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Bad Ass Becky is Tickled to be Tickled :)

April 18, 2017

 Recently discovered an absolute gem of a video on YouTube showing an incredibly beautiful woman with exquisitely gorgeous bare soles and toes looking into the camera and talking to you about how much fun she has being tickled. 
Yes, you heard me right. 
She says she truly ENJOYS being tickled. 

She even titles her video, ‘Why TICKLING Feet is So SEXY and FUN!!!!!!!”

Click HERE or here,

to watch 11+ minutes of true tickle fetish bliss 🙂

God Bless You, Rebecca Berardi (she has her own personal channel on YouTube as well), for creating such amazing tickle and foot fetish content! 

People of the internet, please support this true foot tickling goddess! 

She is a ‘diamond in the rough’ for us foot tickling fetishists. 

Again, Becky. My hat’s off to you for some truly remarkable videos you’ve produced! 

Thank you! Thank you!

And to all of you visiting, as always, thanks for stopping by…

Princess Leia has no problem being playful on her feet :)

March 30, 2017

I have two confessions to make.

One, I was not one of the millions of teenage boys riveted by the Jabba the Hut ‘Slave Bikini’ scenes that Carrie Fisher stole circa 1983 as Princess Leia, in ‘The Return of the Jedi’.

For whatever reason, Princess Leia just wasn’t ‘doing it’ for me in any of the Star Wars movies.

I was more intrigued by Farrah Fawcett, Lynda Carter, and Lindsay Wagner of the Charlie’s Angels, Wonder Woman, and Bionic Woman genres, respectively, in those days.

But now, in my 40’s, mourning the recent loss of Carrie Fisher this past December, and looking back at her work and the interviews she gave, I find myself looking at her through a completely different lens than I did in my earlier days on the planet.

Now, post-40 years on the planet, the Carrie Fisher from Episodes IV, V, and VI is surprisingly and unyieldingly attractive and sexy to me.

My how times change.

My second confession…

Had I seen the above image of her and Mark Hamill in the 1970’s, my foot fetish may have been sent into hyperdrive making the Kessel ‘Barefoot’ Run in less than 12 parsecs 🙂

I would love to find out how Mark Hamill found himself in this most enviable of positions with the Princess, and what foot fun he might have been able to have with Carrie under the table at the bar later that night sipping martinis together.

Mark, if you are out there, please do elaborate on this intoxicatingly sexy scene for us.

Please tell us that this photo was indicative of all the barefoot antics you and she shared on the set.

Please reveal how you and Harrison  (Ford) got to give Carrie long foot rubs in the studio trailers between takes.

Maybe…just maybe…you both got a special request one day from Carrie while filming the Endor Forest scenes?

Maybe it went something like this?

‘Hey Mark and Harrison, I’ve been on my feet all day in these boots and they’re tired. You boys want to show them some love and give me a little foot rub out behind these big redwoods? George (Lucas) doesn’t have to know. And I want you guys to tickle my feet a little too. I love to have my feet tickled, especially when I’m stressed and tired. It relaxes me. You guys can use some of those fern leaves over there and just run it between my toes. It’ll tickle like crazy, but I really need to laugh! What do you boys say? Will you do it?! Will you tickle my feet?! If you’re good, I’ll even wear my Jabba bikini for you boys!’ (see below)

Oh Mark, please tell me that something like what I’ve described above happened between you all 🙂

As always, thanks for stopping by.

And finally, a little reward for reading to the end 🙂

This beautiful young woman below at Comic Con, decorated impeccably as Princess Leia, sure looks like she could use a good foot rub/foot tickle 🙂

Or, how about this deleted scene from the New Hope where instead of the mind serum, Vader allows this very lucky stormtrooper to try and figure out where the rebel base is by tickling the Princess’s bare feet (see below)…

Or finally, one of my all time favorites! What all of us wanted to see happen with Leia in Jabba’s palace. Sure looks like she’s loving all the attention on her bare soles 🙂


NPR Technology Reporter, Aarti Shahani, has beautiful feet no matter what language you speak :)

March 28, 2017

Trying to stay up on technology news last week was surprisingly rewarding 🙂

In my NPR news app I found the above delightfully beautiful picture of an NPR reporter, Aarti Shahani, (top left, @aarti411 at, getting a cross cultural pedicure 🙂

Ms. Shahani, if this NPR reporting thing doesn’t work out, please know that foot modeling could be your solid backup 🙂

Seriously, you have very beautiful feet!

