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Beautiful woman with beautiful bare feet removes her shoes for a news segment on ‘forest bathing’

July 19, 2017




Meet Clare Kelley (above). 

Here she is practicing the art of “forest bathing”, along the edge of an urban forest on Roosevelt Island, in the middle of the Potomac River. 

In contrast to hiking, forest bathing is less directed, melding mindfulness and nature immersion to improve health.’ from the NPR story by Allison Aubrey (see below link)…

Claire, if you are reading this, and would like to explore furthur how you might improve your health, consider a trip to the Centeal Coast of CA where we can provide you additional health benefits through the healing power of laughter. We’ll gently and lightly stroke and tickle your barefeet by the ocean in a session similar to the one below:



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Meet Jason, giver of Orgasmic Foot Massages.

July 13, 2017

 I so very much want the below story to be true:

Jason, the Orgasmic Foot Masseur, Makes His Customers’ Toes Sing

If the above article is true, there could be someone amongst our foot fetish/foot ticking tribe that has achieved the highest honor, the Holy Grail in our small community of sorts.

The above article is a bit dated, but I want to reach out to the author and see if indeed such a person existed in New York City around the turn of the Milleneum. 

If nothing else, the above story is every bit a delicious fantasy of mine to be able to do this kind of thing for women with attractive feet. 

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Above photos courtesy of:

Office foot hammock takes ergonomics and turns it into tickle-nomics ;0 

June 20, 2017

 Ah yes, efficiency in the office space.

Paramount only to cleanliness being next to godliness, right? 

Well, the office cube worlds you tickle and foot feshists inhabit each and every day could get just a tad more interesting with the above efficiency tool ordered by your boss for all your beautiful female office space cube bound companions. 

Red stapler not included ;0

Meet the Foot Hammock…

A piece of canvas and rope that can take your foot fetish and tickle fetish to the next level…lower level that is…under the desk level.

Oh, the possibilities…oh, all the beautiful female feet that could be easily encouraged to be freed up each and every day in our millions of square feet of office space across the planet. 

Oh, how Rick in Accounting and Lisa in Marketing could finally have that fateful office foot tickle tryst at her desk one day where Rick walks by and sees Lisa with her feet in the resting position, and Rick, fully prepared with a long peacock feather, runs that long instrument of tickling bliss across her soft baresoles as he makes his usual stroll past her desk at 10:30am to get coffee. 

Lisa laughs and says, ‘Hey, that tickles!’ 

Rick continues walking away until he hears Lisa say with a smile, ‘More!’

You get the idea.

So, don’t delay. 

Operators are standing by. 

Visit this link and start exploring more office tickle and foot fetish opportunities today! 🙂

Thank you, World of Novelty, for providing this beautiful product! 

Check out all their products at:

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Great foot tickling clip on YouTube!

June 15, 2017

 Alot of tickling clips on YouTube get removed after a few weeks or months due to copyright issues. 

I think this one may be a little different. 

The video appears to be just a woman having fun, sitting in her favorite living room chair, unrestrained, letting her boyfriend/significant other/friend/who knows what, tickle her bare feet. 

They thought, Hey, let’s see if anybody wants to see this kind of thing!’ and used the standard ‘Upload to YouTube’ from their iPhone and voila…Image 0421 is birthed into the cybersphere 🙂 

The video feels very ‘homey’, very authentic. 

The ticklee’s laughter and reactions are beautiful. 

I hope you enjoy! 

Sure looks and sounds like the female ticklee did 🙂

Ruth Akers, a special thank you for posting the video.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Anyone out there, anyone at all?

June 12, 2017

 Above image courtesy of:

Let me say at the outset, this post is not in any way, shape, or form, like any of my other posts. 

If you are one of the fortunate ones on this planet not struggling in this life trying to balance work and family pressures, please read no further. 

This post will mean absolutely nothing to you. 

But, if you are someone with a family, someone trying to keep your job, someone trying to make ends meet and keep a roof over your family’s head, and someone who finds themself powerless sometimes to resist the temptation to look for tickling and foot fetish videos for hours on end, well, maybe this post is for you. 

