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Feet at 35,000 Feet

July 10, 2016

 This maybe has happened to you? It hasn’t happened to me, but every time I fly, I desperately hope that this happens to me. 

I’m talking about the very ‘inconsiderate’, very ‘brazen’ act of the person behind, or across, from you on the airplane, putting their feet up on the arm rest or anything in between your seat and theirs.

Now, granted, as I am a female foot fetishist, the pair of feet needs to belong to a female, and needs to be at least modestly taken care of, and moderately attractive. 

So, if this has happened to you, congratulations! 

Please do tell in the comments section below how wonderfully quick the hours passed by being able to have your own private foot and toe wiggling show:)

If this glorious event hasn’t happened to you, don’t despair, there’s still time to fly the foot friendly skies, and take advantage of some of these frequent foot flyer miles:)

Now, believe it or not, there are people shaming other people online for going barefoot on the plane. 

Yes, I know…as a foot fetishist, sacriledge right?! (unless of course there is athelete’s foot involved) 

So here’s a little teaser of some of this aforementioned shaming…

And now as I’m reading this story from the link above, I realize how one person’s problem is just another’s solution. 

Now the woman above, in the picture with her red high heels kicked off, and her gorgeous bare feet suspended like planes of their own in the center aisle, is probably not on the ‘no fly out of those heels’ list. Most likely she just happened to be a friend of the photographer taking the photos for the news story, and lo and behold she got to play the ‘bad guy’:)

I know the photo is staged, but my reaction is, one person’s problem is a another’s solution.

If only I could be the ‘foot up on armrest’ ‘closer’ if you will for Delta Airlines.

I’d be alerted by Flight Attendants that a woman @ 15A has decided to put her feet into 16A’s airspace.

I would quietly tap 16A on the shoulder and relieve them of their ‘miserable’ situation.  My seat would then go to 16A, and the ‘foot fetish golden ticket’ seat would now be mine. 

I would begin my intervention by lightly tickling these arm rest feet.  

Hopefully, they’d find the whole experience enjoyable, and keep them propped up on the rest for me to keep my ticklish intervention flourishing. 

I would continue my intervention, , interspersing my light tickling of her soles with good foot massage techniques until the plane landed. 

Yes, problem solved:)

And yes, you are now free to move about the cabin (in search of gorgeous bare feet, propped up and waiting to be tickled and massaged)! 

Thanks for stopping by!

Melissa Block’s Foot Fetish Interview on NPR

July 9, 2016


Picture1 I recently heard an NPR interview that Melissa Block (pictured above), formerly the host of the news program, All Things Considered, did back in 2009 with an author who’d just written a book about paraphilia, or atypical sexual desire for inanimate objects, and the desires and lusts that go along with common and not so common fetishes.

Now, if you never had the good fortune to listen to Melissa Block on All Things Considered, then you are in for a real treat with the link below.

Melissa’s radio voice is one of the softest, smoothest, and yes, in my humble opinion, sexiest, you’ll ever encounter. And she’s not even trying. Or at least she doesn’t SOUND like she’s trying.

Her delivery just seems effortless, and I’m always ‘taken-in’ by her siren-like voice inflections.

Melissa’s first question to the author was about the author’s first subject in his book, a man with a foot fetish.

But, this was a foot fetish with a bit of a twist.

This person would become aroused just at the mere mention of the word ‘feet’.

And as Melissa was reporting on this story, she’s obviously saying ‘feet’ and ‘foot fetish’, and I’m listening to her and thinking, gosh, I think I’m having the same reaction as the subject in the book being reported on. Maybe not to the same degree, but, I do love to hear a woman, and especially THIS woman, Melissa, with her angelic pronunciation skills, utter those words.

How about you? Did you have the same reaction listening to her report?

So, it got me thinking…what if I could create a story where a woman is playing off this fetish for the word, ‘feet’, and expand on it a little bit?

Well, I came up with THIS.

Click HERE if you’d like to hear my short story of a woman who is a professional foot model talking to a guy she realizes has this fetish for hearing her say the word, ‘feet’. It’s another installment of the adventures of Maria.

Hope you enjoy it!

And, Ms. Block, if you are reading this, first off, THANK YOU for all of your wonderful work as a journalist!

It is really an incredible career you’ve had, and are having with NPR.

