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Mommy Tickled

July 5, 2010

I saw this book “Mommy Tracked”, by Whitney Gaskell, the other day on Amazon.

One of the reviews reads, “…as comfortable as fuzzy slippers…” and “…sharp as stilettos.”

The story is based in Florida and finds four young mothers, Anna, Juliet, Grace, and Chloe, trying to help each other through trying times raising children. They all belong to a support group called ‘Mothers Coming Together (“MCT”). The group is led by Grace, happily married with children, but a bit of a diet fanatic.

Of course, with the cover showing three women sitting on a couch, 2 in flip flops, and 1 in sandals, my mind took off in a ‘ticklish’ direction. I hope the author and cover photographer don’t mind the liberties I’m going to take with the plot and cover art, but I felt compelled to have a little fun in Fireworks with a slightly different take on Grace.

Click here to see the slightly ‘off-Tracked’ cover art version so to speak.

A Ticklish Science Experiment

December 20, 2009

Here is another Kamiano drawing that inspired me.

Thank you again, Kamiano, for your wonderful artistry. Don’t know where this community would be without you!

Well, being a bit of a scientist myself, I thought it would be neat to explore a science theme this go around.

Dr. Ferguson is a community college science professor and ends up as part of a ticklish science experiment.

See the picture for more of the story and thanks for stopping by!


A Ticklish Solution for the Stressed Out Career Woman

November 11, 2009

[Another working woman fantasy of mine!

Thanks to Kamiano and Ticklish Paradise for your inspirational artwork and photos, respectively]

Women, you hear it everyday…how do you balance your life with all the stresses placed upon you; career, work, kids, house, inlaws, the list goes on!

Well, ladies, at last there is help!

Doctors at The Laughter Institute have come up with a quick 10 minute therapy session that will have you smiling from ear to ear and that can be done efficiently over a lunch hour.

It’s called “Tickle Therapy”, and involves repeated tactile stimulation with feathers on the bottoms and tops of your barefeet and toes. Now, ladies, if you are already squirming and saying to yourself, “There’s no way I can be tickled like that! My feet are just way too ticklish!”,wait!

Our Tickle Therapy sessions are not like your Uncle Johnny’s tickle torture from childhood where you were left probably crying from all the tickling you received. We at the Laughter Institute understand that there are gradations to the tickle experience, and we have attentive, trained physicians and technicians who spend a great deal of time with you and your barefeet to ensure that the level of tickling is just right, producing only the most enjoyable and pleasing brain neuron firings.

Clinical studies on career working women between the ages of 24 to 44 have shown that a mere 10-15 minutes a week of consistent laughter can bring many health benefits such as reduced blood pressure and stress, and in some cases a lower LDL cholesterol reading. Not only that, but your stomach muscles from laughing are exercised and you can burn, depending on your level of ticklishness, up to 100 calories in one 1o minute session. Three times a week of Tickle Therapy and you’ve burned the equivalent of an average treadmill session at the gym, and with alot less drudgery and more fun!

Not sold yet! Well, for a limited time, the Laughter Institute is offering free consultations, and a free initial therapy session!

But don’t take our word for it, talk to career women like Nancy here featured in the promotion photo.

Nancy is a busy web designer for a Fortune 500 company and has been struggling to balance all of the areas of her life; family, friends, two kids, a mortgage, and countless public service committees and boards she’s serving on.

When she heard about the 10 minute Tickle Therapy sessions from a coworker and friend (seen pictured by the door), she thought, “Why Not?! It can’t hurt, but boy, it sure can tickle!”

Growing up, Nancy had 3 brothers who used to hold her down and tickle her feet mercilessly. Understandably she was a little reticent about letting another person have their way with her barefeet again, especially with feathers!

She worked with a female physician at the Institute who took the time to try out different techniques and different feathers that would produce the most enjoyable tickling experience.

“After about 25 minutes with the doctor, we found a long, colorful flamingo feather that was just divine! She would work it in and out slowly between my toes, and then even more slowly down the arches of both of my feet. Let me just say, I was in heaven!”

Nancy’s satisfied experience is just one of many, and we invite you to come in and read other testimonials.

Stop by The Laughter Instititute today, and start learning how to balance your life with a little tickling that could put a spring in your step :)

Office Foot Tickling Fantasy – More Fun in Fireworks

October 19, 2009

Here is another Fireworks creation of mine, standing on the shoulders of giants so to speak. Thank you to the unknown artist here for stirring up my curiosity of what might happen to middle aged, middle manager men (MAMMM…if you will) all over the world if there were to be a “Kick Off Your Heels” Casual Friday instituted.
You go MAMMM!
Thanks for stopping by, WWEHTFT

My "Sex and the City" Fantasy

October 12, 2009

This is a photo from

If anyone knows the movie this photo is from, please post it in a comment here. Thanks!

I will be glad to edit this post and credit the link.

Obviously the movie doesn’t follow the same theme as my fantasy, but I’m sure it’s a great one.

Until next time, thanks for stopping by!


Cute Ticklee to Tickler, "I love having my feet tickled!"

October 9, 2009

Wonderful new clip of a cute brunette who ACTUALLY SAYS during the video, “I love having my feet tickled!”

She even goes so far as to plainly tell her tickler, “I really want you to come back and tickle my feet again. Anytime you want, for as long as you want!”.


Click HERE for the link off the TMF (Tickle Media Forum).

If you’re not already a member, you’ll need to register to view the clip.

Registration is free though, and the TMF provides unbelievable content to the tickling community. They deserve our support!

If you would like to own this incredible clip in its entirety, click HERE.


Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled :)

More Fun in Fireworks

May 30, 2009

A modification of one of my favorites with a Native American Theme.


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