This post is incredibly personal, and a sincere plea to reach out to another human being who may be in the same situation I find myself.

Are you out there? Are you someone who does what I just described above too? 

Do you wake up early sometimes to get on Facebook so that you can have an hour to look at women getting their feet tickled, then right before you have to get ready for work, masturbate, and then feel guilty for doing so?

Or, how about this, do you stay up past when your significant other stays up, to get on Youtube or other video sites and search for 2 hours for that perfect foot worshipping video where the woman having her toes sucked moans with pleasure and laughs each time the person licks in between their toes, and then, after that two hours (if you’re lucky), you masturbate, and again, feel guilty?

I am that person. 

I am not proud, but I am tired of hiding in the shadows. 

I am tired of pretending I don’t have a problem. 

I am tired of not having someone to talk to. 

I am slowly coming to believe that my indulging in my female tickling and female foot fetishes has become the way in which I am treating loneliness and other pains I feel in my struggling marriage, and in life in general. 

I think there have to be other mid life folks out there, married with children, folks who are struggling just like me with these same fetishes.

If you are, please consider reaching out either in the comments below, or via email at:

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Dinner, a movie, aaaaand…wait for it…a guy in the seat in front of me massaging my wife’s feet?!

June 6, 2017

Above photo credit: (not actual photo, just used for effect)

This is a story inspired by a reader of the website who’s requested on multiple occassions to worship/massage/tickle my wife’s feet while I watch. 

I am still not there yet in being able to do this, and quite honestly, may never be…and that’s OK…but, as you will read below, the thoughts do cross my mind. 

To my reader, thank you for your interest in my website and my wife’s feet. 

May the below story hold you until there may come a day when I’ll be ready for some voyeuristic foot and tickle fetishism. 

All I kindly ask is that you and others please refrain from further propositions as I am not the type of person that particularly appreciates repeated requests. 

Rest assured, your desires are duly noted, and when I reach a place in my own life where I can entertain something like what I’ve fantasized about below, you’ll be the first to know 🙂

Let the fantasy begin…

Having kids makes going out for dinner and a movie with your wife a little difficult. 

Especially if babysitters and grandparents are not readily plentiful. 

Somehow we managed to get a babysitter for a Saturday night until midnight which afforded us the time needed to go out to eat and catch a movie.

My wife and I were out the door headed to the restaurant.

We’d have a nice sit down dinner, then catch the 9pm movie. 

My wife was so excited, and, despite the chilly coastal air, and how her bare feet in that chilly coastal air could never stay warm, wore some very revealing, very sexy, very high heels out to dinner that night. 

God Bless You, my dear partner in this thing we call life! 

Many compliments were made by the waitstaff that night as my wife’s brightly painted red toenails peeked out from underneath her long sundress catching the attention of all who came close to our table. 

‘Wow, really nice shoes there, Miss!’ or, 

‘My, those are gorgeous shoes you have on, young lady!’ 

And even one guy caught saying, ‘Your feet look like works of art in those shoes. Can I take a picture of your feet in those heels for my wife to show her how beautiful feet can look in high heels?!’ 

Yes, that happened. 

And, yes, he got a picture of my wife’s feet in those heels.

So we have a nice dinner, and in the midst of our eating and gazing into each others’ eyes, I bring up something that I really don’t know how well this is going to go over. 

‘Babe, you know how much of a foot fetish I have, right?’

Smiling, ‘Yeeees. I know how much you love women’s feet, and hopefully still, MY feet.’

‘Well, what would you think about letting another guy massage and worship your feet while we’re watching our movie tonight?’

‘Hmmm. Wait a minute. So you, Mr. Jealous As The Day is Long, you’re going to be ok with some other guy massaging and worshipping my feet?!’

‘I think so. It’s going to be dark in the theatre so I don’t have to actually look at this guy.’


‘I think I’ll be OK. It’s this guy who likes my tickle website. You know…the one I showed you a while back? He’s been writing me emails asking for the chance to lickle your toes.’

‘Lickle? What does that mean?’

