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Barefoot sandals, sexiest oxymoron ever devised?

November 21, 2015

      I found a few Etsy-ish sites on the web recently where women are designing, creating, and, in some cases, modeling their own, self described ‘ sexy barefoot jewelry’. 

One such site is called ‘The Mystical Oasis Glow’ by Heidi Gilmore. 

Her feet are as gorgeous as her thoughful artful touches. 

I wonder when she’s modeling these sandals she’s created if she ever fantasizes about men and women kissing, massaging, and lightly tickling her toes and soles in these  incredible displays of beauty :) I sure hope so :)


Tasha’s Tow/Toe Truck Service

November 17, 2015

  I had an idea last night while laying in bed of a women owned and operated tow truck business where the women all wear sandals, and after getting your vehicle towed into the shop, as part of the payment you can pay them back with a toe service of your own; massaging, tickling, licking, and sucking on those toes that did all that hard work to get your car to a safe place. It’s an optional payback plan, but for the foot and tickle fetishists out there, a better deal may not exist. Here’s to broken down cars, and lots of hot women with gorgeous bare feet and toes like this one above who can tow the line :) 

Searched high and low for a good pedal pushing/foot worship video and this was the best I could come up with. It’s a start :) and her feet are just beyond gorgeous and expressive :) Enjoy!

It’s Friday night…what do you say we just stay in and tickle each others’ barefeet?!

November 17, 2015

 These two lovely roommates decide to forego a night on the town for ‘going to town’ on each others’ gorgeous bare soles and toes. Do they enjoy the tickling? Sure looks like it. These clips just keep getting better and better. Oh my gracious goodness, this is just too good to be true :) Enjoy!

The Moody Blues – Foot Tickling to the Rescue!

October 22, 2015

A beautiful clip of a beautiful woman who has her bare feet tickled to improve her mood. While I’d wished for more tickle talk from both the tickler and ticklee along the lines of ‘Hey, has your mood improved now that I’ve been tickling your feet for the past 10 minutes?’ Ticklee responds, ‘Oh my God! You’re a miracle worker! Why didn’t I try this earlier! Could’ve saved SO much money on therapy copays! Foot Tickling is the best medicine for relieving a bad mood! Can i go ahed and book another half hour?’

At no point in the whole 10 minute clip does the ticklee ask her tickler to stop! 

A good indication that this woman really did have a great time having her spirits lifted by having her barefeet ticklishly explored.

A guy can dream :) 


Inversion chairs at work, please!

October 7, 2015

Inversion Chair Delight

During lunch the other day, two of the ladies I work with said in passing that they wanted to try inversion chairs for better health.

My mind immediately raced with the ticklish possibilities that such chairs can bring (see the fantastic Tickling Parasdise video below, which can be downloaded in its entirety at

For a shortened version of the clip, click below:

Oh, to be able to pull off something like what this lucky guy gets to do to this gorgeous, bikini-clad young woman who agrees to take off her flip flops and try out this new health craze.

I would have SUCH a hard time not wanting to put those beautiful toes in my mouth, and slowly suck each one of them, and then, right when she was moaning from all the pleasure, slowly start to run my tongue in between each of her toes and elicit both moans and laughter at the same time.

What restraint on the part of the tickler, I must say!


Bank clerk tickled by two men, details at 11!

October 3, 2015


I don’t know what it is about seeing a business woman tickled by two men, but that theme really resonates with me and my foot and tickle fetish quite well.

The woman in this video isn’t super attractive, or in incredible shape, but what she lacks in looks, she more than makes up for in her beautiful laugh, and fun nature she demonstrates accepting her ticklish plight.

I like to imagine her during the tickling session, first, thinking how wonderful it is to be getting all this male attention on her feet and upper body. She’s very grateful. She knows she needs to treasure this beautiful moment for all its ticklish glory.

I like to imagine further that she is getting secretly aroused by all the foot and upper body tickling, and begins to wish that her two male ticklers would rip off her nylons, and start slowly sucking her newly french pedicured toes and running their tongues up and down and all over her baresoles.

I then like to imagine that her thoughts get even naughtier by wishing for a third man to enter the room, remove her business slacks, and gently start massaging all of those womanly regions between her thighs.

I then imagine the bank clerk trying to negotiate between the intense pleasure of her massage and the foot tickling, and trying to figure out how to laugh and moan at the same time.

Naughtier still, I like to imagine the  third party massager notices how much pleasure the bank clerk is getting from all of her toes being sucked and licked, that he begins to run his tongue all around her labia and clitoral area.

The bank clerk is now in a maximum pleasure zone, laughing and moaning uncontrollably. The people next door to her apartment start to complain about her loud moans coming from the other side of the wall by banging on it themselves.

This banging only excites the bank clerk more, and she lets out more sighs of intense pleasure, as all three men are now fully engaged in giving her the ultimate pleasure cruise.

The tickling, licking, sucking, and banging go on for at least another 5-10 minutes, with the bank clerk realizing just how unique and wonderful this whole tickle oral sex combination is. She’s not really able to process all the intense pleasures she is experiencing, and, at times, during the tickling and licking and sucking of her various body parts, she feels like she’s become an onlooker of sorts from above, witnessing what is happening to her body.

She can feel a wave of energy coming from deep inside of her that she is convinced could realign Earth’s orbit, yes, it’s that strong. Her back starts to arch as the first pleasure wave hits, her toes curl inside the mouths of the two skilled foot worshippers still tickling and sucking her now incredibly wet toes. Her vagina is now so swollen and throbbing and dripping from the skillful lingual work of this third man that without much warning this first pleasure wave doubles up inside her thighs and she explodes with a loud crescendo of moans and sighs and laughter. It is an orgasm for the ages, a pleasure release so strong the neighbors stop banging and can be heard saying in hushed tones, ‘Oh my God!’

The bank clerk’s body quivers and the Earth under her feet has indeed been altered in the most astounding fashion.

Oh, how this foot and tickle fetish of mine takes me down many lovely, deliciously sexy roads in my mind :)
Enjoy the clip!

A New Foot Tickling Carnival Game Inspired By A Trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

August 20, 2015


A few Sundays ago, I took my family to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to ride some rides.

I came upon a booth called ‘Stinky Feet’, a carnival game where participants are seated about 6 feet away from a large, barefooted mannequin with two holes in the soles of his feet, and asked to try and shoot water at these two holes in an attempt to ‘clean’ the stinky bare feet in front of the participant.

Here is a short video demonstrating the game:

The current game doesn’t appeal to me for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that it involves only male mannequins.

Here is what I would do if I was in the Board Room of ‘Stinky Feet Headquarters’ trying to figure out how to drum up more sales:

1. Change the game name to ‘Tickled Pink’.

2. Create beautiful female mannequins with gorgeous, lifelike barefeet sticking up just like their male counterparts in the Stinky Feet Game.

3. Have each mannequin’s feet programmed with weight sensors to respond with the slightest of water pressure by eliciting recorded beautiful, melodious female ticklish laughter.

4. Program the weight sensors to elicit higher and more sustained laughter with more consistent water pressure applied.

5. The winner of the game is the participant who directs his or her tickle water jets more precisely on the areas of his or her female mannequin’s barefeet.

Laugh all the way to the bank :)


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