” “Do you like my feet?” I just looked at her with a goofy look and shook my head yes. She went and checked on my sister, came back laid on the couch and started watching TV with her feet hanging off the edge of the couch. She was wiggling, scrunching, spreading and flexing her toes just driving me nuts. I had to tickle those feet again so I move into position at the end of the couch and took my index finger and tickled her left foot just under her big toe. She scrunched her toes and just giggled. She then laid on her back and crossed her feet showing her wrinkled soles so I started slowly tickling her feet. She giggled and laughed just wiggling and spreading her toes. She looked at me and said “You really like my feet, huh?” Again I just with the goofy look shook my head yes. I tickled her feet for about two more mintues and then I stopped because I didn’t want her to get angry. The rest of the evening I just was mesmorized by her wiggling, flexing and spreading her pretty feet and toes. All the time she would catch me looking at her feet and she would just smile. The time same for when my parents would be coming home so she asked me to go get her shoes and socks which wer near the front door when I got them and handed them to her she asked me if I wanted to put them on for her. I was besides myself and was stammering and studdering and she knew it meant yes. I put her socks and shoes on and her feet were so soft and warm. I’ll have one last story about her later.

  2. June 25, 2008 2:42 am

    Nice main photo – she’s got Great bare soles…

  3. July 15, 2008 2:40 pm

    I once tied up my babysitter and french kissed her arms. Her reaction to that exicted me and frightned me t the same time. At the time, I thought I was just a super tickler. As an adult, I realized she was fighting arousal. I had no idea that the armpit was a g-spot for some. In her defense, I kept kissig long after she stopped laughing and started fighting and begging. I actually talked to her about a year ago and she acts as if she doesn’t remember. As far as her feet, they were highly ticklish and quite stinky most of the time.

  4. May 30, 2009 11:27 pm

    My Babysitter Story:I was about 9 or 10 when my babysitter, Jenny, came over. She was a great girl who had amazing feet! So, she came over on a Monday morning in August. She was staying until Thursay while my parents were going on a vacation. The morning panned out as usual. We just kind of sat around. I went to a friend’s house and got back around 3PM. She was on the couch watching TV. After about 10 minutes of watching, she turned off the TV and said “Let’s play a game, I am bored.” We decided to play “jail.” She was the prisoner and I was the guard. I got some ductape and tied her ankles, wrists, and waist to the couch. I grabbed an old electric toothbrush, a hairbrush, a feather, and a playing card and b]put them in a bag. “OK you are in jail for stealing candy.” I said.(I was 9 or 10, gimme a break.) “OK so first you are supposed to interrogate me.” she said. We always played this game that way, but this time was special. “OK now Jennifer! Where did you stash the candy???” I said. “I will never tell you!!””Really?”I grabbed the electric toothbrush. “What are you doing??””I will get the info out of you somehow. I turned it on and gave her feet a good tickle. She laughed so hard it was funny to watch! I just couldn’t stop! So I grabbed the hairbrush and mercilessly tickled her feet. “Stop! Hahahahahahaha! PLEASE!” I grabbed the feather and tickled her more! And More! This lasted for about 20 minutes until I stopped. Every time she babysat me, I tickled her mercilessly, with the same instruments. The next time I tied her arms upward. And used the toothbrush on her underarm. Haha! Great times!Thanks For Reading!The Tickler

  5. June 6, 2009 1:34 pm

    Thanks, "The Tickler", for sharing that! Really appreciate it!

  6. April 2, 2011 8:33 am

    Man, such great stories… Post more with pics and Vids! Womens foot ticklishness is great…

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