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Tickling is Evolutionarily ‘Playful’ Study Finds

November 15, 2016


Great research being done on why tickling exists and how it is both playful and social! 

They could have just asked me, and I would have been able to spare them the huge research expenses 🙂 

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Tickling to treat menopause?

November 4, 2016

  So I was thinking a few nights ago about something my mother in law shared with my wife. She’s battling cancer, back pain, and formerly menopause. And of the 3 maladies, would you guess that the one she would trade out over the other 2 was menopause?! Me neither! So it got me thinking about all the beautiful 40ish year old women out there that must really be struggling in this department, and of course my mind went to a ticklish solution 🙂

What if….??????

What if all these menopausal women went to a tickle therapist once a week to treat the symptoms of menopause? I wonder if it might help?

Laughter is the best medicine, and maybe the hot flashes could be quenced with the hot flashes of laughter and fun to be had by subjecting your bare feet to some soft, controlled, enjoyable tickling?

Just thinking out loud here on a Friday…

What do you think?

Especially, you ladies out there that are heading into this phase in your life,  do you think something like what I’m proposing would help you? Worth a try?

Drop a comment below or feel free to email me @

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My San Onofre-Giantess-Foot Tickling Fantasy

October 24, 2016

 Artwork above by the great Rick Rietveld from the piece entitled, ‘Surf Spots of California‘. Check it out by clicking HERE!

Just a fantasy of mine to think that the incredibly beautiful woman Rick’s drawn with nuclear reactors for breasts is getting tickled on her tummy and underarms, and saying thank you to the two tiny surfers for giving her such an enjoyably ticklish afternoon laying on the beach 🙂 

Can you imagine how awesome such a giantess movie would be with her as the star?! 

Maybe she utters something to the effect of…

‘Oh my little surfer boys! You tickle me oh so well! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Please get your other friends to come by and tickle the other side of my tummy and my other arm.

I LOVE to be tickled. 

Next time don’t forget about my barefeet down there! Ok?!

Remember how I showed you how to use those wonderful surfboards of yours to tickle my feet too?!

My feet are my FAVORITE ticke spots! I could have my barefeet tickled all day boys! ALL day!’

Can only imagine how gorgeous her barefeet would be, and also how beautiful her laughter and moans of pleasure would be as she called on the surfers to tickle her feet. 

At one point in my fantasy seagulls swoop in to help the surfers, and the seagulls tickle her toes with their feathers, running their plumes up and down and all around her soles and in between her toes! 
Our beautiful giantess is just beside herself enjoying her incredible foot tickling session! 

Oh a guy can dream ticklishly…giantess-ish-ly…rich dreams can’t he?! 

Enjoy! 🙂

Kelly, the teacher, is back after a little sabbatical, and my, oh my, are her toes ready for an enjoyably ticklish lesson :)

October 18, 2016


Remember Kelly, the ticklish teacher from a little while ago? She’s back and apparently not missed a beat with wanting to have her toes ticklishly explored. These Above are recent photos sent in by her, and her significant other. Enjoy and let them know in the comments below how much you would love to gently run feathers all over her soft bare soles and in between her gorgeous toes making her relax after a long day in the classroom 🙂

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Here are the photos unretouched and in their full resolution:





Feet at 35,000 feet revisited :)

October 10, 2016

  Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote a story a few years back for the New York Times about feet etiquette while on airplanes.

Here’s the link to her story:

There were over 900 comments on her piece for the Times, and the paper has since closed any further comments for this story.

Ms. Rosenbloom, if you happen to stumble upon this page and care to respond to my below comments, I’d be ever most grateful…

So…from my cursory scanning of the comments, it seemed that the majority were negative, and in favor of people not taking off their shoes while in flight.

Of course, if you’ve read anything on this site, you know how much I love the sight of pretty female feet dangling outside the comfort zone of her shoes.  So, I’m going to be incredibly biased in my counter arguments for passengers taking off their shoes, especially if it’s a female passenger with pretty feet.

