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Wonderful Enjoyable Foot Tickling Video!

November 9, 2013

Quite possibly the best example of a woman enjoying having her bare feet tickled that I’ve ever seen! Enjoy!



Hot Sand Baths with a tickle twist!

November 3, 2013
From Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled

I love the buried in the sand theme for tickling women’s feet! One of my favorites is from Tickling Paradise (pictured above). The laughter is just delightful, the women are very attractive, and on top of it all, the women being tickled appear to be having a really good time!

My wife knows about my foot and tickling fetish, and indulges me from time to time by talking about different foot fetish and foot tickling scenarios to get us both ‘in the mood’.

It’s wonderful!

She’ll ask me sometimes what I would do if I came to her salon and watched her and other women having their feet massaged, and maybe tickled by one of the guys or gals working in the salon.

Another scenario she’ll ‘paint’ is me going into business as a reflexologist/foot masseur where I have a booth set up at the local mall, and I have to give session after session, after wonderful session, to beautiful women with gorgeous feet, all the while maintaining my professionalism.

You get the picture!

Yes, I’m extremely thankful and blessed!

One scenario in particular that ALWAYS ‘gets me’ though is the buried in the sand scenario that she dreams up.

My wife is from Japan and apparently there are hot sand beaches over in Japan where women go to get buried for relaxation, detoxification, and blood cleansing purposes. My wife says that most of the women who patronize these hot sand treatment areas have beautifully taken care of feet, and that they’ll usually be sticking out of the sand (see old photo below). She said it would be so easy to go walk by these women on the beach and give quick tickles to the multitude of bare feet sticking out of the sand, and that the women would most likely enjoy the attention! Oh my!

So, obviously, my mind races to try and recreate this picture above where I live in Coastal California. We have miles and miles of beaches along the Central Coast that would lend themselves quite nicely to this kind of treatment, and enough health conscious/eastern minded/beautiful women who take excellent care of their feet to want to try something a little out of the ordinary…

I could bill it as hot sand/laughter therapy!

Women, what do you think? Would any of you out there be interested in a short ‘buried in the sand with your bare feet exposed’foot tickling session on a beach?

The Flogger & The Anti-Feet Foot Fetish

July 6, 2013

Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled:

Just discovered this blog and thought it worth a careful read…love the part where this woman describes her discovery of her ‘foot thing’. Her partner would lightly run his fingertips up and down the arch of her foot in a bid to see if she was ticklish. Instead of making her recoil in giggling hysterics, she would merely purr like a contented pussycat. Yes it tickled, but only a little, and in a very, very good way.’ Oh to be a witness to the prosecution of said ticklish foot worship :)

Originally posted on Dating Dramas Of A Thirty Something:


If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to my vagina is through my feet. Firstly, let me explain something. I do not like feet. After the genitals, I consider them to be the ugliest part of the human form. I understand that they serve a purpose, but if I could go through life without ever having to see my feet, or anybody else’s, then I’d be a happy girl. To me, no matter how well maintained, they all look like the little hairy, club feet of unwashed hobbits. I hate them.

This said, I literally go weak at the knees if a man is prepared to spend some time pampering and teasing my feet. Don’t suck my toes. That’s just fucking weird. But a nice foot massage will earn you major points and thus guarantee I return the favour with an early morning…

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Missed tickle/foot worship opportunity changing a co worker’s flat tire last week

July 3, 2013

ImageLast week I returned to my office late after being out in the field.

As I was driving up to the parking lot, I saw a dark haired Hispanic woman dressed quite nicely in a colorful blouse, long beige skirt, and strappy sandals. She was standing next to her car and talking on her mobile phone. I immediately recognized her as a colleague who comes to our sister

agency office periodically to help out.

This woman is probably in her mid 30’s, has beautiful olive skin, is slightly overweight, but still in my mind, attractive.

We’ll call her ‘Elsa’ to protect the innocent :)

Any time I’ve seen ‘Elsa’ in our office she’s complemented me on my hair. “I really like your hair” or “Your hair looks

good that way”, that kind of thing. I’m pretty shy when it comes to complements from attractive women, and I usually just

say ‘Thanks’ and ‘I like your hair too’. Goofy stuff like that. I realize after the fact that these women are sorta

flirting, sorta not. I’ve never really talked to ‘Elsa’ before, besides the ‘Hi’ and ‘Bye’ and ‘Nice to See You’ standard

greetings you do in office settings.

But today would prove differently.

I parked my car, got out, and immediately greeted ‘Elsa’ by saying ‘Hello’. She was just getting off her phone and greeted

me with a ‘Did you talk to so and so?’ The ‘so and so’ being my boss who shall remain nameless.

I responded ‘No, what’s going on?’

She looked down at her driver side tire and I did the same. She had a flat, and she asked if I could help her.

‘Of course!’ and I immediately sprung into action.

The lug nuts were really tight and she’d tried with some ladies in the office to loosen them but they couldn’t get them to

budge. I took a stab at it and luckily was able to make quick work with the wrench she had in her vehicle.

I continued to loosen all her lug nuts, explaining that alot of people jack up their car 1st, forgetting to loosen the lug

nuts, which can be dangerous once the car’s been raised up.

