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If you’re like me, feeling like you may need help with a porn addiction, help is available, and it’s only a click away…

October 8, 2017

Below are some video links that have helped me over the past week. 

I hope they may help you too if you’re going through a similar ‘waking up’ scenario; knowing you may need to make some difficult changes in your usage of foot fetish and tickle fetish websites (see previous website post).

Again, I can’t thank Noah Church enough for all the time and effort, and courage, he has demonstrated in sharing his story and strategies to overcome pornography addiction. 

Please check out his YouTube channel. He’s at ‘Noah B.E. Church’, as well as his website, 

On his website, you can download for free his book entitled, ‘Wack: Addicted to Internet Porn’ for more in depth help on overcoming this addiction.

Full disclosure, I have not read the book, but I am planning to in the coming weeks and will post something on this site later regarding my experiences reading the book.

I’m now 6 full days PMO (Pornography induced Masturbating to Orgasm) free. 

My ability to focus on tasks at work, and at home, is so much better. 

I hope these links below may help you in your quest to become a more attentive and mindful human being. 

I will be taking down content on this website over the next few weeks in preparation of me removing any ‘triggers’ to myself, and to you, that might encourage a relapse into addictive behaviors.

Apologies in advance to those who are not struggling to the same extent that  I am, and may not understand my need to remove the content I’ve provided to date on this site. 

I’m sure the content void I leave will be quickly filled by others at other websites. 

I will be posting a few more times related to this topic of addiction. 

Then, I will be closing down the site for good. 

My email address will remain for those who would like to contact me using email. 

My facebook and twitter accounts will also remain, but the media content will be removed, and the posts will be mainly to help people in need of help reducing internet pornography exposures. 

As always, thank you for stopping by.

Here are those videos as promised that have helped me this past week:


Starting to wonder if I may truly have a porn addiction after watching this…

October 6, 2017

I spent a good amount of last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday consumed with thoughts of other women’s feet. 

It’s now Thursday night, and I’m 3.5 days free of watching pornography related to women’s feet and tickling, and masturbating to orgasm while I watch. 

I feel SO much better about myself. 

I’m starting to think this guy Noah Church is onto something.

I’m starting to think it’s time to get serious about my addiction to watching these internet videos of women’s feet and women’s feet being tickled. 

I’m starting to question the idea that my addiction is ‘innocent enough’, that I ‘have a handle on it’, that, if need be, I can ‘put the brakes on’. 

But can I?

I’m not so sure anymore.

I need to test my inner resolve.

I am going through alot in my personal life, and I think I’m using female foot fetish / female foot tickling internet porn to salve my inner conflicts at home and at work. 

I need help.

But even more importantly, I need calm.

Foot fetish and foot tickling sites are just too stimulating for me right now. 

I need to take a break. 

I apologize to those who have just found my site and started to get interested in more frequent postings as of late. 

I apologize to my long time readers of this blog who also may be enjoying the latest, more regular content postings.

I’m not sure if I can sustain a ‘porn fast ‘ if you will for any significant amount of time. 

I only know that I need to try.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Again, for a better explanation of what I am going through, please take the time to watch Noah Church’s videos. 

ALL of them are worth the time and effort.

This person has helped me immensely this week. 

I hope he might help you too.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Woman admits to her male tickler that she is getting turned on by his tickling of her bare feet :)

October 2, 2017

 ‘It’s kind of turning me on…you tickling my feet like that…’

What tickler doesn’t want to hear that incredible phrase come out of the mouth of the person they are tickling? 

I know I sure wouldn’t mind hearing those beautiful words the next time I’m tickling my wife’s feet 🙂

At about 50 seconds into this 1 minute preview clip (see below) of the original content 9 minute video (see link below) entitled, ‘Edie’s Feet Tickled’ brings just such a lovely phrase to life…and it is quite, quite amazing to hear.

