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Woman enjoys her foot tickling at the hands of her five male Revolutionary War soldier/captors

May 24, 2016

 I LOVE this picture, and all the ticklish possibilities it represents in terms of what may have happened during the Revolutionary War. 

My imagination runs wild concocting scenarios where this woman, seen above in the stocks, has been caught sending some low level secrets across enemy lines at the request of her husband, a British sympathizer. 

These 5 soldiers surrounding the woman have reasonable suspicion that she is sending bread and wine to some British born schoolchildren and their parents.

The soldiers were tipped off by neighbors that this kind of thing was happening, but they were’nt sure how to go about finding the culprit. 

Then, serendipitously, and ironically for the woman, a soldier overheard her and her husband enjoying some foreplay/roleplay of just the same scenario she would find herself in the very next day, just with more male hands. 

During a patrol through the streets late one evening, the soldier to the woman’s right in the photo heard laughter coming from a bedroom window. He stopped below the window, and listened some more. 

The laughter was continuous and definitely from a female. She sounded like she was being tickled by someone, and that she was enjoying it. The mysterious female voice kept saying, ‘Don’t stop! I love it when you lick in between my toes like that!’ and then more laughter. A male voice kept saying, ‘Ok, fairl lass, for the last time, tell me why you’re sympathizing with the British! Why did you bake that bread?!’ Then more laughter, and then this, ‘I…ha ha ha…I…am…ha ha ha…not going to…ha ha ha…explain my…ohhhh…ha ha ha…ohhh….actions to you traitors…ah ha ha ha!’ 

This kind of ticklish bantor between the mysterious male and female voices went on for a full 20 minutes before the woman started to moan in a more sexual manner, with her toes apparently being continually  sucked, licked, and fondled. 

The foreplay talk began to take on more of an ‘adult’ nature, at which point, the soldier decided to move along to his next station. 

He was quite aroused having experienced ‘kinesthetic empathy‘ listening to this woman being pleasured with foot worship and foot tickling, but he had to move along. 

The next day the soldiers you see in the picture all confronted this beautiful woman out in the street as she exited her house to go to the market, and they asked her if she was the mysterious bread and wine deliverer. 

She denied being involved, and at that point she was led to the town square and put in the stocks where you see her awaiting her plight.

What happens next is i hope a wonderfully long, enjoyable foot tickling for this lovely woman who really loves to be tickled on her feet. I want to believe that her husband goes off to work as a blacksmith earlier that morning, and during the late morning takes a break and decides to walk over to the townsquare. He can hear femalw laughter coming from the square as he approaches but can’t see anything as there is quite a crowd that’s gathered around the ticklish epicenter. 

The husband finally gets through some of the crowd and gets his first view of the mysterious female who is laughing. It is of course his wife and he sees her head tilted back in that classic ‘Oh my goodness, this tickles so much!’ pose and he hears her bellowing laughter. He is immediately aroused at the ticklish site in front of him. He freezes in his tracks, and is in information overload mode watching his wife get foot tickled by 5 other men.  He knows his wife is loving the attention paid to her feet and is in heaven getting her toes tickled with feathers. That is the instrument of  choice for the five male captors as they all move large peacock feathers all over her gorgeous soft soles. 

Think I’ll stop there and let my imagination run wild with the woman having her toes sucked next and tongues run in between her toes by each of her male captors, leading to a ticklish climax where the woman is just beside herself with ticklish pleasure and the male captors have to release her as she is getting too aroused by her feet being tickled like that.

Oh the ticklish possibilities:)

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!:)

WWEHTFT Administrator  

Woman gets separated from her travel tour group in Polynesia, ends up tickled pink by four very inquisitive island natives.

May 18, 2016

  The four males tickling one female theme is one I wish were more prevalent in our tickling community. The way the artist (I believe it’s the one and only, Kamiano) depicts this woman enjoying her ticklish plight, and the four men enjoying theirs, is just lovely to see. I think in many respects, the woman having each of her barefeet licked and explored by human tongues, as well as each of her armpits lovingly licked and tickled is a lost art in tickling fetishdom. I love to see tickling art like this and wish there were more pieces out there like this. 

Thank you, Kamiano, if that is you, for your amazing artistry displaying the beauty of a woman enjoying her tickling experience x 4! 

