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Woman executive enjoying her nyloned toes teased and tickled!

July 22, 2007

Can’t you just see something like this happening after a long day spent in meetings and a few cocktails from the hotel suite’s minibar. You are the lucky room service guy asked to take a few photos of these tipsy and tantalizingly ticklish power women.

The two beautiful executives from the same firm have decided to take a break and relax with a little toe and barefoot tickling. They tell you this is how they unwind after stressful days on the road and they just love to share their love of feet tickling.

You can’t believe your eyes as you take a seat and snap shot after shot of an incredible tickle fetish fantasy. When you don’t think you can take any more of their gorgeous melodious laughter, the two women turn to you and say, “Want to try your hand at tickling both of our feet? We love it when a guy tickles our toes!”

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