Which makes me wonder about some potential solutions to the problem that Stephanie brings up in her story…

It makes me wonder…What if…

What if???…

What if there was an app where the person having an issue with someone removing their shoes in flight could snap a picture of those offending feet, share that picture with other users of the app in real time on that particular flight, and these other users could look at the picture and decide whether or not they wanted to switch places with that someone who has issues being seated next to someone who’s removed their shoes.

In theory, the person who wanted to change places with the person having the foot issue would be someone with a foot fetish, and not be bothered in the least by barefeet being put on their arm rest or in between their seat.

In essence, it would be a win-win for both parties using the app, and possibly for the person removing their shoes. The person snapping the picture on the app gets to relocate away from the perceived problem.  The person viewing the picture on the app has the potential to relocate and become the perceived solution.  The person who has removed their shoes, not using the app per se, may get to be the recipient of a relaxing, foot massage.

Silicon Valley, are you listening?

I think this could be a wonderful way to bring the foot fetishists of the world together with those who are repulsed by feet and create a true synergy between the two parties.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I welcome any and all comments!


A legitimate problem I’m having…please help!

September 20, 2016

So my wife has been having this on and off allergic reaction on her feet for the past 5 or 6 years that creates these really dry, scaly patches on her heels and soles. 

It looks a little like this:

She’s been to dermatologists that tell her there’s really nothing she can do about it except live with it, and try and moisturize with a urea based cream (not exactly the 3 words you want in a moisturizer going on your wife’s feet that you hope to worship later in the evening, right?! …yikes!)! 

I’m not going to lie to you, I really have a hard time with this problem on two fronts.

First,  my wife’s feet are gorgeous (see previous posts on this website), and I hate to see them in such sad shape when she gets this allergic reaction. 

They definitely don’t look very good with all the dry, scaly skin breaking out.

Secondly, because of the allergic reaction, my wife rarely wears sandals anymore that bare her lovely feet and toes. 

Instead, I am often treated to scenes like this:


Yes…a very sad sight, indeed.

Meanwhile, it seems, everyone and their mother here in Santa Cruz, even despite the cold, foggy days we have all throughout the summer here, finds a way to walk around in shoes like these:

 Or these…  

Or these… I usually do double takes all day on Saturdays and Sundays when we’re walking around town and I see beautiful pairs of female feet adorned in shoes like those shown above.

I wish my wife would wear shoes like the above shown, and lose those bloody awful socks with the Teva/Keen knockoffs.

She complains of her feet being too cold, and doesn’t want to bare her feet and toes to the elements.

What’s a foot fetishist to do?

Any one else gone through this with your significant other? 

Anyone else been successful at turning the tide toward getting your significant other to wear more revealing footwear?

Please post in the comments below or drop me a line anytime at

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Enjoyable Tickling in the news! Female writer/blogger says she really enjoyed her tickling experience! Details at 11 :)

September 18, 2016

  Olive Persimmon wrote an article recently at detailing a tickling experience she had with someone she met online that turned out not to be the ‘sparks flying’ chemistry match that we all hope for in our dating quests, but…what she might have missed romantically in her online matchup, from the tone of her posting on this news outlet, and her website, Olive appears to have gained many wonderful moments of beautiful,uninterrupted  laughter with her tickle-phile friend.

Please read her wonderful piece below and see what you think:

Olive, if you are reading this, PLEASE, I would LOVE to get you and your significant other, Luke, out to the beaches here in Central Coastal California, and see if walking a mile on our beaches here might turn the tide on your self described ‘calloused’ feet, and expose some wonderful tickle spots on your bare soles and in between your toes.

From how you described your enjoyment of laughing so much, I’d say it’s definitely worth a try! 🙂 

Drop me a line, and we’ll make it happen!

I’ll just make a short video clip of you and him tickling your feet on the beach.  That’s it. Fairly seclude spot. Still some people walking up and down but nothing like the crowds down in L.A.

Check out this webpost from a while back to see what I can do for you both: