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Bank clerk tickled by two men, details at 11!

October 3, 2015


I don’t know what it is about seeing a business woman tickled by two men, but that theme really resonates with me and my foot and tickle fetish quite well.

The woman in this video isn’t super attractive, or in incredible shape, but what she lacks in looks, she more than makes up for in her beautiful laugh, and fun nature she demonstrates accepting her ticklish plight.

I like to imagine her during the tickling session, first, thinking how wonderful it is to be getting all this male attention on her feet and upper body. She’s very grateful. She knows she needs to treasure this beautiful moment for all its ticklish glory.

I like to imagine further that she is getting secretly aroused by all the foot and upper body tickling, and begins to wish that her two male ticklers would rip off her nylons, and start slowly sucking her newly french pedicured toes and running their tongues up and down and all over her baresoles.

I then like to imagine that her thoughts get even naughtier by wishing for a third man to enter the room, remove her business slacks, and gently start massaging all of those womanly regions between her thighs.

I then imagine the bank clerk trying to negotiate between the intense pleasure of her massage and the foot tickling, and trying to figure out how to laugh and moan at the same time.

Naughtier still, I like to imagine the  third party massager notices how much pleasure the bank clerk is getting from all of her toes being sucked and licked, that he begins to run his tongue all around her labia and clitoral area.

The bank clerk is now in a maximum pleasure zone, laughing and moaning uncontrollably. The people next door to her apartment start to complain about her loud moans coming from the other side of the wall by banging on it themselves.

This banging only excites the bank clerk more, and she lets out more sighs of intense pleasure, as all three men are now fully engaged in giving her the ultimate pleasure cruise.

The tickling, licking, sucking, and banging go on for at least another 5-10 minutes, with the bank clerk realizing just how unique and wonderful this whole tickle oral sex combination is. She’s not really able to process all the intense pleasures she is experiencing, and, at times, during the tickling and licking and sucking of her various body parts, she feels like she’s become an onlooker of sorts from above, witnessing what is happening to her body.

She can feel a wave of energy coming from deep inside of her that she is convinced could realign Earth’s orbit, yes, it’s that strong. Her back starts to arch as the first pleasure wave hits, her toes curl inside the mouths of the two skilled foot worshippers still tickling and sucking her now incredibly wet toes. Her vagina is now so swollen and throbbing and dripping from the skillful lingual work of this third man that without much warning this first pleasure wave doubles up inside her thighs and she explodes with a loud crescendo of moans and sighs and laughter. It is an orgasm for the ages, a pleasure release so strong the neighbors stop banging and can be heard saying in hushed tones, ‘Oh my God!’

The bank clerk’s body quivers and the Earth under her feet has indeed been altered in the most astounding fashion.

Oh, how this foot and tickle fetish of mine takes me down many lovely, deliciously sexy roads in my mind:)
Enjoy the clip!

A New Foot Tickling Carnival Game Inspired By A Trip to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk

August 20, 2015


A few Sundays ago, I took my family to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk to ride some rides.

I came upon a booth called ‘Stinky Feet’, a carnival game where participants are seated about 6 feet away from a large, barefooted mannequin with two holes in the soles of his feet, and asked to try and shoot water at these two holes in an attempt to ‘clean’ the stinky bare feet in front of the participant.

Here is a short video demonstrating the game:

The current game doesn’t appeal to me for a variety of reasons, first and foremost being that it involves only male mannequins.

Here is what I would do if I was in the Board Room of ‘Stinky Feet Headquarters’ trying to figure out how to drum up more sales:

1. Change the game name to ‘Tickled Pink’.

2. Create beautiful female mannequins with gorgeous, lifelike barefeet sticking up just like their male counterparts in the Stinky Feet Game.

3. Have each mannequin’s feet programmed with weight sensors to respond with the slightest of water pressure by eliciting recorded beautiful, melodious female ticklish laughter.

4. Program the weight sensors to elicit higher and more sustained laughter with more consistent water pressure applied.

5. The winner of the game is the participant who directs his or her tickle water jets more precisely on the areas of his or her female mannequin’s barefeet.

Laugh all the way to the bank:)

Buried in the Sand…Tickled on Her Bare Feet…Loves to Tell About It :)

July 24, 2015

  This was sent to me via private message from a Facebook friend who responded to my request for any stories on being buried in the sand and tickled at the beach. She wanted to remain anonymous, so I’m only posting a picture of one of my favorite buried in the sand photos from one of my favorite short videos (click HERE to view) to spark curiosity:)


    Story is below:

    During a vacation with my kids years ago, I met a random stranger on the beach. 