‘Uhhh, well, it’s what I do to you when I suck your toes sometimes and use my tongue to lick your soles and in between your toes. You go crazy and tell me not to stop. You love it when I lickle you, remember?!’

‘Ohhh, right! Yes, Ok. I forgot. Yes, I do like that when you use your tongue like that in between and on the tops of my toes! Again though…you’re going to be OK with another guy doing that to my toes?! Seriously?!’

‘I don’t know…maybe…I wanted to see if you were 1st going to be OK with it before I went any further.  I’m kind of curious to see what it’s like to see another guy pleasuring you. I know it’s  kind of weird, but somehow there’s this part of me that wants to experience that. What do you think? Want your honest opinion…’

‘Well, honestly, I don’t want to do something that’s going to make you upset and jealous with me. I know how you get with other guys just checking me out in general. You have issues, remember? I want to avoid the stress it causes you. I love you! Right?! And then if you add on the extra liability of guys checking out my feet, and then touching my feet…and then taking my feet into their mouth, and then pleasuring me, and then you having to hear me laughing and moaning, well…I think you get the picture, right?!’

‘That’s really sweet of you. Thank you. Honestly, babe, I have given it alot of thought, and I think I’m finally ready. I think I can finally handle the sights and sounds of another guy worshipping your feet like that.’

‘Really?! Seriously?! You are ready?!’ , she says to me, incredulously.

‘Yeah, babe, I do. I think I am.’

‘Hmmmm, OKaaaaaaay. Well, I guess if you’re ready, I’m ready too. Let’s give it a try. So who is this guy? Local? Out of town? Sane, hopefully? No crazies please!’

‘Yes, name’s Tim. He’s local. Divorced dad, in the medical field. Seems like a nice guy. Articulate. Lots of pics up on facebook of him and his kids being at the beach and out with friends. Looks like a decent human being. Seems  like he’s just like me too in terms of his love for female feet. Absolutely loves to worship them, massage them, tickle them lightly. He’s not into extreme tickling or anything like that , just light pleasurable tickles like you like it.’

‘Ok…sounds good, I think?! 

Again, you’re going to be OK seeing my barefeet being licked by another guy’s tongue??! Just kind of hard to believe!’

‘Again, I’ve given it alot of thought, babe. Yes, I think so. And really, the only way is to try, right?! 

We only live once, right?!’

‘OKaaaaaay…but once we start down this road, it’s going to be a little hard to get off, right?!’

‘Well, actually, it’s actually kind of easy, right?! Get it. Get off…double entendre there?!’

John’s wife chuckles, ‘Good one!’

‘OK. Well, you’ve been forewarned. If at any point you’re uncomfortable with this guy sucking my toes and tickling me, I want you to feel like you can call it off. Ok? I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. But I also want to feel safe and be able to enjoy the experience too, right?!’

‘Absolutely! Yes! I’ll let you know. I’ve told you in the past that it’s a huge turn on for me seeing other guys fawning all over you and wanting to touch and tickle your feet. I don’t know why it is such a turn on, but it is. You’ve even indicated that it’s kind of a turn on for you too, right?!’

‘Well, I guess so. Yes, I guess it is kind of sexy to have a guy go down on your barefeet like that with his tongue. It feels really good as you and I both know. My feet are super sensitive and definitely enjoy a good, light tongue tickling!’

‘I knew you’d come around’, smiled John at his wife.

John and his wife finish up their lovely dinner and make their way to the theatre. 

It’s not crowded. We go to the top row. 

We sit down and my wife removes both of her high heels and places her two lovely, soft, pedicured feet on the wide arm rest in between the seat in the next aisle down. 

The lights are fairly low. 

A man comes in and makes his way to the top too. 

He sits down in the next aisle down from us, a few seats away from where my wife’s feet are resting, but doesn’t turn around to greet us just yet. 

The seats in front fold down, as do the arm rests, allowing someone if they are so inclined, to decline 🙂 

This gentleman does just that and makes his way closer to the arm rest where my wife’s feet are wiggling and preparing for undivided attention. 

The man turns to look at both of us, greets us with a warm smile, and just says in a low, almost whispering voice, ‘Hello. Thank you so much, John. Miss, a pleasure to meet you. I think you’re going to really enjoy this. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy.’