Here’s the 1:01 preview clip:

Here’s the link to the original content video:

If you can find it in your heart to support these folks at SoCal Tickling’s Studio 30526 we can help keep great foot tickling video content coming online.

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Female has her gorgeous barefeet tickled in a car while the rain’s beating down outside…oh so cozy! :)

October 1, 2017


The below clip brought back some wonderful memories of being back in high school making out with my girlfriend in my car during those notorious southeastern heavy rains we’d get along the Carolina coasts where I grew up:

In case YouTube removes the above clip, try here…

Or here…

I wish I’d thought to be as clever as the male tickler in this video was to get his friend or girlfriend (not clear in the video what their relationship is) to get in the backseat of the car, remove her shoes, and put her barefeet up on the front passenger seat to gently tickle. 

Oh, how I would have been in an endless loop of Bryan Adams’ ‘Heaven’ song from the 80’s 🙂 

I just love how you can hear the rain beating down on the car roof as she’s being tickled on her bare feet. 

Just really adds to the intimacy, and the…how should I put it…something akin to an ‘aint got nothin’ better to do than to just go ahead and let you have your way with my little tootsies right now’ vibe 🙂

Just lovely. 

And to boot, the woman getting her toes and soles ticklishly fondled by her male tickler is really quite playful throughout the entire clip and really seems to be enjoying her foot tickling experience. 

Again, just a lovely, lovely clip. 

Hope you enjoy it and hope you can support the YouTube poster of the clip, Deabar Goeakos, by giving the video a thumbs up, and a nice comment. 

The original video is entitled, ‘Car Tickling, Volume 6: Tori’s Tickle Spot’. I tried to find out who the original content producer was to provide a link to their work, and maybe help financially support their efforts at producing high quality foot tickling content on the internet, but alas…I came up short 😦

If you know who the original content producer is, please post it below in the comments section. 


As always, thanks for stopping by! 

Beautiful barefoot foot worship that tickles, but ‘feels REALLY good!’

September 29, 2017 Just absolutely loved this one! 

Hope you do too! 🙂

My two favorite moments:

@ 2:54 in the video, the VERY attractive woman worshipping the other woman’s gorgeous size 9, perfectly pedicured, bare feet starts to nibble a bit on, what appear to be, incredibly soft bare heels of the other woman.

The woman getting her barefeet worshipped starts laughing ever so beautifully at this nibbling, and says, ‘It’s kind of ticklish’.

The woman doing the worshipping asks, ‘You like it?’, and without giving the other woman any time to respond to her question, follows up with, ‘Good. Then that means I’m definitely going to get my dress then….’

BACKSTORY: The foot worship session is started because the woman doing the worshipping wants to find out who gave her that cute dress. The woman in the cute dress withholds that information promising to release it if the woman doing the foot worshipping does a good job workshipping her feet.

To which the woman having her feet tickle worshipped says, ‘You ARE. You’re doing a REALLY good job!’

The woman then careens her head back in pleasure, and lets out a deep moan.

Yes, it’s pretty sexy. Pretty. Sexy.

But I digress…


@ 3:54, the woman worshipping the other woman’s barefeet is straddling her foot worshipping ‘muse’, if you will, with her face facing the tops of both of the other woman’s barefeet. 

That pose, in and of itself, is sexy enough, but then the woman doing the worshipping starts to nibble lightly on the toe of her muse’s right foot next to her pinky toe.

The woman having her feet worshipped lets out a slight pleasurable moan. 

The woman worshipping her feet then starts to run her tongue in between this toe and her third toe. 

It’s this movent of the tongue that gets a beautiful ticklish reaction from her foot worshipping muse. 

The woman having her feet worshipped utters, ‘That’s…tickle…ish’ and lets out another beautiful laugh. 

The woman worshipping her feet then moves on to kissing, using her whole mouth, the tops of her feet just below the pinky toe. 

Another great reaction erupts from the woman having her barefeet worshipped. 