    He sat next to me while my kids were swimming in the ocean. We started talking, and after a few minutes of chit-chatting, the topic rolled around to skin care, and how being at the beach is so wonderful for your complexion, and overall well-being.

    He asked me if I had ever been buried in the sand before, and proceeds to tell me all the various and sundry ways that beach sand is great for peoples’ skin.

    I tell him ‘No,but after listening to you expound on all the benefits of beach sand, I have to admit I’m a little curious.’

    So he takes me by my hand at this point, and I’m a little surprised by his forwardness, but not so much so that I want to call it off, and we walk down a little ways on the beach, out of the hustle, bustle of the crowds. I’m still able to see my kids swimming, and I wave to them that everything is OK.

    We both begin to dig together a little bed in the sand for me to lay down in.
    After a few minutes, we’ve created this little depression in the sand, and I crawl onto my own little beach mattress.
    The bed is so soft; its warm quartz crystals hug every contour of my back, bottom, and legs. I am instantly relaxed with the warmth being spread all throughout my body.

    This random stranger that I’ve just met 10 minutes earlier then begins to heap bucket upon bucket of this same warm sand all over the front side of my mostly naked, bikini clad body.
    One by one, the buckets of sand cover up all my body parts; my chest, my stomach, my woman-ness ūüėä, my thighs, my calves, my barefeet. Only my head remains exposed by the end of his brigade.
    The warm sands begin to work their incredible magic all over my body. This guy was right. It felt so wonderfully nice. The sand was heavy, but not so much so that I couldn’t move a little bit. I moved my bare feet a tad under all the sand weight, and lo and behold, my freshly pedicured toes from a few days ago were peeking out from under their covers.
    I tried to lift my legs and move my bottom a little, but the sands in just a few minutes had settled, and their weight was saying to me, ‘Slow down, you’re ours for a while’.
    I realized at this point that this person that I had just met had me in his power to do so as he wished. I became a little uncomfortable at this point as I wasn’t sure what he had in mind for me. But I reminded myself I was at a public beach, lots of people around, the chances of something going horribly wrong were remote.
    So I began to settle into my little predicament.
    And it’s at this point, that the afternoon got much more interesting, and as I was about to find out, much more ticklishly enjoyable:)
    My new acquaintance notices that my barefeet are exposed now and says, ‘Wow, you have really beautiful feet! I love your toe rings! I wish more women would adorn their feet with jewelry. Your toes are just gorgeous!’
    I say ‘Thanks!’ and something to the effect of ‘I do my best to keep them soft and well taken care of. Believe it or not, you’re the first guy who has ever commented on my feet!’
    With my toes wiggling from all the attention, my bare feet are becoming more and more exposed from their sandy hiding places.
    This stranger then asks, and I halfway expected this, as my bare soles are now fully exposed to this man’s hands resting ever so ticklishly close to my toes, playfully, ‘They wouldn’t happen to be ticklish would they?’
    And as he’s saying the word ‘Ticklish’ he’s digging out the remaining sand from around my barefeet, and gently dusting off remaining sand from around my bare toes.
    His gentle dusting tickles a little, and I laugh.
    My attractive new acquaintance exclaims, ‘Ohh, I guess I’ve got my answer then. Ticklish it is! Hmmm, I wonder if you might like to not only explore the benefits of warm sands on your body, but at the same time some tickle therapy on your feet? Now, before you answer, let me tell you a little about the benefits of laughter.’
    So at this point, I’m already resigning myself to my fate, if you will, and I’m finding myself getting a little excited by being publicly buried in the sand at the beach and tickled on my feet.
    My new friend begins to expound on the many health benefits of laughter to me for the next 30 seconds, and says that tickling can relieve many of the ailments that plague western civilization, such as high blood pressure, and blood glucose levels. I buy into his explanations ‘hook, line and sinker’ as this guy is super convincing, and, as stated, ‘easy on the eyes’.
    I tell my new friend that I’m up for a little tickling with my sand bath.
    ‘Excellent’ he says as he begins to playfully tease each of my toes with a seagull feather that he’s ‘just picked up off the beach near my sand bed’. Something told me that he had had that feather all along, as it was, in retrospect, just too delightful a tickle tool to have come upon by chance.
    Oh, my laughter must have filled all the voided spaces along the beach that day as he worked this amazing feather all over and in between my toes.
    It was torturous and pleasurable at the same time. I wanted it to end, but then I didn’t. I would say ‘Oh please stop! It tickles SO much!’ and then in the same breath, ‘No, don’t stop! I love it! Keep going! Get my soles, get undeneath my toes!’
    Oh it was SO…MUCH…FUN!
    But, all good things must come to an end.
    My kids were getting out of the water and would be hungry.
    I asked my tickle therapist to stop and let me out.
    He was gracious and kind and immediately dug me out.
    We exchanged numbers, and promised to meet up later.
    I ran back over to meet my kids.
    They asked, ‘Mom, what were you doing over there?! It looked like you were laughing a lot and having a great time!’
    I responded, ‘Just getting a little laughter workout in for the day. It was great! I feel SO much better!’
    And that was the end of my buried in the sand tickle therapy session. It was DELIGHTFUL!
    More later on when we met again:)

    Henna Tattoo Artist seeking willing female subjects to be artfully tickled pink on their barefeet! :)

    July 1, 2015

      I found a new app on the Apple App store called ‘Gorgeous Feet’ where the free version gives you access to nearly 100 photos of beautiful women’s feet with tattoes on them. 

    Here’s a link to download it from the app store:

    The picture above especially got my attention as I imagine if this woman was in any way shape or form ticklish on her bare soles, that tattoo parlor and its patrons were treated to something very special the day she decided to go for the ‘sole flower’ design. 

    I can just imagine the amazing laughter eminating from the parlor and how intoxicating it would be to passersby so much so that a huge crowd would gather to see the tatto artist tranform into a bonafide tickle therapist of the highest order.

    Let’s just continue to imagine that the woman was actually really getting into this developing spectacle that she helped create with her beautiful feet and the location on her beautiful feet where she wanted her tattoo. 

    Let’s also imagine that her laughter just built incrementally with every brush application of the henna instruments and that she was truly enjoying herself immensely, her body swaying to the rhythm of the artist’s hands as he tantalizingly brushed and brushed her soles like a piece of delicate canvas for hours on end!

    Finally, I imagine that all of the female onlookers become a little jealous as it appears as if this woman is having too good a time being tickled like this in front of so many people, and they all begin to take off their shoes and socks and get in line to be tickled next! 

    At times, this woman ticklishly receiving the henna tattoo on her bare soles even moans with pleasure during certain brush strokes around the bottoms of her toes.  

    Oh my imagination runs wild, and I think how wonderful it would be to ‘hang out a shingle’ one day on my own tatto parlor that read, ‘Sole Designs Tattoo Parlor – we specialize in beautifying your bare feet with 100% natural Henna. Get the best, most relaxing ticklish massage of your life as Tickle Tattoo Artist, WWEHTFT, works his magic on your bare soles moving his henna artistry brushes up, down, and all around your beautiful bare arches. He’ll have you laughing and begging for more as the tickling is so stimulating and invigorating you’ll swear you just danced all night! Come in for a free trial today and leave the magical art of tickle tattooing to us! :)  

    ‘Tickle-grass’ and my new found love for baseball!

    June 10, 2015


    As a father, I have to take my children to, and attend, various sporting activities that they are involved in.

    This past spring my son was involved in little league baseball.

    Living on the Central Coast of California, the weather for these events can be a mixed bag of cold and foggy,or sunny and absolutely gorgeous hot weather.

    Many¬†of the days this past season were the latter, and as such, a curious phenomenon occurred with the baseball moms attending their son’s, and my son’s,baseball practices and games.

    There were no bleachers to sit in, just camp chairs brought from home.

    Invariably, almost all of the moms would slip out of their flip flops or flats and run their baresoles and toes in the grass.

    Yes, even as I type this I lament not getting a good picture of these beautiful feet displayed time and time again to me (stock image above will have to do for now…stay tuned though!¬† I just took my son to another sporting event, swimming, and I have both photos and videos for my next blog post!):)

    Deepest regrets and apologies.

    It was tough.¬† I was trying to be a good dad and cheer on my son, while at the same time, I was completely mesmerized by all these baseball moms’ barefeet springing up like lovely flowers in field after April showers.

    I think in my next life I want to come back as a special type of grass used on these baseball fields.

    This grass would have developed through rapid evolution some kind of feathery appendages on its seed heads that were spot on perfect for tickling in between toes, and up and down bare soles.

    Not only that, but these feathery appendages could sense beautiful gorgeous female feet in the area and send phytochemical messages through the dense network of rhizomes in the soil for the blades of grass closest by these said beautiful soles to begin their ticklish movement all around these feet and toes.

    Yes, my feathery appendages would¬†elicit¬†the¬†most spectacularly melodious laughter and¬†pleasurable sighs from all the lucky women who put their feet in my so called ‘tickle grass’.

    It would be the main attraction.

    Women would tell their friends, ‘Hey, do you know about that field over off of¬†Main Street where we drop off our kids to play baseball?

    Well, have I got a surprise for you!

    Next time you’re out in left field with your camp chair, kick off¬†your shoes and put your toes in the grass there.¬† Just trust me, do it!

    You will NEVER believe me until you experience it for yourself.

