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Mommy Tickled

July 5, 2010

I saw this book “Mommy Tracked”, by Whitney Gaskell, the other day on Amazon.

One of the reviews reads, “…as comfortable as fuzzy slippers…” and “…sharp as stilettos.”

The story is based in Florida and finds four young mothers, Anna, Juliet, Grace, and Chloe, trying to help each other through trying times raising children. They all belong to a support group called ‘Mothers Coming Together (“MCT”). The group is led by Grace, happily married with children, but a bit of a diet fanatic.

Of course, with the cover showing three women sitting on a couch, 2 in flip flops, and 1 in sandals, my mind took off in a ‘ticklish’ direction. I hope the author and cover photographer don’t mind the liberties I’m going to take with the plot and cover art, but I felt compelled to have a little fun in Fireworks with a slightly different take on Grace.

Click here to see the slightly ‘off-Tracked’ cover art version so to speak.

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