And with that, the gentleman lays down in the seats in front of us, and begins to position himself so he can easily suck on the toes of my wife’s right foot first. 

My wife tenses a little. 

She’s still not too sure about this arrangement I’ve made. 

And honestly, I’m a bit tense too as we’ve never done this before, and I’m not sure what to expect.

I hear kissing and sucking noises coming from the row in front of me, and I hear my wife let out a soft moaning sound. 

I look over at her, and her eyes are closing, and her head is arching back as if in extreme pleasure. 

The man I’ve asked to do this must have done some homework. 

I can hear her relaxing with every apparent gentle tug of her toes in this man’s mouth. 

She’s holding and squeezing my hand and I can see begin to arch her back and neck into the back of her seat as this gentleman is slowly working his toe-tastic magic. 

The moans get a little louder. 

Luckily the advertisements are playing and drowning out some of her sighs of pleasure so that folks in the front aisles aren’t alerted to the playful lickling that’s about to begin.

Just like I do to my wife when I’m sucking her toes, this gentleman is starting to use his tongue to flick that sensitive area at the base between my wife’s big toe and her second toe. 

I’d told him in our emails to each other that it’s best to lead with this move, and now, he’s clearly paid attention, and the reward is divine. My wife loves it! She laughs and moans at the same time, as it’s both incredibly pleasurable and ticklish, all in the same breath.

‘Oh Gosh, that feels SOO good!’, she manages in between moaning and laughing.

‘So glad you like it, Miss. Shall I continue?’

She looks at me and I at her. 

I give her the approving nod. 

She looks at her handsome stranger and softly utters, ‘Please.’

The handsome male stranger does more of his tongue wiggling in those sensitive areas in between all of her toes. 

My wife is in heaven. 

She loves this kind of gentle tickling. 

He’s really good. 

Very patient and talented with his tongue. 

He starts running his tongue now back and forth on the tops of her toes. 

She lets out more laughter. 

This time someone in the front row turns around. 

I know they can’t see very well up in the top rows. Our new friend doesn’t stop his tongue explorations, but my wife now has a good idea at what decibels she should try to keep her pleasure audibles at, so as to avoid detection. 

I can feel her becoming even more relaxed as our new friend is now firmly focused on sucking each of the toes on her right foot. 

The pleasure must be so exquisite as I hear more moans coming from her with every upward sucking movement of his mouth. 

He is starting at the base of each toe and holding with his lips and mouth the entire toe. It’s as if he’s trying desperately to pull something off of each toe. 

The pressure he’s applying to the delicate skin of her toes is perfect and puts her in a delightful tailspin of, ‘Oh God’ utterances.

I am beside myself trying to come to terms with seeing another man pleasure my wife in this way. 

Although it’s only her feet, it’s hard, with the way she’s moaning, not to imagine that more intimate things are transpiring inside her brain.

For a moment I want to say the safe word we’ve all agreed on…’shadow’, but I don’t say it. 

Another laughter pleasure wave hits my wife, and I long to hear her beautiful moans of pleasure mixed in with her delicious ticklish laughter. 

I am getting intoxicated.

I don’t know if I want this to ever end.

It is a weird thing seeing your wife being tickled and foot worshipped by another man. 

All your life you imagine it is you and you alone who can bring her this kind of pleasure. 

But now, your marital model is breaking down right in front of you. 

You can run from it, or you can embrace it. 

With more laughter pouring from my wife, I choose to embrace, and brace for what’s next.

Our handsome toe sucking aisle neighbor has now moved on to my wife’s left foot. 

He’s now laying in the seats in front of me postioning himself next to my wife’s left foot.  

My wife takes my hand and leans over and whispers in my ear, ‘You still OK?’

I whisper back, ‘Yes’, and just as I’m backing away from her lavender tea infused breath, I hear her moan again with pleasure.

‘Oh God. Right there.’

