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A woman really enjoying her bare feet tickled by her two male friends

June 7, 2016

  A real gem of a video clip where the woman is clearly enjoying her foot tickling predicament. 

As mentioned in previous posts, I really LOVE the two males tickling a female’s barefeet theme. I wish these were not so hard to come by, but I guess that just makes the clip below that much more special when you find such a diamond in the rough, right?

This woman’s laughter is just to die for , and seems to just beckon you to sit down and listen to a woman who truly loves being tickled. Her male friends tickle her perfectly on her bare feet, such that she just lays down, and relishes in the pleasure of her feet being tickled. In my humble opinion, this is one of the sexiest tickling clips I’ve ever seen. 
As always, thanks for stopping by, and would love to read any comments you have below.

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Summertiiiime, and the tickling is good :)

June 5, 2016


Ahhhh, summertime. Beaches filled with beautiful women wearing next to nothing, especially on their feet πŸ™‚ 

Summers are a blessing and a curse for me as a foot and tickle fetishist. 

On the one hand, it is like being a kid in a candy store with all the eye candy you can ever hope to observe on any given beach, on any given day. 

On the other, busy Dad and husband, how to stop thinking about all that eye candy, and try to actually get something done besides fantasizing about tickling all these gorgeous bare soles in front of you?

Oh my Lord. The dimlemnas in life, right?! πŸ™‚

Which brings me to a wonderful clip I just found of a woman having her baresoles explored and tickled by her friend with fingers, combs, and brushes at the beach.

Her friend seems to really enjoy being on ‘tickle duty’, and fulfills her role beautifully. 

Hope you enjoy this one! 

Watch for a dude carrying a beach chair in the background @ 6 minutes in. 

How awesome would it have been to be THAT guy…stumbling upon a scene like that trying to get to the beach?  

Here’s to lots of fun summertime beach tickling! 

Cheers and thanks for stopping by!

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Four photos of my wife’s lovely, early morning, sleepy feet :)

June 4, 2016

Spoiler alert…they’re quite ticklish πŸ™‚ 

Working on getting her and her friend to shoot a short video where they each massage each other’s feet on a couch, and do some light, pleasurable tickling πŸ™‚

Stay tuned for more…


Early morning foot tickling fantasies

June 2, 2016

Deanna (see below picture) always sees her neighbor John walking their shared cul du sac at daybreak. 

She loves this time of day, and comes outside to stretch her beautiful legs and bare her gorgeous feet to the new rays of sunlight shining through her veranda. 

She is happily married with kids, but her husband never pays attention to her feet. Deanna’s never spoken about it to her husband, she’s too embarassed, but she has a condition known as titillagnia, or becoming aroused by tickling or being tickled. 

She secretly desires to be tied up and interrogated with feathers tickling her barefeet. She’s had this fantasy since childhood. 

Now, as a wife and stay at home mother, she can only let her imaginations run wild in this early dawn sanctuary. 

John always says hello to her as he passes by, and she says hello back. 

Deanna’s been thinking alot about how she might be able to lure John into more of a conversation. 

They met at the grocery store once when she was with her kids. It was rushed, but she noticed that he kept looking at her feet while they were chatting. She was wearing sandals that really showed off her newly pedicured toes. She began to suspect that John may have titillagnia too. 

Deanna’s plan tomorrow is to ask if John would like to do some yoga together. He’s always doing yoga poses, as he run/walks through the neighborhood. 

Deanna’s hunch is right. John too derives pleasure from tickling women’s feet. He also has a foot fetish where he desires to suck women’s toes while he massages their soles. 

John would love nothing more than the opportunity to do yoga with Deanna, and realize her tied up tickling fantasies. 

He would run feathers all over her gorgeous soles, and in between her beautiful toes, making her laugh again and again in pleasure every day of the week and twice on Tuesday until she’d had enough. 

Sometimes we just never know where serendipity will find us, right?! 

More later on the John and Deanna ticklish yoga encounter πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!

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Woman enjoys her foot tickling at the hands of her five male Revolutionary War soldier/captors

May 24, 2016

 I LOVE this picture, and all the ticklish possibilities it represents in terms of what may have happened during the Revolutionary War. 

My imagination runs wild concocting scenarios where this woman, seen above in the stocks, has been caught sending some low level secrets across enemy lines at the request of her husband, a British sympathizer. 

These 5 soldiers surrounding the woman have reasonable suspicion that she is sending bread and wine to some British born schoolchildren and their parents.