A deeply pleasurable, ‘Ohhhh’ followed by, ‘But it feels REALLY good’, then, finally, another deeply pleasurable, ‘Mmmmmm’.

Yes, again, just ‘over the moon’ sexiness oozes from this video.

You’re welcome.

Here’s the link:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t determine who the original content producer is on this video. 

If you know, please post in the comment section below. 

It’s important to support people who are putting out such high quality foot and tickle fetish content. 

N’est pas?! 🙂

As always, thank you for stopping by!

Plaster cast removals produce pleasurable foot tickling sensations: a fantasy scenario between a female patient and her doctor (Part One)

September 29, 2017

When I was probably around 11 or 12 years old, a female friend of mine of roughly the same age as me, and, incidentally, one I had a little bit of a crush on, broke her leg. 

I can remember vividly her telling me that it would tickle when they removed the cast. 

I can also remember emphatically arguing with her about whether or not the cast removal would be ticklish. 

Honestly, it’s hard to admit another ill-fated response and missed opportunity to tickle the female foot, but, as a mid 40’s male, looking back, I think I was just starting to understand the immense ‘gravitational pull’, if you will, of my tickle and foot fetishes.  

I think, in retrospect, my female friend raising the issue of her imminent, medically-induced tickle session, was just too much for my developing pre-teen brain to handle. 

I think I was just ‘overheating’ at the ticklish possibilities, and I probably didn’t know any other way to deal with it at the time except to try to argue with her that it wouldn’t happen. 

Who knows?

I’m not sure if her cast removal tickled. 

I think I asked her, and I think she said that it did. 

I know I imagined that it did. 

Luckily, with YouTube and other video sharing sites, I don’t have to wonder anymore if this ticklish cast removal thing is a thing…seems like it is…my friend was right! 🙂

Here’s a few short clips showing women getting tickled while their casts are removed:

The first video is not the highest quality, but, at about 1 minute in, you hear the woman laugh so softly and beautifully, and she says something to the effect of, ‘Oh my God…I’m actually legimately ticklish on my feet!’ Or something close to that.

The second video is about the same level of quality, and same ticklish reactions from the woman.

Both clips are quite sexy in my opinion.

Another beautiful aspect of ticklish cast removal is seeing gorgeous pedicured female toes wiggling out from their little plastered ‘peep holes’. 

The pictures above of said gorgeous pedicured toes peering out get me thinking of some pretty licklish  (yes, using your tongue to lick another body part, usually someone’s toes, in order to tickle them) , and dare I say…pretty ‘massage-y-nistic’ 🙂 (groan, groan…I know) scenarios of what might happen if medical professionals were skilled in the art of tickle therapy with plaster cast patients.

Let’s just imagine for this post today that we have such a medical protagonist…we’ll call him ‘Andrew’.

Now Andrew’s a new medical student looking for a way to distinguish himself in the medical field.

He wants to work mainly with people in leg casts, as he once broke his leg when he was younger, and wants to help people heal when they have broken a bone. 

Andrew, however, knows he has a weakness when it comes to dealing with broken bones.

You guessed it…beautiful female feet. And more specifically, beautiful female toes that poke out of the casts where female feet are rendered stationary by the casting process.

Andrew just finds himself particularly mesmerized by these female toes when they are in casts. 

When he encounters females in these leg casts with their pretty, soft , pedicured toes exposed, he insatiably finds himself wanting to lightly tickle and lickle their toes. 

It’s always been this way for Andrew. 

But, where there’s weakness, there’s also strength. 

Andrew knows just how sensitive a woman’s toes can be after being liberated from their stilleto heels or cramped flats. He’s witnessed the power of gently tugging at womens’ toes after a long day and watching the stress just fall off their entire bodies. 

Don’t believe it? Next time your significant other is having a rough day and complains about one thing or another, offer to just have them put their feet in your lap and offer to just gently tug each of their toes.  