Feet of a queen’, as Jack Johnson might say 🙂

Thank you first for your wonderful reporting of a cross cultural exhange you had in China. 

Absolutely beautiful story! 

Click HERE to listen or read more.

But, most importantly, at least for readers of this fetish blog,  thank you for being willing to share this beautiful photo of your gorgeous barefeet getting such focused attention with the rest of the world 🙂 

Ms. Shahani, if you are still reading, and you’re not too upset with me for ‘outing’ you as a woman with gorgeous bare feet, would you be so kind as to share any ticklish experiences you’ve had getting pedicures, or really any ticklish experiences you’ve had at all, in the comments section below?

Aarti Shahani’s story is entitled, ‘Finding A Pedicure In China, Using Cutting-Edge Translation Apps’, and it was posted to the NPR website on March 20, 2017. 

Here’s an excerpt…

‘I recently visited China on a business trip. While there, I decided I wanted to get a pedicure. My search turned into quite the adventure — one that involved cutting edge translation technology, and a key word lost in translation….’

Full link below:

Please show Ms. Shahani some love by clicking on her story, and sending her well wishes for more lovely pedicures in her future 🙂

Community College Foot Rub/Foot Tickle (inspired by a true story)

March 26, 2017


Images above from and

The following story is loosely based on a true story submitted by a reader of this website who would like to remain anonymous. Thank you dear anonymous reader for submitting your story to me.

Years ago while attending community college as a single mom, with a young son, and trying to become a nurse, I encountered a young man in one of my science classes obsessed with…of all things…my feet.

Yes, my feet.

No matter what I did that semester at my desk, moving my feet in and out of my flats or flip flops, I could feel the weight of this young man’s stares all over my bare soles and toes.

In all fairness, I probably didn’t help matters as I loved to repeatedly dangle my flats on the edge of my big toes, and let them hit the ground over and over again. I did similar gestures popping my feet in and out of my flip flops and gripping the floor endlessly with my toes.

My feet are very expressive.  

I love to keep them moving, and bare.

One particularly warm fall day I had my left foot crossed underneath my right thigh and exposed on the right side of my desk.   My foot was bare as I always remove my flats while seated, enjoying the freedom to wiggle my toes incessantly.  

This young man, we’ll call him Henry, sat in the desk to my right, and was transfixed.  

When I wiggled my left toes I could see Henry’s eyes widen.  When I touched my left foot with my hands to massage the soles and toes, his eyes would widen more.

In a way I was transfixed by Henry’s transfixation.

It was kind of like a video game seeing how I could control another human being with just my bare feet.

Actually…kind of fun.

I was intrigued by this guy’s amazement with my feet and worked up the courage at the end of class this day to ask Henry if he wanted to meet up at the library to study for next week’s exam.

He was a little taken aback by my forwardness, as we’d only exchanged ‘Hi’s’ and ‘Bye’s’ for the first 2-3 weeks of the semester thus far.

‘Ummm, sure.  That would be great.  When do you want to meet up?’

‘How about now’, I said.

‘Ummmm, ok.  Sure.  Want to just walk over there together?’


And so we walked.

I led the conversation as we walked asking how he was liking school, liking our class, liking life. The usual.

Henry was about 8 years out of high school, mid 20’s. 

I was in my mid thirties, a chasm of life experience between us.  A failed marriage, and a mountain of responsibilities for a fast growing life form at home made the chasm even greater. 

Henry had angst about what he was going to do with the rest of his life, if he was able to get into nursing school. 

I remembered that time in my life and said pleasantries akin to ‘It gets better’ or ‘Hang in there, the 20’s are always tough trying to get all that stuff figured out’.  The usual.

Then I dropped the bomb.

‘So, Henry, I’ve got to just come out and ask you this.  I hope you won’t be too offended, but, do you have a foot fetish?

Clearly uncomfortable at being asked this, my classmate kept walking, but avoided eye contact with me. 

Ironically, he also avoided looking at my feet. 

He just looked away at the activities going on around the manicured lawns sprawling between nicely color coded buildings erected sometime in the mid 1980’s.