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!

WWEHTFT Administrator

My wife, a conference, and a dentist with a penchant for tickling  pretty ladies’ feet!

May 17, 2016

My wife looks a lot like the woman in the photo below (Apologies, as I don’t remember where I got this photo. If someone knows the original source, please indicate in the comments below, and I’ll update with a photo credit). 

It got me thinking about a story that I so desperately want to be true (see below)…My wife attends a health related conference in a far away city (we live in California, so let’s say Tampa, Florida). 

She’s a therapist, and is trying to drum up business for her brick and mortar and online practices. 

She’s been on her feet all day in those heels you see, at her booth talking and meeting people, standing mostly, with the occassional chance to sit. 

The man at the booth next to hers just so happens to be a dentist with ‘the softest toothbrushes in the world’. 

‘Don’t believe me?’, he asks my wife during one of their breaks in the exposition meet and greets at the conference.

My wife says, ‘Oh, I believe you. They definitely look soft.’

Dentist comes back, ‘Now, I’ll bet your feet are pretty sensitive being in those heels all day, nay?’

My wife says, ‘Oh, you don’t know the half of it!’

Dentist again, ‘Well, what if I were to tell you that my brushes are SO soft that they probably wouldn’t even tickle sensitive feet like yours after a long day?’

My wife, ‘Oh, I don’t know about that. My feet are pretty ticklish. My husband likes to tickle them all the time. He’s got quite a foot fetish that guy! Ha ha! I think your soft brushes would still tickle my feet. Especially if I stay in my pantyhose. That makes my soles and toes doubly ticklish! Ha ha ha!’

Dentist, not missing a beat, ‘Well, I tell you what, care to wager a little bet? I’ll bet you a chocolate martini at that bar in that little restaurant over there across the lobby that if my toothbrushes tickle those ticklish feet of yours in the slightest, I’ll buy you that chocolate martini, and be on my way.’

My wife considers her options (she LOVES martinis) and begins to slip off her heels while saying to the dentist, ‘You’re on! Do your best brushing! Ha ha ha!’

So the dentist asks my wife to put her feet up on the table next to his booth. 

He grabs his little rolling wheel toothbrush that have these tiny bristles on each wheel spike.

My wife looks at this tool and thinks, ‘Hmmm, now that doesn’t look like a toothbrush. What the hell is that?’

Dentist, ‘Yeah, this is a little unorthodox I know. Trust me though, the little bristles on the tiny wheel do an amazing cleaning job on your molars.’

My wife thinks, ‘Maybe he’s right. Maybe this toothbrush IS the softest toothbrush in the world, and my feet won’t even feel it like he says.’

She waits in ticklish anticipation as this dentist is about to explore her nyloned soles with this instrument.

The tool meets her soles right below her toes, and immediately the tickle sensations run all throughout her beautiful body, up her legs, into her torso region, her arms, her back, wow! ‘What a ticklish jolt that was!’, she thinks.

More rolling.

More soft brushes tickling my wife’s soles.

Sweet, melodious laughter starts to eminate from the dentist’s booth. 

My wife realizes she’s already won a martini at this point, as this brush is obviously NOT the softest in the world.

But although it tickles, it’s not unpleasant. In fact, the bristles on the rollers going up and down her soles , and pushed into the bases around her toes feels actually pretty darn good.

My wife says, ‘Wow, that really tickles! You owe me a drink!’

The Dentist says, ‘You win. I really thought my bristles were the softest ,?and they wouldn’t tickle your feet. Ok, I’ll go get you that chocolate martini. Stay here, please.’

My wife, not missing a beat, ‘Hey, what are you doing?! You can’t just start tikling a woman’s feet like that,and just stop on a dime! Where did you go to dental school?! Ha ha ha! That brush actually feels GREAT on my tired feet. Please keep tickling them a little more , and THEN you can go buy me that drink.’

So, the dentist, given his new marching orders, continues to roll his propritary soft bristles all over my wife’s soles at this conference table. 

She’s loving it! Laughing, throwing her head back, stomach muscles working. 

She’ll tell most people that she hates being tickled because the tickling she received in the past was hard and fast and not too fun. But for others in her close circle, she’ll say she LOVES being tickled, especially when it’s THIS kind of tickling, soft and slow. 

