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Here comes the Foot Monster! :)

December 10, 2016


Great video where the beautiful ticklee keeps saying ‘Stop’, but, as I think you’ll come to agree with me after watching this lovely clip, that she is clearly LOVING all the lickling attention on her toes from her equally beautiful tickler, the ‘Foot Monster’ 🙂

Five minutes and 31 seconds of bliss! 

Oh, and did I mention the ticklee’s feet and toes are just drop dead gorgeous?

They are. 


The Halloween Party

November 18, 2016

  A little late I know as Halloween’s already past, and a long nightmare ended last week, in terms of the U.S. Election Circus, but, better late than never 🙂

Kelly was putting the finishing touches on her sexy 60’s-ish ‘Flower Power/Poindexter-ish’ costume; painting her toenails a bright orange color.

   Her long, slender legs had nowhere to go but out and about as the short skirt she had on left little to the imagination.

Kelly was excited.

With each brushing of each of her gorgeous toes, she was imagining her husband Lance, and all his friends taking turns brushing the bottoms of her bare soles with this same brush. Oh, how it would tickle! Oh, how she would absolutely love it!

She looked up from her pedicure regiment to catch Lance staring at her and her bare feet. He was transfixed. She wiggled her toes, giggled, and shot him that look of, ‘Oh, I know you want to kiss and suck on these gorgeous feet of mine, don’t you?! Not quite yet, honey! Not quite yet!’

Kelly grabbed her Propeller Hat, Lance’s arm, and they headed out the door. Lance was of course wearing his matching Poindexter-ish costume, and the two of them together made them an instant cute couple.

‘So, you really want to go through with this with all my friends?’, Lance asked Kelly.

‘Yeah, I think it’ll be fun!’

 ‘You know they can be pretty rough ticklers, right? No mercy guys. Are you sure?’

‘You’ve been like that sometimes with me, honey, remember? I always survive, and in the end, I actually love all the attention on my feet. What can I say…I just love to be tickled.’

‘Alright, I guess it’s on then…’

Lance could feel his heart racing as he drove and thought more about the evening ahead.

The party was at Lance’s friend, Jed’s house in Connecticut, about an hour away. Jed and his wife, Tina, were in their 30’s, fit, healthy, working professionals with a penchant for the slightly kinky.

Jed greeted Lance and Kelly at the door with a big hug.

‘Hey, Lance! You guys look amazing! Kelly, dear Lord! You are dripping sexy all over the place my dear. Go get a mop for Christ sakes! Those legs and heels are just making a hot mess out of my tile right now! You should just take those heels off right now if you care about me!’, Jed said laughingly.

Kelly blushed and laughed as well. She poped both of her feet out of her heels, and did her best Rockette leg extension pointing her toes in a most flirtatious fashion dangerously close to Jed’s face. Jed, slightly taken aback, reached out and grabbed her filandering foot with one hand while running the fingers of his other slowly up Kelly’s sole.

Lance, watching this whole episode unfold right before him, was in a bit of shock, as he didn’t realize his wife was going to be this forward this fast with her feet.

Kelly softly giggled gleefully as she felt Jed’s warm, soft hands stroke her barefeet. She secretly wanted more, but instead of making a scene, politely pulled her foot back and retracted her long sexy leg back down to the floor.

Lance looked at Kelly and Kelly looked back at Lance. Kelly smiled and said, ‘Honey, you said I could do a little showing off. You’re not jealous are you?!’

Lance knew he had to play this iniial encounter off in a non-chalant fashion, and he did so beautifully, coming back to Kelly, in front of Jed, with a, ‘No worries, dear, you’re right, I did say that, and I actually really love it when you show off like that! Let’s get a drink!’

Jed could tell that this encounter may not have set too well with his friend, and he wanted to make sure Lance was OK with the evening as planned.

He took Lance aside for a moment while Kelly walked ahead and just asked him again if he was going to be able to handle seeing his wife tickled by him, Tina, and their other two single, not married guy friends, Greg and Mark.

Lance, not missing a beat, and recovering fully from the inital foot fetish ‘shock waves’, so to speak, sent out from his wife’s antics, said, ‘Hey, no worries, bro! I’m good! Kelly and I’ve been looking forward to this for months! This is going to be fun!’