Our handsome stranger is working her left sole with his fist as a kind of rolfer, using his other hand to apply gentle, but firm pressure to her baresoles. The pressure he’s applying must be just picture perfect as my wife slumps a little lower in her chair and extends her left foot even more in our handsome stranger’s direction. The moans continue. 

‘Ohhh God. Ohhhh that feels so amazing. Thank you! God bless you!’

The accolades are endless.

Then, with not much warning, the massaging transitions into foot worship. I can hear my wife’s toes being sucked again like before. 

The gentle tugging of each toe in this man’s mouth is again driving my wife into a pleasure frenzy. 

The moans grow deeper. 

And just when I think I can’t take anymore, he switches up his sucking and moves his tongue in between her toes,eliciting the delightful laughter. 

It truly is the sweetest torture to see your wife’s feet massaged and worshiped and tickled in this way.

This goes on for what seems an eternity, hearing my wife moan and laugh, laugh and moan, from all this wonderful attention on her feet. 

The finale is my wife’s two big toes going into the handsome stranger’s mouth, the handsome stranger gently massaging my wife’s soles, and then, applying a firm upward sucking motion on her two big toes. 

This last gesture of foot love is so intensely pleasurable that my wife can’t hold back the decibels. She let’s out a loud, ‘Ohhhhhh God’ that makes a few folks turn around and ‘Shhhhsh’ us.

Again, we’re pretty high up and no one can exactly see what’s producing these pleasure sounds in the top rows. The movie patrons below just know that it’s disturbing their movie-going experience. 

My wife quickly reins in her moans to a more hushed level again. 

She leans over and whispers, ‘Sorry…I just can’t help myself. This guy must be your student or something right?’

Another deep moan.

‘Ohhhhh God!’

She looks at me again…

‘Are you sure you’re OK still? Just a little more…’

‘Honey, I’m OK, I know this is giving you pleasure and it gives me pleasure to see you getting pleasure.’

‘Oh THANK YOU! Ohhh God! THANK YOU!’, she manages in between the intensely pleasurable toe sucking/bare soles massage. 

This guy is way too good, this guy you found online, I am saying to myself now. 

And just like that, with a slight tickling of my wife’s soles with his fingers, and my wife’s ensuing delighful ticklish laughter, he disappears.

My wife is spent in a good way.

She exhales and relaxes back into her movie seat.



‘Oh Wow!’

‘I can’t believe that just happened!’

‘I can’t believe I just let a guy that wasn’t you do that to my feet!’

‘Honey, are you OK?’, she leans over to check in and make sure my eyes haven’t stuck in position watching the fetish-filled spectacle.

‘I’m OK. Yeah…Wow is about all I can say too. Just…Wow…Did you have fun?’

‘Oh my goodness, YES!’

‘You can hire our handsome stranger anytime!’

‘Well, let’s not get too carried away…’ I say with a smile 🙂 

‘There’s only so much of that I can take before I want in on the fun too!’

‘Let’s go home and shower and I’ll give you more where that came from…what do you say?!

‘You’re on!’

So that’s my little piece of fantsay erotica with my wife’s feet pleasured by another man.

Hope you enjoyed it!

Please feel free to leave a comment below, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!

Story based on true events: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a backyard foot worship/toe tickling :) 

June 1, 2017

Below is a story inspired by true events submitted by a female reader of the website.

At the bequest of the reader, she shall remain anonymous.  

I have her permission to make some creative edits. 

I hope you enjoy it!

About 7 years ago, when I was still married to my husband, I was in our backyard, laying out in the sun in a lawn chair, like in the picture above.

It was a beautiful summer afternoon and I was soaking up the warmth of the sun kissing all of my exposed skin…my face, my chest, my legs, the tops of my bare feet 🙂 … 

Now as I’m relaxing and feeling the worries of the world melting away with every passing minute, I hear someone opening our little backyard gate. I assume it’s my husband and don’t open my slumbering eyes. 

I hear the following whisper in my ear…’I have a surprise for you. Relax and enjoy.’ 

Now, as I hear this whisper, I also feel a silk handkerchief being laid over my eyes and tied gently behind my head just like my ex-husband has done to me many times before.  

My mind races back to a delicious place in my cerebral cortex where what happens next sets my day going in the right direction. 