Her laughter, if you can hear it through this picture at this conference , tells the story. 

My wife recounts later to me that she said the dentist had his way with her feet for a full 25 minutes. She said it was so much fun that she’d do it again. 

I said to her, ‘Next time, why don’t you get someone to video the scene?’

She said, ‘Great idea! In the meantime, here’s a shot of me that a passerby took as we were having our fun break. He just picked up my phone and took it without asking! Don’t you wish you’d come to the conferene with me?’

‘Um, yeah! I never get to see these kinds of scenes in California! Thank you, thank you, for the play by play! My imagination is running wild!’

My wife says to me, ‘Well wait ’till I tell you what he did to my feet in the hotel bar buying me that martini! Oh man!’

To be continued…

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, welcome your comments…

WWEHTFT Administrator


My hospital waiting room foot tickling fantasy

May 17, 2016

IMG_4213Meet Gladys. She’s been on her feet all day waiting on customers at the local bank here in your town where she’s a teller.

She’s visiting your local hospital to see her best friend Sheila, who just had knee surgery a few days ago.

The nurses are changing Sheila, and have asked Gladys to step out for a bit, and they’ll call her in about 30 minutes when they’re done.

In the interim, it’s time for a little Gladys ‘me time’.

You know, that moment where you get to retreat to an empty, or near-empty, waiting room…find a good gossip magazine, and plop down in a soft lazy boy recliner?

Yes, Gladys does.  But she knows it in a way that is going to drive you foot and tickle fetish crazy today, as you are in this waiting room too that Gladys has entered, and you too are also being asked to wait for your friend Hank, who is being changed by the nurses for his own knee injury a few days ago.

Gladys enters the waiting room.

You notice her as she walks by, but you don’t really think anything more about her, as you are engrossed in your National Geographic Magazine article about Climate Change.

Gladys rummages for a Cosmopolitan magazine, finds one, and plops down in that recliner right next to you.

She pulls the little side wooden lever bar on the chair, elevating her high heeled feet just slightly above her waist.

You are still engrossed in your article, as Climate Change is important, and you want to do all you can to make sure your carbon footprint is neutral…that is…until you hear…

the sound…

You know that sound of high heel shoes hitting the floor from a certain height..that heavenly, oh so HEAVENLY thud-like sound!

Yes, Gladys has taken her right high heeled foot, and popped off her left high heel shoe, and that left high heel shoe has just hit the waiting room floor, and sent a sound wave into your ear for your brain to interpret as, ‘Hey, let’s put a halt to this Climate Change article you have been so engrossed in, and check out this new thing!’

Then another sound…the right high heel hits the floor., and now you look up, and make eye contact with Gladys.  She smiles at you, you smile back.

She smiles at you, you smile back.


“Sorry, I hope I didn’t disturb you…my feet have been in these heels ALL day, and it just feels so good to kick them off like that.  Please, don’t let me disturb you. I’ll be quiet over here,’ Gladys says laughingly over to you.

In the midst of this flood of highly stimulating visual information being processed in your neocortex, you somehow manage to get out to Gladys that it’s totally fine that she disturbed you out of your National Geographic magazine reading induced coma.

You even manage to say something like, ‘Oh, no worries at all.  Wow, where did you buy your stockings?  My wife has been looking for stockings like that for a while now.’

And so the conversation starts…

You both exchange information…she about her stockings, you about how your wife is always complaining about her’s tearing…blah blah blah.

And then you play your ace of spades…

‘Gladys, you said you were on your feet all day, right? In those heels?’, pointing to the nice high heel shoes scattered below the footrest of the recliner.

‘Yes, my feet are really sore right now.’

‘Well, if you want, I’m actually taking a reflexology class at the college here, and they’re teaching me about these techniques to relieve stress and tension by pressing on certain areas of the feet.  I actually have an exam tomorrow, and I was wondering if I could practice on your feet for a few minutes, and you could tell me if I’m pressing on the right spots?’

‘Oh wow, I’ve heard about reflexology, but just have never tried it. Sure!  That sounds great!  I will worn you though, my feet are a tad ticklish.  I may have to pull back if your treatment tickles too much.’