‘Alright man, just want to make sure. It was hard for me the 1st time seeing Tina get tickled on her feet by a bunch of guys. Especially when I realized how all the male attention on her feet was turning her on.’

Lance knew it was going to be a tough evening for him in a lot of ways, but overall, he felt at peace with the whole tickling thing. He and Kelly had discussed it, and he felt like he had a good idea as to what to expect out of the tickle-filled evening where he was going to see his wife tickled by other men.

Unfortunately, Jed wasn’t being completely forthright with ALL the details of the evening ahead. Jed was planning a few surprises for Lance that would prove to be a little more than what Lance had bargained for in the arrangement.

Kelly got a vodka tonic, and stirred her olive around and around waiting for the evening to commence. She had been waiting for this night for ages. She’d fantasized about it for many nights wondering how a bunch of guys charged with tickling her feet would fare in their assignment.

Would it be torturous?

Would it be pleasurable?

A little bit of both?

Would she get too excited and turned on by the experience?

How would Lance feel seeing her get turned on by other guys?

All these thoughts raced through Kelly’s mind as she sipped on her mixed drink by the bar.

Lance was downing his beer like there was no tomorrow. He always did that when he was nervous and Kelly knew it. She took his hand and said, ‘Honey, we don’t have to do this you know. I’m perfectly fine just waltzing right back out that door, going back to our place, and letting just you have your way with my orange painted toes as well as other things!’ She lingered and locked on his eyes with that last ‘other things’ phrase.

Lance was already feeling a buzz coming on from the beer he’d just finished. He really wanted to see Kelly get tickled by other guys. He didn’t know why, but it really turned him on. He just wasn’t prepared for the nervousness. Kelly taking his hand and looking into his eyes with reassurance helped him move past the worst parts already.

‘Honey, I’m OK. Thank you though. I think we should stay through at least one session. If it’s too much I’ll let you know. Promise.’

‘Ok’, said Kelly. ‘You just say the word ‘Safe’ and I’ll use my safe word that Jed gave us, ‘Philadelphia’, and we’ll leave. Fair enough?’

‘Fair enough’, said Lance.

They kissed each other and hugged, and just as they were wrapping up their final embrace, Jed put his arm on Lance’s shoulder and said, ‘It’s time.’

Jed asked Lance and Kelly to follow him upstairs.

He led them up a beautiful spiral staircase and into a grand hallway. As they ascended the last stairs, both Kelly and Lance could make out the distinct sounds of female laughter wafting from the hallways.

Kelly had thought she was going to be the only female invited to the party and she was to be the center of all the male attention for the evening. Instead, she knew immediately upon hearing this female laughter that she was going into a situation where she’d to have to compete for the ticklish attention from her male suitors.

They walked down the hallway toward some French doors where it was clear that multiple females were getting tickled.

‘Are you ready, Kelly?!’, asked Jed.

‘Yes!’, answered Kelly. ‘Let’s not let them have all the fun, right?!’

As they opened the doors, Kelly could make out two beautiful women in their 30’s loosely tied with scarves to a gorgeous king sized bed complete with satin sheets. The two beautiful women were being lickled all over their bare toes by two very strong and muscular young men. Lickling is when someone uses their tongue to create ticklish sensations on another’s bare body part, typically the feet. The two women were laughing uncontrollably, but clearly enjoying the experience. One was saying, ‘ Ah ha ha ha, Ohhhhh, right there! Right between my big toes! I love it when you lick me there! Ah ha ha ha ha!’  The other, in similar fashion, was uttering up moans of pleasure and laughter intermixed with, ‘Please don’t stop running your tongue up my arches! God I love that! Ah ha h ha ha!’

‘Jed, it looks like you may not need me tonight’, laughed Kelly a bit nervously.

‘Oh Kelly my dear, nothing could be further from the truth! You see, in the next room adjoining this one, are two women who are just dying to do the same to your bare soles! I can switch these guys out with the women in the next room if Lance is OK with that? He indicated that he may not be ready to see you get tickled by guys yet. I thought we’d give him the option. Lance, old buddy, old pal, what say you? Your wife getting her toes ticklishly sucked by women or men?’