I’m of course speaking of having someone worship your feet. 

No, never experienced this? 

Well, I’m going to do my best to explain how exquisite the pleasure is.  
So with the silk handkerchief in place, I further prepare mentally for this pampering to begin. 

Now if you know someone who has a foot fetish then you know what I am talking about when I say that these folks are absolutely obsessed with feet. 

My ex-husband was one of those people, and for the years we were married, my feet benefitted greatly from all the attention. 

I was supremely spoiled. I cannot lie. 

Of all the things I miss about our time together it was the foot worship sessions that sent me into a tailspin of toe sucking bliss. 

My ex really knew what he was doing sucking on my toes for what seemed like forever and a day. 

His skillful use of his mouth and tongue on my feet were often the reasons I’d lay out in the backyard in the first place; just to entice him to come worship my feet 🙂

And truly, this afternoon, was no different. 

I was actually glad to hear the gate open, and so looking forward to enjoying my ex’s skillful fetish antics all over my pretty little toes. 

Ladies, trust me, if you’ve never experienced what it’s like to have someone suck your toes and lightly tickle them too, well, let’s just say, one of life’s most divine moments is passing you by! 

If you’d like to see and hear what it’s like, this short video clip from Chloe Creations entitled, ‘Doctors Orders’ gives a pretty good representation of what it’s like:
Hopefully, between the clip above and my writings below, these will inspire you to go get a pedicure, and let someone special, someone you trust, do these delectable things to your feet…

Ok, so back to the story…

I can sense my backyard visitor is getting close to my barefeet. 

His breath is quickening as he is sitting down on the ground, and readying himself to worship my bare feet.  

He takes in my big toe on my right foot into his warm mouth and begins to slowly apply those beautifully gentle sucking motions back and forth and all around the base of my big toe. 

Again, ladies, this feeling of having your toes sucked is so relaxing, so all encompassing-ly magical that you instantly melt with pleasure. 

The waves just keep coming and beating at your bow so to speak. 

I was hit immediately with that first wave of pleasure, and it nearly knocked the breath out of me. 

It was so incredibly pleasurable.

I moaned deeply, and managed a, ‘Ohhhh God, that feels soooo good!’

I feel my visitor’s mouth spread out in a bit of a smile, but he continues the main focus of pleasuring this largest of my toes on my right foot. 

Ohh, it is divine. So divine.

The tongue is such an amazing pleasure tool. 

Most people don’t realize how much power they possess inside their mouths in terms of being able to bring pleasure to another human being. 

The human being in my backyard, laying down at my feet, the one that I thought was my ex, was not most people. 

This person had done some homework, and now my toes were the direct beneficiaries of his education. 

Again, the intense pleasurable feelings swarming through me were just divine. 

My mystery man, my backyard invader, continues sucking on my right big toe for what must have been a full 5 or 6 minutes, and then he starts to gently flick his tongue in between my big toe and my 2nd toe (my longest). 

A different wave hits me this time. 

It’s a pleasure wave, but it’s mixed with laughter. 

His tongue is tickling me. But this kind of tickling is so gentle, so gradual, that I don’t recoil my toes from their ‘lickling’, as many in the fetish community refer to it. 

No, my toes are staying put. 

They LIKE this kind of tickling. 

The part that is hard is just letting go at this point, resigning yourself to take the pleasure-laughter waves in stride. 

There’s a part of you that wants to maintain control of your body. You don’t want to fully give in just yet, but when someone is tickling you like this, in order to fully enjoy the experience, you must surrender. 

I surrender.

I laugh deeply and honestly. 

I laugh for a long, long…long time, as his tongue and mouth slowly take in each of my toes individually on my right foot, and then all the toes on my left foot. 

It’s so much fun being tickled like this just on your toes and just with someone’s tongue making gentle flicks up and down, and in and around your toes. 

Definitely try it! 

So…obviously…I am beside myself.

Backyard, barefoot, nearly naked in my bikini, and some strange guy at the foot of my lounge chair giving his all to my barefeet. 
Life is SO good!