‘Yeah, I hear you.  Feet are so sensitive.  I’m the same way.  So is my wife.  I’ve been practicing on her and her feet are really ticklish.  So far my treatments have only produced very light tickles that she says she actually likes.  I think it’s those hard tickling sessions we probably had as kids with an aunt or uncle that gives tickling a bad name.  They say that actually gentle, light foot tickling has its own health benefits in addition to reflexology.’

‘Hmmm, that is interesting!’

‘Yeah, we’ve actually talked about it in class, and done some comparisons.  Those that got reflexology alone, versus reflexology with light foot tickling.  Those with the light foot tickling treatments reported better health outcomes weeks later.  Kind of interesting, right?’

‘Yes, VERY interesting! It makes sense though…often you hear that laughter is the best medicine, right? So tickling would make sense to provide some added therapeutic benefit to your reflexology practice.  Makes me wonder why don’t we see more therapeutic tickling devices out there that we could just strap on to our feet and underarms to induce laughter?!’, Gladys says laughingly.

‘Now that’s a GREAT idea!  Yeah, why don’t we see more of those devices.  Maybe Silicon Valley could develop an app for that?’, you say laughingly.

Gladys laughs too.

‘So, how about I start with some relaxation techniques on your feet to get your feet ready for pushing on those select sites on the soles of your feet and your toes? Sound good? And I’ll be really gentle with the tickling.’

‘Sure, thank you SO much!’

And so it goes…you are now gently working on these stunning pieces of art, these nyloned soles, these painted toes beneath the nylons.  You, my friend, have hit the jackpot of foot fetish and foot tickling payouts!  Gladys has put her trust in you to take care of her tired feet and make her feel

You, my friend, you…have hit the jackpot of foot fetish and foot tickling payouts!  Gladys has put her trust in you to take care of her tired feet and make her feel

Gladys has put her trust in you to take care of her tired feet and make her feel good, and even make her laugh.

Does it get any better? is putty in your fingertips to work, and work, and work some more.

Now granted, Gladys ‘s facial features are far from stunning in your definition of beauty, but her personality, and her gorgeous feet more than make up for the lack of facial physical beauty.

You continue your treatment on Gladys’s soles.  And she is in HEAVEN.  She can’t believe how serendipitous this moment is of having her feet paid attention to, and massaged, and now, just ever so slightly tickled in between her toes…

Gladys lets out a gentle laugh…

‘Oh that tickles when you go in between my toes like that.  Oh my, yes, that tickles!’

‘Too much?’

‘No, not at all…ha ha ha! I actually kind of like it.  Ha ha ha!  Can you tickle a little more between my big toes and my first toes.  I really like that sensation!’

You do so..her laughter picks up even more…

‘Ok, Gladys?  Not too much tickling on your toes there?  I want to make sure you’re comfortable with the level and pressure of the tickling.  It should be enjoyable and therapeutic.  Not torturous.’

‘Oh, ha ha ha, you’re good.  I’ll let you know.  Ha ha ha!  It’s just nice Ha Ha Ha!  to have someone take the time to figure out the right kind of tickling.  Ha ha ha! My husband just digs right in to my soles and it’s just too much.  I can’t take it.  But, this, ha ha ha! the way you’re working just gently stroking my toes and my soles.  It’s actually REALLY relaxing and stimulating at the same time, if that makes ANY sense at all?! Ha ha ha!’

‘No, I get that alot from my clients.  I like to pride myself on finding that nice balance for my clients between relaxation and stimulation with the tickling and reflexology.  The feet and toes are just so fascinating aren’t they?  The way their nerve endings are interwined and how they affect every other part of our bodies?  It’s just wonderful to have your feet massaged and tickled by someone who knows what they are doing and finds that balance.  I really strive to find the balance.  You still OK?’

‘Oh my God, you are extremely talented…ha ha ha…I love…Ha ha ha! I love it!  Whatever you’re doing down there on my feet.  Don’t stop!  I’ll pay you!’ Gladys continues laughingly while her feet and toes are being massaged and tickled at the same time.

So, I guess I’ll stop there.  You get the idea.

I hope you enjoyed this little foot tickling fantasy of mine.

I don’t know where this photo came from.  I think I found it on facebook.

I don’t know who this lovely woman is in the picture.