Lance faced another watershed moment…a decision that would define the evening.

Lance said quietly, ‘Men.’

Kelly secretly was hoping Lance would say that too. While she wasn’t opposed to women tickling her, she just got way more excited when guys were vying for her attention. Just had always been that way for Kelly.

In college, there were two guys obsessed with Kelly. One had a foot fetish and Kelly allowed him to worship her feet while she studied in the library. The other had a tickle fetish and she would let him tie her up to her dorm bed and tickled her barefeet with feathers until the girls in the next room would bang on the walls to indicate they were getting too rowdy.

Jed called out to the two guys who were very much into slowly sucking on their assigned woman’s toes, ‘Hey Chris! James! Need a new assignment?’

No response, just moans and light, giggly laughter from the two women clearly getting into being tickled and foot worshipped this way.

‘Chris! James!’, Jed called out a little louder.
Chris stopped his lickle tickling of his respective woman’s toes and turned toward Jed.

‘Would you guys like to switch with Valerie and Tina? They can finish what you guys clearly are so beautifully starting with these lovely two young ladies. I have Kelly here and her significant other, Lance, and they want you both to basically replicate what you have going here with Kelly. Lance will watch. Sound good to you?’, petitioned Jed.

‘Sure. Hi Kelly, nice to meet you! Lance, pleasure!’ said Chris. James stopped his lickling session at this point too and looked up and waved at Kelly and Lance.

Kelly was beside herself now anticipating being on the receiving end of what looked to be as close to tickle heaven on earth as could be humanly possible; two guys who clearly knew how to worship and lightly tickle a woman’s barefeet.
Lance was also getting excited about the possibilities of witnessing his wife being tickled by two guys at once.

He still wasn’t sure how he was going to take it. He’d seen Kelly get her feet worshipped by two other women before, but not two men. And also not two men that looked like Chris and James; young, muscular, handsome, and seemingly, very nice, polite gentlemen to boot.
Jed asked, ‘Kelly, why don’t you go ahead and lay down on the bed in the next room. Lance, could you use the scarves to tie up her arms and legs? Not super tight, just enough to gently restrain? Thanks!’

Kelly got even more excited. It was time. She made her way to the next room and positioned herself on the satin sheets. Lance followed her and began gently tying up her legs and hands to the poster bed. They smiled at each other and laughed while Lance was making the final gentle pulls on the scarves to make sure they wouldn’t just unravel during the tickling. Lance knew this was only for show. His wife never needed restraints during their tickling sessions. She loved it too much to squirm out of her restraints. He knew she just liked the ‘appearance’ of being restrained, and it got her more ‘into character’ for the tickle session ahead.

‘Oh, honey, I’ll never get out of these scarves you’ve tied! I guess my barefeet and toes are going to be at the ticklish mercy of these two young lads in the next room’, joked Kelly to her husband.

Lance laughed and remarked, ‘I do what I can for the ticklish cause ahead.’

They both laughed again.

Chris and James entered the room quietly, and approached the bed with Kelly tied spread eagle to it like doctors about to explain a difficult medical procedure. They looked at Lance too, now sitting in a chair in the corner.

‘Kelly and Lance, Chris and I are not the kind of ticklers that just go ‘hog wild’ on every sensitive area of your body. We like to build up the tickling, gradually bringing you to a ticklish esctasy so to speak. We start slowly with massage and light ticklish foot worship, and then, and only then, when you indicate that you might like potentially some more tickle sensation provoking laughter, do we move from light tickle foot worship, to going with fingers and brushes and using our tongues more aggresively. We’ve been doing this for years to help pay our way through grad school. It’s been very rewarding to say the least. Most of Jed’s party guests are repeat customers. Those two ladies you just saw in the other room…this is their 5th foot tickling party! So yeah, we’re pretty good at what we do. And Lance, we want to be sensitive to your needs. We know it’s sometimes not easy to see your woman pleasured by another man or men. If you’re uncomfortable with the level of ticklish pleasure we’re giving your wife, just say so, and we’ll adjust and/or ask you to join in. You’re of course welcome to join in anytime. Does all this sound ok to you both?’, said James, finishing his prepared remarks.

Both Kelly and Lance nodded that they understood. Kelly was beside herself in anticipation of what to expect, as was Lance.

Then, it began.

Chris and James pulled up chairs, and each sat by one of Kelly’s soft, gorgeous, orange toe nail painted barefeet.

Kelly clearly had taken great care to keep her feet soft and clean. James and Chris both were amazed at how soft Kelly’s feet felt in their hands. They also could smell lemon and jasmine as they placed their large, warm hands on Kelly’s barefeet and began gently rubbing the tops of her toes. Kelly had rubbed some of these essential oils into her baresoles and toes before coming over to Jed and Tina’s house.

Chris and James complimented Kelly on just how soft and beautiful and wonderfully scented her feet were.

They really appreciated the extra efforts she had made.

‘You’d be surprised how some women who do these foot tickle/foot fetish parties don’t take such great care of their feet. Makes it a little harder on us to enjoy the experience alongside you when your feet are dirty or roughskinned. Thank you Kelly! Your feet are some of the softest, cleanest, most beautiful feet we’ve ever come across!’

Kelly blushed and thanked them for the compliments.

‘Actually, Lance really helps in that department. He encourages me to get weekly pedicures and buys only high quality essential oils for me to use on my body. Thank you, Honey! You doing Ok?’

‘Awesome, babe! Lance remarked truthfully.

Chris and James started to massage Kelly’s soles, rubbing up and down from the base of her toes to her heels.
It’s one thing to have one set of hands working on your bare soles after a long day, it’s a completely different experience when two sets of hands are doing the same thing.

Kelly instantly went into deep moaning mode with her feet massaged like this.

Chris and James were both extremely good with their strokes up and down her baresoles. Lance was taken aback at how quickly Kelly was getting relaxed.

‘Oh my goooooood…this feels sooooo good…’, Kelly moaned over and over again.

‘Glad you are liking this part, Kelly, another few minutes and then James and I are going to start sucking all of your toes one by one. We’ll give you and Lance the 1 minute warning when we will end the massage and move toward toe sucking. We find that massing first and sucking second really sets up your feet to enjoy the third stage which is lickling or licking in between your toes to produce tickle sensations. Most women respond quite well. We’re hoping you will too. Lance, are you OK?’, Chris checked in.

‘I’m good.’, Lance uttered, transfixed with the highly erotic scene unfolding before him.

Kelly continued to moan. Chris and James continued to work effortlessly running their strong hands all over Kelly’s soft soles. The pressure was just right, and their technique was just phenomenal in Kelly’s mind.

‘Ok, Kelly, we’re almost done with our massage. One minute. Feeling good?’

Kelly had never been this relaxed before. Never. She barely put together the energy to utter the words, ‘Uhhh huh’ to Chris and James.

She finally came up with, ‘Whatever you just did to my feet there, I am speechless! I had no idea how relaxed I would become. It’s almost like I’m in a trance!’

‘Yeah, we get that alot. The synchronized pressures that Chris and I have worked hard to perfect have that effect. Just embrace it. What’s next is even more mind-blowing’, James assured.

The foot massaging stopped, but just as it stopped, warmth enveloped Kelly, as Chris and James took her soft, bare, big toes on each of her feet and placed them in their mouths, Chris had Kelly’s left big toe, James had Kelly’s right.

Chris and James began to gently, but firmly suck on her big toes.

Kelly started to moan almost instantly with pleasure with each passing second.

Again, it’s one thing to have one toe sucked at a time, it’s quite another when two toes are sucked at the same time, and with equal pressure.

This synchronized mouthing and tonguing on Kelly’s big toes went on for a full 3 to 4 minutes. It was exquisite pleasure for Kelly, as she just let herself fully embrace the sensations these two handsome young men were visiting on her bare toes.

Then, it was time for the next toe on each of her gorgeously soft bare feet. Just like the first, Chris and James kept pace with how they’d rehearsed their synchronized foot worshipping skills.

And again, the pleasures were just absolutely exquisite for the females receiving  the bounty of their talents.

Kelly could barely speak when they got to her pinky toes. All she could mutter were low moaning ‘ohhhhhh, this feels sooooo…goooooood’.

The foot worship was coming to an end, and Chris and James let Kelly know that they would be transitioning in the next few minutes into the next phase; light, pleasurable tickling. They assured her that it would be completely enjoyable and not the kind of tickling she might be used to. Again, Chris and James were masters at building their pleasurable bases if you will. 

Chris started lightly running his fingertips and fingernails up and down the tops of Kelly’s barefeet from the base of her toes to her ankles. James did the same. Again, the stereoscopic synchronization of these techniques were just beyond pleasurable, and again, Kelly found herself moaning how good their touches felt. In addition to the moaning though was a gradual giggling building up from deep within Kelly. It tickled her and warmed her at the same time, but in a most delightful way, as if that ‘spoonful of sugar’ Julie Andrews sang about had been applied to her laughter medicine.  

Chris’s and James’s fingers were now about to switch to Kelly’s soles, but before they switched tickle areas they wanted to make sure Lance was OK. He’d been sitting quietly in the corner of the room observing this most amazing display of foot fetish/tickle fetish prowess from just a few feet away and yet, he felt like these images could have been beamed from a distant galaxy as he had been transported to this other-world state of seeing his wife get her feet worshipped and tickled JUST like she liked it. Lance was making many mental notes of how Chris and James were tickling his wife so as to try and duplicate their techniques back in the privacy of their own bedroom. Lance was OK. He gave a silent thumbs up and namaste hand gesture to both Chris and James, and a quick eye-lock with Kelly to assure her he was still OK with the tickle session unfolding. 

And so, the show went on. And on. And on.

Kelly’s soles were explored delicately and deliciously by Chris and James, and with each light stroke up and down and all around her softest of bare soles, she would let out the softest, most beautiful pleasurable laughter. The room was filled with the pleasures of her enjoyable tickling. Kelly was in heaven. Two guys paying such close attention to all her tickle spots, but doing it in a way that brought her intense joy, not pain. 

Chris and James must have ticked Kelly for a full half hour before her stomach muscles began to tire. She’d laughed so consistently for the full 30 minute session that her abdominal muscles were now completely spent. Kelly wished her muscles could’ve endures more as she was having the time of her life, but she knew she had to go ahead and utter in between her deep, gorgeous giggles that it was time to stop. 

Chris and James heeded Kelly’s wishes and immediately switched back to foot massage and foot worship. 

The giggling segwayed beautifully back into slow moaning about how good it felt. Except this time, her whole body had been through an intense workout, and the pleasures of getting a massage after a long workout were more intense now. Warm wave after warm wave of pleasure enveloped Kelly as her soles and toes were gently rubbed and sometimes kissed by Chris and James. 

‘Oh, to freeze this moment’, Kelly thought. Being massaged, worshipped, and ticked on her barefeet felt so good to Kelly that she almost forgot who or where or why she was. 

She took it all in, and as the massage and foot worship ended she vowed to further strengthen her stomach muscles so that next time she could be under Chris and James’s tutelage for at  least a full hour. 

Her body felt amazing though. She got up and gave Chris and James a big hig and kisses on their cheeks. She also gave Lance a big hug and a long kiss on the lips. And holding his head in her hands, and deeply staring into his eyes, she thanked him for giving her this most incredible foot massage/foot worship/foot tickling experience. She would NEVER forget it.

Until the next party.

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Special thanks to ‘Smiling Caucasian mid-adult woman’ @ # 2219758 aka ‘Kelly’ for the amazing photos! 🙂 

Tickling is Evolutionarily ‘Playful’ Study Finds

November 15, 2016


Great research being done on why tickling exists and how it is both playful and social! 

They could have just asked me, and I would have been able to spare them the huge research expenses 🙂 

Photo credit: 

Tickling to treat menopause?

November 4, 2016

  So I was thinking a few nights ago about something my mother in law shared with my wife. She’s battling cancer, back pain, and formerly menopause. And of the 3 maladies, would you guess that the one she would trade out over the other 2 was menopause?! Me neither! So it got me thinking about all the beautiful 40ish year old women out there that must really be struggling in this department, and of course my mind went to a ticklish solution 🙂

What if….??????

What if all these menopausal women went to a tickle therapist once a week to treat the symptoms of menopause? I wonder if it might help?

Laughter is the best medicine, and maybe the hot flashes could be quenced with the hot flashes of laughter and fun to be had by subjecting your bare feet to some soft, controlled, enjoyable tickling?