I am still laughing uncontrollably in a good way…I can sense my mystery tickler is getting alot of pleasure out of the experience as well.

I mutter something in between all of my laughing like, ‘Honey, you know just how to tickle my toes! Thank you! I love it!’

And it’s then that I realize it’s not my husband who is pleasuring my toes. 

He says, ‘Oh, I’m not Gene. I’m your next door neighbor. Gene put me up to this, and said that you’d really appreciate having a stranger come and tickle your toes. I hope you’re not too freaked out.’

At this moment, I pull down my silk handkerchief blindfold, and honestly, I AM a little freaked out as this neighbor of ours is not someone I know too well at the time. 

We had only just passed a ‘hello’ and a ‘how are you?’ across the fence and had brief chats a few times over the years. 

We were both extremely busy people.

I must say that our neighbor was easy on the eyes, and there were a few times when my ex was worshipping my feet in the backyard that I fantasized about this neighbor peering over the fence and asking if he could join in on the fun. 

But our neighbor was married, had boys in college that were still living at home, and he was a very busy professional.

My neighbor says again, ‘I hope this isn’t too much. Gene said it was OK to surprise you a little. Are you OK with someone besides your husband tickling your toes like I’m doing?’
‘Gene put you up to this?!’ 

‘Yes. I hope that’s OK?’

I wasn’t quite sure what to say next. 

Should I just speak the truth and let this handsome neighbor of mine know how many times I had imagined his mouth sucking on my toes and his tongue tickling in between all of my red nail polished, perfectly pedicured soft toes? 

I manage a…’Oh, it’s quite alright. No worries. Just a little surprised that’s all. I thought you were my husband as your’s and my husband’s toe tickling techniques are so similar. How did you know I liked being tickled like this? You must have seen some of our sessions, right?’

‘I can’t lie. I’ve heard you moaning and laughing before across the fence when Gene would work his magic on your toes. I couldn’t help but wonder what was going on so I would put my eye up to the fence and watch through the cracks in the wood. I know I probably should have let you both know sooner, but I wasn’t sure how to approach the subject. 

I have a huge foot fetish myself, and I’ve tried to look away, but your feet are just absolute works of art. I can’t  take my eyes off them when you’re sunbathing.’

‘So you watch me alot then when I’m sunbathing, huh?’

‘Again, can’t lie. Yes, I do. I’m sorry.’

Again, I don’t know what to say as I’ve never experienced this before. I want to be outraged at my privacy being invaded, but at the same time, I find it kind of cute that this handsome neighbor of mine finds my feet so attractive like my ex did.

I mutter back, ‘Oh hell, it’s fine. You’re just like every other guy out there…amazed and turned on by the female form. No worries. 

Relieved, the handsome neighbor says, ‘Gene actually caught me staring at your feet out by the mailbox a few months ago when we were all talking. You were in flip flops, and I was trying to keep eye contact with you, but I couldn’t. Gene approached me later that week, and just outright asked if I had a foot fetish. I, again, couldn’t lie, and just said yes to him, and confessed to having fantasized on many occasions of sucking on all your gorgeous toes. 

Gene was so kind to me. He was just so welcoming of another fellow foot fetishist in the neighborhood. He said that when the time was right he’d let me know and give me a chance to pleasure your toes with my own skill-set. And I guess he knew that you might like the extra attention. 

Hence, this strange encounter with your neighbor right now.’
I wasn’t sure again what to say, so I just smiled, pulled my silk handkerchief back up over my eyes, flexed and pointed my toes toward my handsome neighbor’s face and said, ‘Please continue…’

And that is how my summer started so wonderfully, so ticklishly tantalizingly nearly 7 years ago in my backyard.

Now ladies, if you notice a guy this summer staring at your feet at the beach, at a bar, at a bbq, there’s a good chance he had a foot fetish and you might be in for the time of your life if you point those pretty toes of yours playfully in his direction, and ask for a little extra attention 🙂

Happy toe tickling and foot worshipping!

Thank you again to my anonymous reader of the website for inspiring me with her true story of backyard tickling fun, and asking me to creatively change some of the events.  
As always, thanks for stopping by.