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Missed opportunity yesterday at work

May 13, 2016

  My female coworker, as I’m in a tizzy to finish something before 5:30pm yesterday, says that she has to go to this meeting that she really doesn’t want to go to in the evening. She also says that she thinks in the interim, before she has to go, that she’s going to go get a massage. 

Now in that moment that she says the words, ‘I think I’m going to get a massage’, I did my own mental gymnastics, and thought about offering to rub her shoulders or massage her feet. I did. I most certainly did. My dilemna was thinking that I was still at work, there were 2 other people in the office at the time, I needed to get home, as I had been late the past few nights and my wife and son would be disappointed in another late showing. 

So here I was…

Caught between wanting to say, ‘Well, if you need a massage, I’m actually pretty good at giving foot massages’, or, ‘Well, if you want, I’m actually studying reflexology, and if you give me your feet to work on for a few minutes, you may not need a massage’, something like that…

Of course, it’s always in hindsight that you think of these more prepared responses…

But yes, in that moment, my mind raced, and yes, my blood did too down below my beltπŸ™‚

But I didn’t act on those racing thoughts, or the quick growing occurring in my pants. 

I just said something about how a massage definitely feels good and can help with stress and kept going on my task I had to finish.

I know…epic fail.

The only saving grace is that I can now talk to her about her massage, and I can ask her if she wants to try MY massage next time before a scary meeting. 

I’m going to text her (yes, we do text, which is a saving grace in this situation) and ask her about how her massage and meeting went, and throw out the possibility of trying reflexology from her coworker and see  what she says. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this little ‘needle skip’on the record. 

I had such fun thoughts last night of the possibilities of what could happen if she  were to let me work on her feet as a ‘reflexologist’. 

How I could work in quick tickles here and there to improve blood circulation, induce stomach muscles to work better and improve digestion, create healthy oxytocin levels in the brain with laughter, blah blah blah :) 

Thanks for stopping by and reveling in my failure.

Hoping to learn from it and turn it into a non-missed opportunity this next time around.

Stay tuned!πŸ™‚

I HEART being tickled!

May 10, 2016

Found this gem @ Deviant Art by Fire Fox SF @

It’s entitled, ‘Alanza’s Drew Barrymore Fantasy’. 

Don’t you wish Charlie’s Angels had picked up on their heroine’s ticklish tendencies, and this could have been a scene between her and her costar Lucy Liu? 

A guy can dream!πŸ™‚

Thank you, Firefox SF for creating such beautiful art!


Keep Calm and Tickle Me

May 9, 2016



Oh the stories I have rolling around my head with this one!

Thank you Christina Templeton for sharing this on your facebook page. 

Not sure who the original artist is, but if I find out, would very much like to support them.

Just lovely touches! 


And keep calm :)  

Code Red for Tickled Pink :)

May 7, 2016

  If someone says they are ‘tickled pink’ , have you ever stopped to think about those two words, and how they ended up being juxtaposed so wonderfully in our english language? 

Being tickled to the point of expressing a pink color…that’s literally what the phrase means, but in our english language it also means that you like something that’s happened to you. 

Maybe it was a special coffee someone bought you, or a special someone that called you on the phone unexpectedly. 

You are happy. 

You are ‘tickled pink’. 

Some just stop at the word, ‘tickled’. 

‘I’m just so tickled that you came by today!’ 

Has there ever been a more ‘front door opportunity’ wrapped into a sentence to explore more of someone’s openness to being tickled?

This last phrase has to be it, right?! 
So the reason I write today is that it has just occurred to me as of late that our beloved tickle fetish, and the one I especially like to purport, the enjoyable foot tickling memes, is built right into our everyday language. 

Yep, coded into our lexical DNA.

I don’t know why it took me so long to realize it. 

But I do now, and I take a deep breath, and I realize that my obsession with tickling women on their beautiful bare feet isn’t sooo far off the normalcy grid. 

In fact, in many ways it IS the normalcy grid. 

Human touch and tickling should be pleasurable, should be enjoyable. 
We’ve taken it to the point of it not being pleasurable, and in many instances where the women are saying ‘Stop!’ to their tickler(s). 