    There is this grass, yes, grass, that actually finds all your ticklish spots on your barefeet and gently tickles them.

    It is TO DIE FOR!

    That is if you like to be tickled on your feet.¬† I happen to like it.¬† Not everyone does, but it’s¬†SO gentle and SO relaxing.

    I just sit there and watch my son play baseball and laugh the WHOLE time.

    I think I burn more calories having my feet lightly tickled by this grass, than my son does actually playing baseball!

    I know it’s crazy right?!¬† It’s true though.¬†¬†You¬†should check it out!¬† You won’t be disappointed!”

    Yeah, tickle grass.¬† That’s what I want to come back as¬†in my next life:)

    Thanks for stopping by! As stated above, stay tuned for the swimming lesson I took my son to yesterday that involved a gorgeous pair of barefeet literally within a few feet of my own feet.  Oh my, I was in trouble!

    Dear Ms. Eliane Elias – have you ever been tickled while tickling the ivories?

    May 31, 2015

    300 medium_elia ElianeEliasPhotoHires

    Dear Ms. Elias,

    I recently discovered your beautiful jazz music through Pandora.

    Thank you for what you do.

    You really are quite a talent.

    I wish I could say it was the music that grabbed me first, but I would be lying.  It wasn’t so much the beautiful melodies you played, no, it was something very much not related to music.  Truth be told, I was taken by one of your album photos of you sitting on a piano stool barefoot (see above ‘Everything I love’).

    You appear vibrantly happy, possibly after finishing your piece, and you are gleefully exposing your beautiful toes and gorgeous barefeet.

    Yes, Ms. Elias, I was pulled into your amazingly wonderful musical world because of my terribly sweet addiction to women’s feet.

    And for that, I thank you!

    As an artist, you seem to be incredibly comfortable in your own delightfully lovely skin based on some photos I’ve found of you (see above), which brings me to the subject of my post today…has anyone ever run a feather over your toes or under your soles while you were playing the piano?

    If so, please do share the details.

    If not, please contact me for a fun filled afternoon:)

    Tickling a woman’s feet while she is playing the piano is SUCH a delicious fantasy of mine.  I dream of secretly positioning myself underneath the piano stool, and while you are playing, doing my own version of chord play with your toes and baresoles.  Wouldn’t it be fun to see how well you could play your sets through ticklish laughter?:)

    Email me at and I’ll come to your studio and we’ll make beautiful ticklish music together:)

    Foot tickling alleviates stress, curbs violence, and helps shed unwanted pounds…details at 11!

    May 20, 2015

    imageAgain, just when I think the ‘woman enjoying her feet being tickled’ theme clips  have been exhausted, ANOTHER one comes along that says, ‘But wait, there’s more!’

    The ticklee in this gem of a clip is a beautiful woman with a wonderfully ticklish laugh, and deliciously gorgeous and expressive bare feet.

    She is playing the part of an anchor woman at a news desk (albeit not too realistic, but due to the high quality of this clip, this writer isn’t complaining. Just, if the creators were to pull in a newsdesk next time, run some newsy little background music, and put the ticklee in a cush executive business chair and matching cush executive business suit, I definitely wouldn’t have a problem there:) ).

    Here are some of the quotes from the ticklee as she is having her barefeet explored delighfully by her lovely friend:

    @1:55 – Let’s talk about how stimulating your mind can be when you’re being tickled…you know when you’re very stressed out…when you’re very stressed out, there are MULTIPLE ways to get over being stressed and thinking about different stuff, and you know what, Tickling is one of the ways (laughter ensues heavily here)…I mean, seriously, you guys, really really need to check it out! It’s also a good exercise, and you know what? In today’s world (more heavy, sexy laughter ensues)…in today’s world, alot of people need exercise these days, and we’re coming to find out that America is the most obese country yet in this world, and you know what? Tickling is the best thing to do. I really really think that you guys should try it! It gets you hot, it get’s you sweaty, and the best part is you have fun, you laugh, and you get so many followers like I’m getting on my channel news station (more sexy laughter ensues).

    @5:58 – I just think the whole world would be much better off with tickling involved!

    And finally…I missed exactly where the ticklee says this, but it’s just so sexy. She says, in the midst of being tickled, and laughing, and trying to catch her breath, something to the effect of, ‘Sorry guys, it’s freaky Friday and I’m having the time of my life!’

    Thank you, sexy news anchor woman! Watching you being tickled on your feet like that allows me to have the time of my life, and gives me hope for a world filled with all the woes you spoke of, to be ticklishly mitigated with a world full of love and laughter and the joy of tickling! Dearest newsachor woman, you can bring me the news any day of the week, and especially on Friday:) Cheers!


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