Just thinking out loud here on a Friday…

What do you think?

Especially, you ladies out there that are heading into this phase in your life,  do you think something like what I’m proposing would help you? Worth a try?

Drop a comment below or feel free to email me @

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My San Onofre-Giantess-Foot Tickling Fantasy

October 24, 2016

 Artwork above by the great Rick Rietveld from the piece entitled, ‘Surf Spots of California‘. Check it out by clicking HERE!

Just a fantasy of mine to think that the incredibly beautiful woman Rick’s drawn with nuclear reactors for breasts is getting tickled on her tummy and underarms, and saying thank you to the two tiny surfers for giving her such an enjoyably ticklish afternoon laying on the beach 🙂 

Can you imagine how awesome such a giantess movie would be with her as the star?! 

Maybe she utters something to the effect of…

‘Oh my little surfer boys! You tickle me oh so well! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.

Please get your other friends to come by and tickle the other side of my tummy and my other arm.

I LOVE to be tickled. 

Next time don’t forget about my barefeet down there! Ok?!

Remember how I showed you how to use those wonderful surfboards of yours to tickle my feet too?!

My feet are my FAVORITE ticke spots! I could have my barefeet tickled all day boys! ALL day!’

Can only imagine how gorgeous her barefeet would be, and also how beautiful her laughter and moans of pleasure would be as she called on the surfers to tickle her feet. 

At one point in my fantasy seagulls swoop in to help the surfers, and the seagulls tickle her toes with their feathers, running their plumes up and down and all around her soles and in between her toes! 
Our beautiful giantess is just beside herself enjoying her incredible foot tickling session! 

Oh a guy can dream ticklishly…giantess-ish-ly…rich dreams can’t he?! 

Enjoy! 🙂

Kelly, the teacher, is back after a little sabbatical, and my, oh my, are her toes ready for an enjoyably ticklish lesson :)

October 18, 2016


Remember Kelly, the ticklish teacher from a little while ago? She’s back and apparently not missed a beat with wanting to have her toes ticklishly explored. These Above are recent photos sent in by her, and her significant other. Enjoy and let them know in the comments below how much you would love to gently run feathers all over her soft bare soles and in between her gorgeous toes making her relax after a long day in the classroom 🙂

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Here are the photos unretouched and in their full resolution:





Feet at 35,000 feet revisited :)

October 10, 2016

  Stephanie Rosenbloom wrote a story a few years back for the New York Times about feet etiquette while on airplanes.

Here’s the link to her story:

There were over 900 comments on her piece for the Times, and the paper has since closed any further comments for this story.

Ms. Rosenbloom, if you happen to stumble upon this page and care to respond to my below comments, I’d be ever most grateful…

So…from my cursory scanning of the comments, it seemed that the majority were negative, and in favor of people not taking off their shoes while in flight.

Of course, if you’ve read anything on this site, you know how much I love the sight of pretty female feet dangling outside the comfort zone of her shoes.  So, I’m going to be incredibly biased in my counter arguments for passengers taking off their shoes, especially if it’s a female passenger with pretty feet.

Which makes me wonder about some potential solutions to the problem that Stephanie brings up in her story…

It makes me wonder…What if…

What if???…

What if there was an app where the person having an issue with someone removing their shoes in flight could snap a picture of those offending feet, share that picture with other users of the app in real time on that particular flight, and these other users could look at the picture and decide whether or not they wanted to switch places with that someone who has issues being seated next to someone who’s removed their shoes.

In theory, the person who wanted to change places with the person having the foot issue would be someone with a foot fetish, and not be bothered in the least by barefeet being put on their arm rest or in between their seat.

In essence, it would be a win-win for both parties using the app, and possibly for the person removing their shoes. The person snapping the picture on the app gets to relocate away from the perceived problem.  The person viewing the picture on the app has the potential to relocate and become the perceived solution.  The person who has removed their shoes, not using the app per se, may get to be the recipient of a relaxing, foot massage.

Silicon Valley, are you listening?

I think this could be a wonderful way to bring the foot fetishists of the world together with those who are repulsed by feet and create a true synergy between the two parties.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and I welcome any and all comments!