If anyone knows, please post it in the comments section below and I’ll edit my post and give credit where credit is due.

I just love to take a photo that I like, and create a story around it.

Have a great Tickle inspired Thursday, and as always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!

WWEHTFT Administrator

Donna loves to be tickled on her feet!

May 15, 2016

 One more gem of a clip from Testing4Laughs (website unavailable, see previous post).

Unbelievably delightful, very cute laughter from this young woman who really appears to be enjoying having her bare feet explored with her tickler’s fingers and brushes.


Another lovely woman loving her foot tickling predicament :)

May 14, 2016

  Yes, and yet another beautiful video where the woman being tickled on her bare feet never tells her tickler to ‘Stop’, never says, ‘I can’t take it anymore!’, never says ‘This is torture!’. 

No…not even one time in the unforgettable 20 minutes and 24 seconds of this cinema gem.

That’s what makes this video so unique, in my opinion, the ticking goes on for a full, yes, full, 20 minutes and 24 seconds!!!

This woman, this heaven-sent siren from Odysseus’s travels, just wiggles her gorgeous toes and soles in the camera for you, throws her beautiful head back, flicks her golden blonde hair around, and just laughs, and laughs, and then laughs some more. 

The Tickler uses mainly his fingers throughout the clip, but switches to a brush at about nine minutes and 30 seconds in. 

His technique is slow, and gentle, and the woman seems to really like it.

The only word that the woman utters during her 20 minutes plus ticking event, is a faint, and I do mean faint,  ‘OK’, right at about 10 minutes. 

The ‘OK’ comes when her tickler uses the hairbrush on her soles, and even though he’s brushing lightly, she’s gently telling her tickler that he may be getting close to exceeding her ticklish threshold :) 

He backs off, and the enjoyable tickling session continues.  

Hope you enjoy it!

I certainly did

P.S. I tried to give a little love to the original producer of this video, ‘Testing4Laughs’ but repeated google searches produced no original webpage for this company. If anyone knows how to connect with the producer of these videos I would love to make a donation to support these high quality productions. We DESPERATELY need folks like this to survive in this world! And I hope you’ll consider supporting these high quality tickle fetish videos by sending them a donation when you can! Thanks!

Missed opportunity yesterday at work

May 13, 2016

  My female coworker, as I’m in a tizzy to finish something before 5:30pm yesterday, says that she has to go to this meeting that she really doesn’t want to go to in the evening. She also says that she thinks in the interim, before she has to go, that she’s going to go get a massage. 

Now in that moment that she says the words, ‘I think I’m going to get a massage’, I did my own mental gymnastics, and thought about offering to rub her shoulders or massage her feet. I did. I most certainly did. My dilemna was thinking that I was still at work, there were 2 other people in the office at the time, I needed to get home, as I had been late the past few nights and my wife and son would be disappointed in another late showing. 

So here I was…

Caught between wanting to say, ‘Well, if you need a massage, I’m actually pretty good at giving foot massages’, or, ‘Well, if you want, I’m actually studying reflexology, and if you give me your feet to work on for a few minutes, you may not need a massage’, something like that…

Of course, it’s always in hindsight that you think of these more prepared responses…

But yes, in that moment, my mind raced, and yes, my blood did too down below my belt:)

But I didn’t act on those racing thoughts, or the quick growing occurring in my pants. 

I just said something about how a massage definitely feels good and can help with stress and kept going on my task I had to finish.

I know…epic fail.

The only saving grace is that I can now talk to her about her massage, and I can ask her if she wants to try MY massage next time before a scary meeting. 

I’m going to text her (yes, we do text, which is a saving grace in this situation) and ask her about how her massage and meeting went, and throw out the possibility of trying reflexology from her coworker and see  what she says. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this little ‘needle skip’on the record. 

I had such fun thoughts last night of the possibilities of what could happen if she  were to let me work on her feet as a ‘reflexologist’. 

How I could work in quick tickles here and there to improve blood circulation, induce stomach muscles to work better and improve digestion, create healthy oxytocin levels in the brain with laughter, blah blah blah :) 

Thanks for stopping by and reveling in my failure.

Hoping to learn from it and turn it into a non-missed opportunity this next time around.

Stay tuned!:)


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