Guaranteed stress relief, and possibly, complete elimination, leading to possible further more intimate encounters 🙂

Andrew is repeatedly asked by his female patients for foot massages. And once he starts to rub their toes, he notices just how incredibly relaxed, and sometimes, very ticklish, these women become to his toe touching. 

It is simply one of the great perks of his job to bring this kind of relief and release through ticklish laughter to his female patients. 

They all, despite what some women say about hating being tickled, seem to love this kind of ticklish attention on their toes. 

Andrew’s learned that if he spends just 3 minutes touching, and yes, sometimes using his tongue to softly LICK these most wonderful appendages on the female foot,  he can send his female patients into incredibly  pleasurable, full body relaxation spasms. 

Furthermore, if these female patients are in a leg cast where their feet and toes are severely restricted in their movement, this touching, licking, and yes, oftentimes, tickling, of these female toes produces some of the most intensely pleasurable sensations in their female bodies. Some of his patients have even reported, I kid you not, having orgasms from all the gentle touching, licking, and/or tickling of their feet while in a cast. 

The tickling of the toes of his female patients also appears to hasten their healing process. 

Female patients in casts who had at least one foot massage and/or foot worshipping event were able to have their cast removed at least 1 week earlier than their non foot massaged, non foot tickled counterparts.  Apparently this foot worship and tickling keeps blood pressure well regulated in both the hands and the feet, and encourages good blood circulation throughout the body.

Andrew’s actually thinking of publishing his findings in a peer-reviewed journal and calling his brand of therapy ‘Lower Appendage Stimulation By Titillation or LASBTor short. 

Andrew’s new mantra is ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’, and it is not only his go to Buddhist meditation phrase, but it’s also quicky becoming the keystone of his medical practice. 

His female patients (almost 95% makeup at the moment) are already raving about the benefits of ATST. 

His female patients, many in their 30’s and 40’s, attractive housewives and mothers are lining up out the door of his clinic to get a chance to get their toes titillated and stimulated by this new therapy and by this young, handsome doctor in town.

Let’s go into the waiting room with Andrew , and his new female client, Vicki Kline, to find out more…

‘Mrs. Kline, nice to see you again. How is the new cast treating you?’

Vicki is a well self-cared for, tall, slender, adventurous, and attractive 40-something mother of two boys in middle school. 

‘Hi Doctor Larson. Cast’s great! You guys did such a nice job. I do have some issues keeping my little toesy-wosies warm during the day though…’

Vicki wiggles her gorgeously painted toes of her left foot up and down as if to invite Andrew in for a closer look at their predicament. 

Andrew, unbegrudgingly, as if a tractor beam from Episode 4 of the Star Wars Saga has sucked him in, bends down to get a closer look, and puts his index and forefinger on her big and 2nd toes to sense their lack of heat. 

Andrew’s pupils are dilated 3x what is normal and Vicki takes notice. She knows a foot fetishist when she sees one, and she’s pretty sure her doctor has a thing for her pretty feet. Lots of guys in her life take notice of them. 

She again wiggles all 5 gorgeously taken care of toes in Andrew’s direction as if to say, ‘Please come on over and play with my toes for a while, Doctor!’. 

Andrew is enraptured by Vicki’s toes and doesn’t know how to exit gracefully.

Vicki, in an attempt to reel him back from the edge of foot fetish overload, mutters out loud, ‘Do you have any ideas on how I can keep my toes warm during this time?’

‘I do. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Kline I’m specifically training in one particular modality of maintaining good health for the toes during this casting process. This modality though may seem a little strange to you. You don’t have to try it if you’re uncomfortable. What I am going to suggest is merely that; a suggestion.’

Vicki, wide-eyed and intrigued, responds back, ‘Ok, great, thanks! I’m totally open to your ideas.’

‘Well, for starters you want to keep your toes creamed with lotion. They can dry very quickly due to the way your toes are exposed to the elements.’

‘Boy, isn’t that the truth! Yes, my toes tend to get very dry throughout the day.’ 