It’s at this point that ‘tickled pink’ ceases to have the color ascribed, and enters into more of a descent to the darker shades of red. 

Here’s to staying pink and bubbly, light and pleasurable, when you are tickling someone. 

Here’s to being tickled pink or tickling someone pink today :) 

You’re welcomeπŸ™‚

Would love to hear your thoughts here or on my social media outlets! 

Thanks for stopping by!

WWEHTFT Administrator

A brief reprieve, and an ode to spring

April 10, 2016

I have ‘come clean’ with my therapist about my addiction to pornography. 

She thinks I am doing alright with my current, self-described, trajectory of about 6-7 hours per month spent absorbing this media.

I have been doing well as of late, with some relapses occurring. 

My work is incredibly demanding right now, as is my family life. 

I find that ‘curbing my enthusiasm’ for this media allows me to focus better on the daily tasks I have to accomplish, in order to be a functioning human being. 

It also allows me to build desire towards my wife, and allow HER to release this energy with me, TOGETHER, rather than myself, absorbing all that the internet offers, and releasing the energy MYSELF, ALONE. 

And, when I do this, with my wife, instead of by myself, the experience is MUCH more gratifying.  

I am nowhere near being able to say I have ‘kicked this addiction’. 

But what I can say is that I am moving toward a better today, and a better tomorrow. 

I wish you the same. 

In the interim, enjoy this beautiful, random picture of a woman’s barefeet in the garden I found. I was looking through a Gardener Supply catalog and saw some attractive women in the catalog’s pages, and it sent my mind wandering, and eventually Google searching for ‘Barefoot gardening’, and then eventually a ‘Save Image’ on the one below.

All those plant root systems underground must be singing a chorus of ‘Hallelujah’ as something as beautiful as this comes dancing across its own networks :) 

I am pretending these lovely toes are my wife’s, as the energy builds :) 

Thanks for stopping by,

WWEHTFT Adminsitrator


A potential long hiatus

February 21, 2016

I’ve had to face some very difficult things about myself as of late, one being my addiction to foot and tickling fetish media. It’s affected my work life, my home life, and my inner life. I’m taking steps to recover from my addictions and one of these steps involves not posting to this site, or any of my facebook, twitter, instagram, and google+ sites. I want to say real quickly that I appreciate all your support of this website over the years, and I’m sorry to have to end my contributions to the foot and tickle fetish community. But there comes a time in everyone’s life where what is most important has to be prioritized, and for me and my particular way of handling my life, I’ve had to come to the realization that me continuing to indulge my brain in this kind of satiation, is becoming quite counterproductive to me living a good life. This is my experience. No one else’s. I would imagine that others are able to ‘handle the reins’ so to speak much more adeptly than I can. To those of you out there in this camp, kudos to you. I, however, can’t handle these reins very well and have decided to abandon the stagecoach to keep with the metaphor. I may be back. I may not. I’m going to try and get a handle on my addiction with help from a very kind and caring individual I just discovered on Youtube this past week. If you are still reading and in any way shape or form experiencing this kind of media and it’s become an addiction, I highly recommend you check out the 4 videos below. They are LIFE CHANGING, full of compassion, and give you some tried and true tools to help you overcome the cycles of any addiction you may be experiencing. Truly has helped me this past week to get me oriented in the right direction. 

Thank you again for your support during this transition away from my addiction issues.


WWEHTFT Administrator

Tingly foot worship too beautiful for words

February 15, 2016

   This clip does not, I repeat, does NOT, contain any tickling. What it lacks in tickling though, it more than makes up for in beautiful feet being worshipped. 

At about 3 minutes in, the gorgeous lady being foot worshipped says that her feet being licked and sucked by her friend is better than a foot massage.

The beautiful lady doing the foot worshipping agrees and comments that she’s not sure if it’s better for her or for her friend as she is enjoying worshipping her friend’s feet sooo much!

The gorgeous lady who is getting this better than a foot massage says, and I quote, ‘I don’t knooooow, I feel a little tingle down under…’ and laughs.

Oh. My.