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It’s been SUCH a LONG day! Would you want to tickle my bare feet?!

November 29, 2014


Erica’s been in high heels all afternoon for her friend’s wedding.

She’s taking a break, and has kicked off her Nine Wests right across from where you’re sitting.

She gives you that look that says, ‘I’d do anything to have you come over here and rub my bare soles for a few minutes!’

You engage in conversation, and soon, you are running your fingers up and down her smooth, soft, bare arches.  She’s purring from all the delicate tickling you’re giving her.


‘Danica, will you please tickle my feet?!’

November 17, 2014

Another incredible video clip of a woman enjoying having her bare feet tickled.

The woman is reclining on a couch as the clip begins, and is asking her beautiful friend, Danica, if she can tickle her feet. Danica obliges lovingly teasing her arches, soles, and toes for a full 5 minutes. You’ll love the way Danica tickle talks during the episode!

So sexy!

It’s clear that the ticklee and the tickler are really enjoying the experience.

Just blissful and delightful all wrapped up neatly together!


P.S. At 5 minutes and about 5 seconds the video starts back over, and runs for another minute or so.

Taylor’s a little stressed out at work. Nothing a little tickle therapy can’t fix :)

November 11, 2014



Dixie REALLY Loves Being Tickled On Her Barefeet and Toes!

October 20, 2014

At 5 minutes and 49 seconds into the clip, Dixie, reclining back in her office chair, Taylor running her nails up and down her bare soles says, “It’s so nice not being distracted with work, I can just enjoy it’

WARNING: gets a little hot and steamy at around 6 minutes and 10 seconds into the clip, as Dixie begins to pleasure herself while her feet are being tickled by Taylor.

For the tickle and foot fetishists of the world who love to see a woman truly enjoying having her incredibly beautiful bare feet tickled, I don’t know if it gets much better than this clip! The tickler also seems to truly embrace her roll, and appears to really love tickling Dixie’s feet. Her tickle talk is just wonderful!


Paige loves to have her bare feet tickled all over! She tells you so :)

September 21, 2014


Always on the hunt for video clips that feature women enjoying the tickling experience, I found one gem on YouTube that I thought I would share , and see what you thought.

As a tickle fetishist, I really want to support people who put out high quality videos like this. I hope you will too!

The clip is from Tickle Torture (which, in my humble opinion, should really be renamed to something like ‘Tickle Time Fun’ or ‘Tickle My Feet’)  and available at

But, full disclosure, I could not find a direct link to the clip on their site.

If anyone knows it, please post it in the comments section below, thanks!

The clip features Paige, an attractive young, college-aged woman, reclining in a big sofa chair with the foot rest extended, and her bare soles facing the video camera.

Paige gives me hope that there are more women out there who really do love it when their feet are gently and delicately tickled.

A few of my favorite moments:

@ 1:39 – While her feet are being tickled and in between laughing, Paige says, “I’ve always loved having my feet tickled.  I don’t even know why.  I find it relaxing I think.’

@ 5:01 – Again, while her feet are being tickled, and in between laughing, Paige says, “Get my toes again, get my toes!  I like that, that’s my favorite I think!’

The clip from Youtube is below, as well as a link to a short post on Facebook I made about this video clip.

Thank you, Paige, for letting us share in your tickle experience and hear your beautiful laughter while your gorgeous soles and toes were ticklishly explored with fingers and forks.  I wish all clips could be like this!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! :)


While I’m at it…thought I would just mention that a story I wrote back in the fall of 2008 would play along very nicely with the theme of the above clip :)

Don’t remember it?

Check it out below and see what you think?

Fun College Dorm Furniture that Tickles!

September 14, 2014


Saw this photo shared by one of my facebook friends from the ‘Stylish Eve’ facebook page and it got me thinking…

What if…

What if those little ‘feet’ of the Sofa Chair were each holding feathers, and could be completely automated with ‘Feet Recognition Software’ similar to Face Recognition Software like webcams have.

And what if those same little feet were able to be remote controlled to turn on and perform a single mission, seek out barefeet, and run its attached feather up and down and all around whatever it finds through its feet recognition software?

Oh the possibilities!

At the very least, offer a low tech version with feathers attached to the feet, and let a college co-ed move the feet manually to tickle their friends relaxing in these cuddly sofa beds.

I wish I knew a furniture designer, because I think this would be a big hit on any campus.

Can you imagine the tickle related conversation starters when people come visit a dorm room with this sofa bed?

‘Hey, love your sofa bed! so cute! that little guy looks like he’s ready to tickle someone?’

‘Yeah, when I was in high school my friends would come over to study in my room, and inevitably someone would start tickling my feet for study breaks with that thing. SO much fun!’


‘Wow, what a fun piece of furniture! Looks like it’s ready to tickle someone’s feet with those feathers it’s holding!’

‘Yeah, we call him Toby the Tickler’. If you sit down in him, and kick off your shoes, you’re guaranteed a ticklish adventure (laughing)! Feel free to try him out! It’s great for study breaks! (laughing)!’

Oh the possibilities! :)

And one more idea while I’m at it… See this ottoman below?


Why not put a fun pattern on there that encourages people to put their bare feet up on them, and wait for some tickling to ensue? There could be little sketches of barefeet with feathers tickling them, some faces laughing, the phrase ‘Laughter is the best medicine!’ and ‘Tickling is Fun!’.