‘We recommend Cetaphil or Eucerin lotions to keep the toes adequately hydrated. Would you like me to apply some now?’

‘Yes, please!’

Andrew reaches for his jar of Cetaphil and takes about a teaspoon onto his index finger and applies a small amount to the tops and bottoms of each exposed toe. 

‘Oh, that’s cold. Hmmm, feels good though.’

Andrew’s  warm hands quickly transfer their warmth to Vicki’s toes on her left foot.  

As Andrew applies the lotion with his index finger, he uses his other hand to gently massage the lotion into and between each of Vicki’s toes.

Andrew is so skilled at this that he almost invariably gets this next response from his female patients, ‘Oh my God, Doctor, that feels sooooo good!’

Vicki is no different.

She lowly moans with pleasure as Andrew is firmly, but gently making upward strokes with his fingers on and between her bare toes.

Her moans get a little louder.

‘You seem to really know what you’re doing there, Doctor.’

Andrew replies, ‘Just trying to make sure you feel relaxed, Mrs. Kline.’

‘Oh my God, as Yoda said, there is no try, you’re just doing.’, Vicki chuckles at her own Star Wars reference.

While Andrew continues his strokes on Vicki’s gorgeous bare toes, he suggests another helpful CTH tip…

‘Now, Mrs. Kline, this next tip is going to sound a bit strange, but trust me, of all the tips I’m going to give you today, this one is going to pay back many dividends. Are you ready?’

‘Yes! Please tell me!’

‘Ok. The tip is allowing your toes to be taken into another person’s mouth, and letting this person suck and lick your toes using their mouth muscles and tongue.’

‘Oh wow.’

Vicki is a bit stunned by this CTH tip.

‘I wasn’t expecting that. I’ve never had my toes sucked. My boyfriend actually will only rub my feet with his hands if I beg him like 10 times to do it. He’s not much of a foot guy. I LOVE to have my feet rubbed. When I get pedicures, the lady who normally works on my feet will give me a 10 minute foot massage. I’m in heaven!’

‘Well, Mrs. Kline, I have to say, if you’ve never let had your toes in another person’s mouth, you are in for a real treat. I know it might sound disgusting, but believe me, the nerve endings in between and all around your toes are, if you grant me the permission to perform this practice on your bare toes, going to awaken to a most exquisite pleasure. Alot of the women who receive this treatment have to hold onto the chair arms as the pleasure can be quite intense.’

‘Oh wow.’

Vicki is imagining the pleasurable possibilities.

She mulls over in her mind Andrew licking and sucking on each of her recently pedicured toes. and she shyly asks him, ‘Doctor, is this treatment going to make me orgasm? I don’t want my husband to get jealous?’

Andrew is now mulling over in his mind how to respond to Vicki’s question honestly. He thinks for a second and comes out with, ‘Mrs. Kline, I’m not going to lie. You most likely will experience an orgasm based on how you’ve responded to me rubbing your feet thus far. I always recommend honesty and transparency in relationships, and if you would like to phone your husband amd ask him if it’s OK for me to perform this treatment on you, by all means do that. I’ll wait outside.  Would you like to do that?’

Vicki likes her doctor’s answer and says, ‘Yes, can you give me a few minutes?’

Andrew nods and says, ‘Just come on outside the door here when you’ve had a chance to talk. We’ll discuss further after you’ve spoken to your husband.’

Vicki nods and gives thanks to the doctor for his patience and kindness. 

End of Part One…

Part Two to follow soon…

What did you think?

Please post a comment below, or send me an email @

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Another absolute ‘diamond in the ruff’ enjoyable foot tickling video to share :)

September 24, 2017

 Bella really loves having her beautiful bare feet and toes tickled. 

She tells you so over and over again in this beyond sexy video clip! 

To purchase, go to:

It’s only $8.99 for some incredible foot tickling fantasies you can’t find very easily these days. 

Hope you’ll support this kind of video production effort from a true enjoyable foot tickling video producer…