As I was working, I was chatting with her, and she with me. She was standing fairly close to me and it was hard to stay

focused on the task at hand as I kept wanting to steal glances of her feet in those wonderfully strappy sandals. I could

tell from seeing the sides of her soles and her heels that she took care of her feet quite well. There was no visible sign

of dry skin. Her entire foot appeared to be soft and sensual complemented by long toes painted in some kind of cream color

polish. I wanted this tire changing event to last forever, but I also knew she had a long drive back to her own office in

another town and that I’d have to hurry.

I got the tire changed, and stole a few more glances at her feet. I even made the comment that I was glad I was here to

help and she didn’t have to ruin her beautiful sandals by changing the tire herself. She kind of chuckled at my comment

and think she might have said ‘Thanks’ on my complement of her sandals. Can’t really remember. Things were moving fast.

At the end, she thanked me profusely and said that she owed me lunch. I feigned needing any reward, and just said

something to the effect of ‘Aw it was nothing, please don’t worry about it.”

She drove off and when I got home that evening and laid down to go to sleep I thought about all the wonderful tickling and

foot worship scenarios that might have occurred had I been more clever or had more courage. I’ll write another entry on

those fantasies later…for now just wanted to mention the missed opportunity and that there may still be hope in the

future with Elsa as I’m sure I’ll have better office exchanges now post flat tire change. Will keep you posted.

I found a picture online that was as close to depicting the scene I witnessed while changing the tire (yes, Elsa took a

stab at helping me with the lug nuts. It was great to have the chance to see her beautiful toes flexing in those sandals!)

Thanks for stopping by! Women Who Enjoy Having Their FEET TICKLED Administrator

Wife tickled at a party by another man!

May 5, 2013

There’s a wonderfully recounted story on the Tickling Media Forum about a husband and wife who go to an impromptu party in Hawaii together.  Long story, short, the husband witnesses his wife getting her bare feet tickled by another man on a couch.

Click on the link below to read the story in its entirety:!

This story inspired me to think about some alternative endings. I hope you will indulge me some ‘Ticklish Latitude’ :)

What if this guy, who the husband had let suck his wife’s toes, had just kept sucking her toes, and not gone for the ‘full monte’ so to speak of sucking on her arches and insteps?

What if instead of the ‘aggressive’ approach, the guy had just lightly tickled her arches and instep? 

Maybe the story would have picked up with the man’s wife beginning to enjoy the attention her bare soles and toes were getting from this stranger on the couch in front of this large party. Let’s just say for argument that she starts flexing her toes, starts tilting her head back ever so slightly, and lets out the sweetest, most delightful laughter this husband has ever heard coming from his wife. She looks at her husband lovingly as if to ask if it’s OK for her to enjoy this, this delicious tickling she’s receiving from another man.

The husband is in a state of shock at the scene unfolding in front of him, and just shoots the look back at his wife that ‘It’s OK honey, enjoy!’.

The husband continues to be completely transfixed by the scene unfolding in front of him…this guy, who’s been given free license by him to massage and tickle his wife’s feet with his tongue and fingers, is by all accounts now really enjoying the experience.

And now, it’s certain that the husband’s wife is enjoying the experience as well. So, what happens next?! 

Well…first…for the sake of keeping the actors in the story straight, let’s just call the stranger, Cam, the husband, John, and the wife, Jessica. Cam starts working his way up the soles of Jessica’s bare foot towards her toes.

Cam takes Jessica’s big toe and the next closest toes, and puts them in his mouth and begins to suck on them for what seems like an eternity.

Jessica’s laughter is just delightful as Cam’s tongue works it’s magic on each toe inside his mouth. Jessica in between her laughing says, ‘Oh my gosh, I LOVE having my toes tickled like this! I can’t believe I’m ABLE to let someone suck my toes and not go crazy with laughter!”

John can’t see it, but Cam’s running his tongue all over Jessica’s toes, caressing all the soft skin that she’s cared for over the years with countless pedicures and delightfully scented lotions. Cam is a master at toe sucking as he’s spent his entire ‘career’ perfecting the craft of light tickling of women’s toes with his tongue.

This stranger, this Cam guy, is getting to taste what you’ve tasted for years, and yet, his rhythmic way of moving his tongue across and down the tops of her toes, his ability to suck on each toe just to the right pressure to elicit pleasurable laughter, not the kind where the woman immediately pulls her feet away because the tickling is too intense, somehow Cam’s able to tickle Jessica’s toes in a way that leaves her really enjoying the experience. John is now wondering where this is going to go and realizes that he’s in completely unchartered territory…

What do you think?
What should John do next?

Even the Bride of Frankenstein enjoys a good foot tickling every now and again

August 24, 2010

I just saw this clip from Laughing Gas Zone entitled, “Happy Halloween Tickle”. Clip is high quality, has a wonderful black and white old horror movie vibe, the ticklee is beautiful, has a fantastically fun laugh, and gorgeous feet. I love it when she says to Frankenstein at about 40 seconds into the clip, pleading for the tickling to stop that “I’m just a bored housewife, I’m not your monster, but it is kinda fun!” Ohhh, if only all the clips could be like this!

To view, click on the link below:

Woman has her nyloned feet tickled on a couch by her two friends

August 1, 2010

Over 8 minutes of feather, finger, and electric toothbrush foot tickling! The two ticklers are great with their tickle talk, and are just incredibly sexy in their party dress attire. The ticklee has a great laugh, and seems to be enjoying the experience. Just a great video! Thanks to thegame4881 for posting on his channel!

Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled (WWEHTFT) Administrator


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