‘Hey, it’s OK, you know.  Lots of guys have them.  Only reason I ask is just that I’ve noticed you staring at my feet in class a lot, and I wonder if you ever get any work done?’ 

This last part I chuckle in the asking to keep the question purposely…’light’.

He smiles.

It worked.

‘So I’m right?’

He nods..

‘Ok. Cool.  So here’s what I’m thinking.  Since that first day of class when I started noticing your stares, I did a little research on foot fetishism and you know what? 

Turns out that it’s a pretty harmless fetish.  

Problem is…I know you need to get through this class…and I don’t want my feet to be the reason you flunk out.’  

This last part I chuckle again to keep it ‘light’.

He smiles again.

It works again.

‘The other problem is that I love to go barefoot in class, as you already have found out. 

So, this is what I propose.  

I don’t have another class until 1pm after our class, and I need to reinforce my learning in our class by studying the material immediately thereafter. 

You can’t seem to focus more than about 30 seconds with my toes dancing around my desk like they do, so you probably need a debriefing of sorts on what actually takes place in class, right?’

‘Ummm, yeah. I do have problems focusing. That’s true.’

‘You also clearly have a need to admire my feet, and what woman doesn’t enjoy having her feet admired?  I’m a single mom.  I’m busy.  I have to be on my feet alot.  They could use a good massage every few days or so.  

Why don’t we help each other?  

What if you come study with me at the library for a solid 30-40 minutes after our class, and then for the remaining 10-20 minutes, before I have to get to my next class, I’ll let you rub, kiss, massage, tickle, whatever you want to do with my feet as long as it feels good, and doesn’t involve any bodily fluids exchanged between us?  

What do you think?’

‘Ummm, sure.  Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.  I actually don’t have anything after our class either so I think it would work out’, Henry states in a more relaxed fashion now.

‘Great! Sounds like symbiosis to me!’, I chuckle as that was thebconcept talked about in class today.

He gets the joke and laughs as well.

We are still walking and arrive at the library.  

I take his hand and say, ‘So, I know this perfect table on the 2nd floor.  It has a textile covering it.  If we study there, no one will know about our little foot fetish/study arrangement but us.  

Come on, let me show you.’

I  lead him up the stairs to that 2nd floor table.

His hands are strong and soft.  

He is clearly very excited about the possibilities as his pace has quickened, and there is more ‘light’ in his eyes, as we approach the table.

We sit down.  

He is opposite me at the table, but we are still quite close.  

Close enough for me to pop out of my flats, stretch my long legs, and place my bare feet up on his chair between his legs.

His warm, strong, soft hands take to my soles immediately as he begins what I can only describe as ‘heaven on earth’ for a very tired, very weary mid-thirties single mom starved for physical attention and touch.  

My feet, let alone any part of my body, have not been touched by another human being for nearly 5 years. For it is during this 5 years that I have failed in a child-rearing experiment with my child’s biological father. We had created my reason for being on this planet, but clearly it was not his, and we parted ways after only a year of endless disagreements.  It was amiable, and honestly, for the best, but oh how I longed for that phyical touch that we used to regularly give each other.  I had learned to live without it, and had almost forgotten what it was like to be touched by another human being until this moment in the library happened.

Now I would be lying if I didn’t disclose fully that I had been planning this moment for weeks.  

I had reasoned after watching my male classmate fixate on my feet that first day in class that I might as well try and take advantage of the situation and see if we could come to some mutually beneficial agreement.  

I needed to have my feet massaged and rubbed, and clearly, this guy needed to touch another woman’s feet.  

And lucky for me, he seemed absolutely fixated on mine.

I’d always thought I had pretty nice feet.  When I looked in Victoria’s Secret catalogs I would notice the models had sometimes pretty deformed looking toes and bunions and wondered why they even showed such feet in catalogs.  I thought if I was ever able to grace a cover, I could showcase my toes in some of those awesome strappy sandals or dangle a glossy red high heel sling back on my glossy red painted toe nails for the world to admire.  Alas, they never called.  Laugh out loud.

And honestly, I had no idea there were guys out there willing to do anything for a chance to touch another woman’s bare feet. 

But alas, this guy, my classmate, this 20 something, he’s clearly into my feet, and I thought why not have a little fun with the situation? 

And so I did, and so I now sit. 

Henry’s rubbing both of the arches on my bare soles at the same time.  