I realize I am really asking a lot here, and you may just want to steer clear of my request, but I feel compelled to ask  nonetheless…

If you were so inclined, I’d love to hear your take on any foot fetish experiences you’ve had working at NPR, or anywhere for that matter…

Any guys trying to take your shoes while you were on the microphone, any tickling of your toes while they were propped up on your desk, or below for that matter?:) Any fantasies of men or women massaging your feet after a long day of being in heels or pumps?

Oh, inquiring minds would love to know:)

Thanks for stopping by!


Barefeet on the dash get me everytime! :)

June 20, 2016



 These are my wife’s lovely, lovely feet adorning our Subaru’s console today as we drove along Hwy 1 to go on a hike :) 

And this last one was also her feet out of her shoes after that long hike. 
I can’t wait to give her my own Father’s Day gift by massaging and tickling her gorgeous soles after we get our little one off to bed:)

Happy Father’s Day everyone!

I am deeply grateful my wife indulges these incredible fetishes of mine:)

Enjoy, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Stay tuned…I will be launching a podcast soon to start bringing you more content on the site! 

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Maria, the professional foot model

June 14, 2016


This is Maria, or at least how I view Maria after chatting up her new friend in a L.A. bar one Friday night.

Want to learn more about Maria, and her proclivities towards foot fetishes and tickling?

Keep reading…

I have been looking for audio books on foot fetishes and tickling fetishes, but haven’t been able to locate too many.  

And the ones I have found…

Well, I just haven’t been too crazy about the female voices recounting the stories.

So, I decided to create my own:)

For some reason, even though the female voice I use in my own audiobook sounds robotic most of the time, I kind of like it.  

She has her good moments, and bad, but mostly, I think it’s pretty good.  

Wondering if you will feel the same way about this female reading voice.

The full version can be downloaded by clicking HERE.  It’s 14 minutes and 47 seconds.

The trailer can be downloaded by clicking HERE, and is only 2 minutes and 49 seconds. 

If you like the story, and the way it’s read as an audiobook, please consider donating (suggesting just 50 cents, 50 cents, that’s all to help pay for this content on foot fetishes and tickling fetishes!) using the link below:

The more donations, the more content I can provide in this area.

Again, trying to gauge if there is an interest in this kind of fetish media content.

Thank you for your time, and as always, thank you for stopping by!

WWEHTFT Website Creator (aka John Smith on Facebook:) and ‘FeetTickled’ on Twitter)


A woman really enjoying her bare feet tickled by her two male friends

June 7, 2016

  A real gem of a video clip where the woman is clearly enjoying her foot tickling predicament. 

As mentioned in previous posts, I really LOVE the two males tickling a female’s barefeet theme. I wish these were not so hard to come by, but I guess that just makes the clip below that much more special when you find such a diamond in the rough, right?

This woman’s laughter is just to die for , and seems to just beckon you to sit down and listen to a woman who truly loves being tickled. Her male friends tickle her perfectly on her bare feet, such that she just lays down, and relishes in the pleasure of her feet being tickled. In my humble opinion, this is one of the sexiest tickling clips I’ve ever seen. 
As always, thanks for stopping by, and would love to read any comments you have below.

WWEHTFT Administrator

Summertiiiime, and the tickling is good :)

June 5, 2016


Ahhhh, summertime. Beaches filled with beautiful women wearing next to nothing, especially on their feet :) 

Summers are a blessing and a curse for me as a foot and tickle fetishist. 

On the one hand, it is like being a kid in a candy store with all the eye candy you can ever hope to observe on any given beach, on any given day. 

On the other, busy Dad and husband, how to stop thinking about all that eye candy, and try to actually get something done besides fantasizing about tickling all these gorgeous bare soles in front of you?

Oh my Lord. The dimlemnas in life, right?!:)

Which brings me to a wonderful clip I just found of a woman having her baresoles explored and tickled by her friend with fingers, combs, and brushes at the beach.

Her friend seems to really enjoy being on ‘tickle duty’, and fulfills her role beautifully. 

Hope you enjoy this one! 

Watch for a dude carrying a beach chair in the background @ 6 minutes in. 

How awesome would it have been to be THAT guy…stumbling upon a scene like that trying to get to the beach?  

Here’s to lots of fun summertime beach tickling! 

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

WWEHTFT Administrator 

Four photos of my wife’s lovely, early morning, sleepy feet :)

June 4, 2016

Spoiler alert…they’re quite ticklish :) 

Working on getting her and her friend to shoot a short video where they each massage each other’s feet on a couch, and do some light, pleasurable tickling:)

Stay tuned for more…



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