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Kelly shows off her new pedicure

March 31, 2015
Kelly's new pedicure as of 3-30-15 :) lovely!

Kelly’s new pedicure as of 3-30-15 :) lovely!

Kelly, the #ticklesforteacher muse, just sent in some new photos of her new pedicure.

Take a peak in the Photos section!


Beautiful woman enjoying her nyloned feet being tickled by a man

March 19, 2015

Lovely clip that I think I’ve posted on in the past, but thought it was worth a repost.

Beautiful woman in nylons is softly tickled by a man all over her soles and toes.

At 2 minutes and 20 seconds into the 4 minute clip, the beautiful woman, in response to how she’s handling the tickling, says ‘I kind of like it!’.

Then, in the last 30 seconds, the tickler asks the beautiful woman to recount any tickling stories from her past, to which she replies that she had boyfriends that would tickle her ‘all the time. But, I mean, I kind of liked it. It always got me…kind of excited!’

Bliss, double bliss!




Kelly gets a new pedicure and renews her call for ticklish fantasy submissions :)

March 18, 2015
A new pedicure

A new pedicure

Kelly, the beautiful tickles for teacher muse from my last post, sent me a picture of her feet in sandals after a new pedicure. Hope you enjoy and she has requested more tickle fantasies to be posted to the website. Simply comment on this post what you would like to do with Kelly’s gorgeous bare soles and toes upon removing her sandals. Or maybe you don’t remove them at all :) Maybe you run feathers and fingers over the tops of her feet and toes, and wiggle your index fingers on the edges of her arches with both feet still in her shoes :) Just a suggestion to get the ticklish conversations started. Please remember to keep it tasteful and respectful :) Thanks for stopping by!

Tickles for Teacher

February 23, 2015

20150222-211044.jpgKelly is at it again. After being on her feet teaching all day, and grading into the wee hours of the evening, Kelly wants someone to play ‘this little piggy’ with her toes and make her laugh all the way home.

Can you imagine getting to sit down next to these gorgeous nylon clad soles and being asked, yes asked, if you would be so kind as to run your fingers up and down, and all around her soles and toes, to your heart’s delight?!

Well, believe it or not, Kelly is real, and she’s not kidding about wanting to try and find men or women out there who are willing to tickle her feet in various and sundry ways.

Don’t believe me?

Check out this email to me dated 2-8-15 @ 6:55am PST with this in the subject title of the email, ‘Tickle Kelly Ad’, and these words to preface the content of the ad:

‘Hope this ad is ok. Please add/edit as you see fit, and add the pics I sent! Thanks .

Of course your fantasy, if you still want, will be fulfilled by me as the highest priority!!! (Backstory – Kelly and her partner and I had tentatively arranged to meet up and do a buried in the sand themed tickle therapy session in CA last year, but things fell thru on my end. Hoping for better luck this year!)

Take care and thanks! Please let me know you got this!’

Kelly’s Ad Follows:

‘Tickle beautiful bare feet!

Tickle masters wanted! ( serious inquiries only)

Fulfill your feet tickling fantasies!!!!

Now available for free tickling Is Kelly the Ticklish teacher!

Services are free, because I love to be tickled, and the center of attention as much as you will love to tickle my helpless pretty feet!!!

Will travel!

Please submit your fantasy to the WWEHTFT Administrator @ and he will forward on to me!

I will fulfill ANY fantasy !!!!!

Only caveat…no nudity or sex!

Bikini OK, or a comparable costume or outfit is fine!

The more humiliating and ticklish the better!

I love being buried in the sand with my bare feet and head sticking out.

Stocked and pilloried , bound, food play, messy feet, or any other tickling fantasy you have, PLEASE let me know!

Also feel free to specify your preferred toenail color and length.

I am willing to do public tickling, including at parties, etc.

So…get your fantasies submitted…NOW!!!

Will set up arrangements as soon as I read the forwards from the WWEHTFT website, and will prioritize based on the level of excitement the fantasy engenders, and how soon you submit.

Come and tickle my feet and toes! Anything goes!!! He he he!!!!!!!!! Ha ha ha!!! Stop please! I mean don’t stop! Lol!

Sincerely, Kelly
Your willing ticklish foot slave!

Enjoy the pics!’

Need I say more? ;)

Dear Lord!…Oh my!…Where do I sign up?! :)

Beautiful Asian Woman has her feet tickled!

February 22, 2015
Beautiful Asian woman on a couch has her feet tickled with another woman’s fingers. One foot is bare, while the other is in nylons.
Laughter is delightful ,and the ticklee really seems to be enjoying having her soles ticklishly explored.
Click HERE to watch on YouTube.

‘Yeah, Right There!’ – What you wish every woman would say when you run a feather up and down their bare soles

January 23, 2015

Just another wonderful enjoyable foot tickling video clip where both tickler and ticklee appear to really be enjoying their time being tickled and being the tickler. Love the laughter and playful teasing throughout. Just lovely!

Halloween Tickling

January 1, 2015

I’ve been trying to find this clip for a while now since my original link to this went away.

Thanks to bryan bigdogg for posting this gem of a clip!

It’s a little out of season, being the holidays, instead of Halloween, but thought it worth a share since we’re still in the season of giving :) Notice though that the lady has Christmas decorations up around her home :)

The clip features a beautiful ticklee being caught unawares in her house as she gets ready to go out on Halloween.

It’s not necessarily ‘outright’ enjoyable foot tickling, but the ticklee doesn’t seem to mind all the attention being paid to her bare feet, and her laughter is just so incredibly sexy, that I felt it needed to be up on this site.



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