It is sublime.  

I just melt with every upward stroke of his strong hands on each of my bare soles.

My brain tingles at the sensations he’s creating in my gray matter. 

This is divine intervention at its finest.

He asks, ‘Does that feel good?’

As if he has to ask.

Of course it feels good.  Don’t you see my eyes are closed and my head is tilting back? Isn’t that the universal sign of extreme pleasure? Can’t you see all these little tingly sensations coming off my brain?  You are just asking to ask aren’t you?  You KNOW what you are doing.  You KNOW that whatever magic you possess in your hands is working.

‘Feels great.  Thank you SO much!’, I utter quietly.  

This is a library after all.

Luckily, it’s a slow day and not a soul is up on the 2nd floor today. Except my soles 🙂

Still, I keep one eye cocked to make sure we aren’t making a scene. 

I don’t want to end up plastered all over Facebook and Instagram in a Meg Ryan-esque foot orgasm video clip.

And so my bliss continues for another 8 or 9 minutes until I hear my new best foot friend whisper, ‘Are you ticklish?’

Now those three words I usually don’t like because it almost always is followed by someone who tries to tickle you in a way that you don’t like, roughly and with no respect for boundaries. At least that’s been my own experience.  But today, those three words were actually welcomed.  

For whatever reason, I felt safe enough in the way Henry was massaging my feet that I trusted him to tickle them responsibly.  

I just knew that he would. 

Tickling is a strange thing, right? I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with it.  There is a fine line between pleasure and pain with tickling. I wanted to see if Henry could stay on the pleasurable left side of it.

He did.

In the same magical way that he stroked my soles to produce those tingly sensations in my brain, he switched his technique to lightly scratch my bare soles with his fingers, and I laughed as quietly as I could with each upward/downward movement of his fingers.

It felt amazing!

His tickling of my feet was absolutely thrilling!

We both didn’t want to make a scene, but we both clearly wanted to see how close we could get to making that scene. 

This went for another 10 minutes. 

I just buried my head in my arms that I’d crossed on the table in front of me, and tried to direct all my laughter-evoked sound waves into the floor.  

I didn’t realize how much I would enjoy having my feet tickled, but I did.  

I really didn’t want him to stop.  

But all good things come to an end and my next class was starting soon.

I let out a huge sigh, stretched, and whispered across the table a huge ‘THANK YOU!’

He smiled at me and whispered back mimicing ‘YOU’RE WELCOME!’

‘See you in class on Thursday?’, I asked, picking up my things, putting my freshly adorned, worshiped, massaged, and tickled bare feet back in their flats, and getting ready to walk on air to my next class.

‘Wouldn’t miss it!’, smiled my new foot fetishist friend with a penchant for tickling women’s feet as well.

Today had been a great day.

Back to Foot Tickling Basics – A Simple Video Clip Masterpiece

February 25, 2017


I don’t know who produced this video originally (click HERE to view).

PLEASE, if you are the producer and want folks to know where to buy your amazing clip, PLEASE post a link in the comments below. 

The foot tickling community owes you a wealth of gratitude. 

I absolutely just LOVE how simple this video is. 

It’s nearly 13 minutes of just one guy tickling a woman’s feet. 

You never see the woman’s face. 

All you see are her lower legs, her feet, and his tickle instruments.

But before you click away going, ‘How germane!’, let me share with you why this clip is so beautiful. 

What is just so absolutely wonderful about this clip, and what I think sets it apart from other foot tickling clips is the ticklee, and just how gleefully she laughs at all of the ticklish attention being paid to her feet, toes, and lower legs. 

It is a true work of erotic art to watch and listen to this woman’s lower legs and feet dance to the beat of her own beautiful laughter. 

She truly seems to be having the time of her life. 

Don’t believe me?

Fast forward to about 6 minutes in…

She is being tickled by two electric toothbrushes on the tops of her beautiful, nearly bare, feet at this point. 

Not to worry, true barefeet tickle fetish fans! 

Her sandals about to come off in 3-2-1, you blink and you miss it. She almost seems to joyfully kick them off, so as to expose more bare surface area to the tantalizingly ticklish toothbrush. 

Do you agree?

After another 15 seconds or so at around 6:20 you hear mixed in with her beautiful, delightful laughter ‘Oh yeah!’ 