Again, oh, the possibilities!

Finally, love this stock photo of the college girl reclining on this sofa while the college boy has to hold said college girl’s feet in his lap. Lucky guy!


Wonder if he tried to tickle her soles during the photo shoot?!

I sure hope so :)

Flirtatious feet in the classroom leads to better grades for 3 young nursing students – A fictional account

August 18, 2014
Tiffany was in her second semester at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA studying nursing.  Her best friend from high school, Tina, was also in her second semester studying the same thing.
They worked hard and spent long hours in the library.  While at their desks, both would invariably take off their shoes and socks, so as to get more comfortable.  Passers-by, teachers, librarians, students, anyone would often see their propped up barefeet on tables, desks, whatever would hold their beautiful soles while they read their biology textbooks.
John was in his first semester at Cabrillo and was also in the nursing program.  He had a lot of the same classes as Tiffany and Tina, but didn’t know them except by their name and what they looked like.  Tiffany was tall, about 5 foot 8 inches, athletic and trim, somewhere between 110 to 120 lbs with brown hair and brown eyes.  Tina was slightly shorter at 5 foot 5 inches, also athletic and trim, somewhere between 100 to 110 lbs, with blonde hair and blue eyes.  The two women were considered by a lot of the men at their school, including John, to be very attractive. However, it wasn’t their normal outward physical appearances that were so interesting to John so much as it was what was ‘hiding’ if you will in those athletic and dress shoes that these women wore to class everyday.
Tina loved her Keen size 7 flats, while Tiffany was a Saucony running shoe afficianado, size 10.  But their love of shoes stopped as soon as they did.  Shoes on both of these students would come off almost immediately upon sitting down for any length of time.  It was as if the two women’s barefeet had an innate desire to feel the floors, carpets, metals, soils, you name it upon which they were resting upon.
John had had a foot fetish for as long as he could remember.  One of his earliest memories was being at a Church day care with lots of kids crawling around, and two young women in charge of watching all the kids.  The two women had their high heels kicked off and were gyrating their stocking feet in front of John’s face.  He remembers just cozying up to these ladies to get a better look at their feet and being enamored by their sight and smell.  And unfortunately for John and John’s desire to become a nurse, with Tina and Tiffany in his classes, he was finding it incredibly difficult to concentrate on the lectures that were being given each day.
John would do his best not to stare, but Tina’s and Tiffany’s desks were positioned such that he couldn’t very easily block out the sight of their bare feet propped up on the desks in front of them.  And as the desk spacing was so small, and their legs rather long, his views of their barefeet were actually quite close up and quite personal.  If he wanted to, he could often times reach out with ease and touch these gorgeous works of art.  But he restrained himself day in and day out, hoping that he could look away from the Siren-esque beauty of their bare soles and toes.  But the looking away never seemed to happen, and John was falling further and further behind in his coursework for nursing.
Tina was the first one to notice John’s fascination with her feet.  The lecture on the Kreb’s Cycle had just begun, and Tina had decided, as she did everyday, to quickly get comfortable and pop out of her Keens.  She pressed her toes on the cold chrome legs of the desk in front of her.  She liked the temperature change from the warmth of the leather that enveloped her toes to the cold metal that would chill the bottoms of her feet and in between each of her sensual toes.  There was not a more fortunate inanimate object in the room to John’s estimation.  It was at this moment that she caught a glance of that ‘cute boy’, John, who had never spoken to her, never really acknowledged her existence, glancing at her toes that were performing this mesmerizing ritual all over the desk legs in front of her.
She’d always heard about guys having foot fetishes. She knew Enrique Iglesias, the pop singer, whom she adored, had one.  She’d watched a scene on the television show, ‘Desperate Housewives’, a while back, where a woman played footsie under the table with a guy and the guy really liked it as well as the woman, but she had just never experienced any guys looking at HER feet.
Tina liked to get pedicures and take care of her feet.  She’d go to her local nail salon at least once a month to get her favorite pedicurist, a woman in her early 40’s at the Aptos Shopping Center nail salon near Safeway, to take care of her feet and make them look their best.
At first she was a little surprised that a cute boy had taken an interest in her feet, of all things.  As it was the rest of her body that seemed to garner most of the boys’ attention, her trim athletic build and curves in all the right places.  She just hadn’t given much thought to her feet actually attracting a boy’s attention, until today.
As she moved her toes up and down the metal bars of the desk in front of her she could see that John’s eyes were following her movements.  A little smile crept over her face as she continued to tease the desk and John with her toes.
Tiffany was in the desk right in front of Tina’s, and Tiffany could feel the slight pulsing of her desk with Tina’s toes pushed against the metal legs.  She glanced back and downward to see Tina’s toes working their way back up the metal legs of her desk and toward the back of her seat.  A text message came across Tiffany’s phone from Tina stating, ‘check this out!’.  Tina then took her toes off the metal desk legs and stretched her smooth, tanned legs out in to the aisle right next to John’s desk.  As the desks were so close to one another, Tina’s feet were only about 2 feet from John’s personal space.  He was transfixed.  Tiffany also saw John’s staring out of the corner of her eye as she had turned around to see what was happening.  Knowing exactly what was happening, a small smile crept over her face as well.
More soon…
In trying to find a photo that would work for this post, I stumbled upon this gem I thought you might enjoy,

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