Oh yeah. Fact checked.

This lady may as well be a spokesmodel for McDonalds and their new line of Adult McTickling Happy Meals, because she sure seems to be LOVING IT 🙂 


Wouldn’t that be a great ad campaign for McDonalds? All meals come complete with a feather, electric toothbrush, and the video above with some commentary on how to best tickle the female foot 🙂 

I most assuredly would find every reason to enter a McDonalds on aregular  basis 🙂 

Another thing that’s great about the clip are her feet. 

I think you would have to agree with me that they are just drop dead gorgeous, n’est pas?!

Finally, the camera angle the video is shot from; her view looking at her own feet being tickled.

You almost feel like you’re sitting right next to her getting to witness her sinfully sensual foot tickling of a lifetime. 

Hearing and seeing her enjoying this tickle experience is just flat out…erotic.

Between about 6:40 to 10:10 of the clip, the tickler skillfully uses his fingers to tickle her feet. 

He spends alot of time tickling between each of her gorgeous toes.

From 10:12 to the end of the clip he goes back to the electric toothbrush. 

The last minute or so is just amazing as the lady just seems to really love the bristles going in between her two big toes at the same time, and then the running up and down of the bristles on both of her bare insteps. 

Truly, truly one for the record books in my humble opinion. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to fblue for posting this video on your feed at pornhub!

Check out fblue’s other great video posts at his feed here:

If you agree with my assesment of this clip, please feel free to say so in the comments section below. 
Even if you don’t, please feel free to share on foot tickling clips that drive you crazy 🙂

And, as always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

Any real females out there who’ve enjoyed having their feet tickled?

February 9, 2017

 Above photo taken from Getty Images entitled, ‘Four beautiful women lying together in bed – enjoying time together / tickling’

This site gets about 200 views per day. 

Since I started this site nearly 8 years ago, it was my intention to try and showcase females that enjoy having their feet tickled. 

I hope I’ve been able to share content with you to that effect, and it’s content you enjoy.

If you are female and still reading this, would you do me the kindest favor?

Please take a quick moment to drop me a line at:

In that quick moment, please share in no more than 3-5 coherent, complete sentences your most enjoyable foot tickling experience? 

Would mean so much, and thank you so much!

With your permission, I would share some of the best submissions on the website at a later date. 

As always, thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Don’t you just love that photo above?! Was the very first photo to pop up when you Google ‘Woman enjoying being tickled’ in their ‘Images’ section 🙂 

Office clerk approached by his female coworker to give her a foot rub at the end of a long day!

January 9, 2017

Don’t you just SO want the above headline to be true?! 

Don’t you want Hank in Accounting to somehow divulge in a moment of weakness over lunch with his friend, Gladys, in Human Resources, who then gossips to Amy in Marketing that there’s a weird, middle aged, accounting clerk on the 3rd floor with a thing for rubbing women’s feet?

Gladys knows because she’s witnessed Hank secretly rubbing another woman’s feet underneath the picnic tables outside one day. 

Gladys confronts Hank and Hank confesses to Gladys that he’d always had this ‘thing’, this ‘fetish for beautiful female feet’.

Now Amy’s just happened to have had a long day of walking around an airport in her high heels. Her husband’s out of town for 2 weeks, and he’s usually the lucky guy that gets to put his strong hands all over Amy’s bare soles and make the pain and discomfort all bound up in her gorgeously soft bare soles and toes erupt into pleasurable coos of bliss with each stroke of his hand. 

Amy wonders how in the world she’s going to get her foot rub today. 

It’s already late and her massage therapist isn’t picking up. 

Hank. Hmmm. He seems harmless enough. Ok, Hank. You’re going to save me this afternoon. 

Gladys has tipped her hand to Amy, and now Amy gladly tips her toes in favor of Hank sitting in for her husband. 

Yes, my imagination does runneth wild when I see a gorgeous photograph like the one above. 

How would you finish the story? 🙂 

Please feel free to write your endings in the comments section below and may Hank find his bliss in rubbing Amy’s gorgeous bare soles, and may Amy find hers, getting her gorgeous bare soles rubbed. 

And if a little foot tickling ensues, I’m sure Amy won’t mind. 

Her husbamd tickles her toes in between the foot rubs all the time. 

Amy loves it!

Enjoy, and, as always, thanks for stopping by!