The soldiers were tipped off by neighbors that this kind of thing was happening, but they were’nt sure how to go about finding the culprit. 

Then, serendipitously, and ironically for the woman, a soldier overheard her and her husband enjoying some foreplay/roleplay of just the same scenario she would find herself in the very next day, just with more male hands. 

During a patrol through the streets late one evening, the soldier to the woman’s right in the photo heard laughter coming from a bedroom window. He stopped below the window, and listened some more. 

The laughter was continuous and definitely from a female. She sounded like she was being tickled by someone, and that she was enjoying it. The mysterious female voice kept saying, ‘Don’t stop! I love it when you lick in between my toes like that!’ and then more laughter. A male voice kept saying, ‘Ok, fairl lass, for the last time, tell me why you’re sympathizing with the British! Why did you bake that bread?!’ Then more laughter, and then this, ‘I…ha ha ha…I…am…ha ha ha…not going to…ha ha ha…explain my…ohhhh…ha ha ha…ohhh….actions to you traitors…ah ha ha ha!’ 

This kind of ticklish bantor between the mysterious male and female voices went on for a full 20 minutes before the woman started to moan in a more sexual manner, with her toes apparently being continually  sucked, licked, and fondled. 

The foreplay talk began to take on more of an ‘adult’ nature, at which point, the soldier decided to move along to his next station. 

He was quite aroused having experienced ‘kinesthetic empathy‘ listening to this woman being pleasured with foot worship and foot tickling, but he had to move along. 

The next day the soldiers you see in the picture all confronted this beautiful woman out in the street as she exited her house to go to the market, and they asked her if she was the mysterious bread and wine deliverer. 

She denied being involved, and at that point she was led to the town square and put in the stocks where you see her awaiting her plight.

What happens next is i hope a wonderfully long, enjoyable foot tickling for this lovely woman who really loves to be tickled on her feet. I want to believe that her husband goes off to work as a blacksmith earlier that morning, and during the late morning takes a break and decides to walk over to the townsquare. He can hear femalw laughter coming from the square as he approaches but can’t see anything as there is quite a crowd that’s gathered around the ticklish epicenter. 

The husband finally gets through some of the crowd and gets his first view of the mysterious female who is laughing. It is of course his wife and he sees her head tilted back in that classic ‘Oh my goodness, this tickles so much!’ pose and he hears her bellowing laughter. He is immediately aroused at the ticklish site in front of him. He freezes in his tracks, and is in information overload mode watching his wife get foot tickled by 5 other men.  He knows his wife is loving the attention paid to her feet and is in heaven getting her toes tickled with feathers. That is the instrument of  choice for the five male captors as they all move large peacock feathers all over her gorgeous soft soles. 

Think I’ll stop there and let my imagination run wild with the woman having her toes sucked next and tongues run in between her toes by each of her male captors, leading to a ticklish climax where the woman is just beside herself with ticklish pleasure and the male captors have to release her as she is getting too aroused by her feet being tickled like that.

Oh the ticklish possibilities πŸ™‚

Thanks for stopping by!

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions! πŸ™‚

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Woman gets separated from her travel tour group in Polynesia, ends up tickled pink by four very inquisitive island natives.

May 18, 2016

  The four males tickling one female theme is one I wish were more prevalent in our tickling community. The way the artist (I believe it’s the one and only, Kamiano) depicts this woman enjoying her ticklish plight, and the four men enjoying theirs, is just lovely to see. I think in many respects, the woman having each of her barefeet licked and explored by human tongues, as well as each of her armpits lovingly licked and tickled is a lost art in tickling fetishdom. I love to see tickling art like this and wish there were more pieces out there like this. 

Thank you, Kamiano, if that is you, for your amazing artistry displaying the beauty of a woman enjoying her tickling experience x 4! 

As always, I welcome your comments and suggestions!

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My wife, a conference, and a dentist with a penchant for tickling Β pretty ladies’ feet!

May 17, 2016

My wife looks a lot like the woman in the photo below (Apologies, as I don’t remember where I got this photo. If someone knows the original source, please indicate in the comments below, and I’ll update with a photo credit). 

It got me thinking about a story that I so desperately want to be true (see below)…My wife attends a health related conference in a far away city (we live in California, so let’s say Tampa, Florida). 

She’s a therapist, and is trying to drum up business for her brick and mortar and online practices. 

She’s been on her feet all day in those heels you see, at her booth talking and meeting people, standing mostly, with the occassional chance to sit. 

The man at the booth next to hers just so happens to be a dentist with ‘the softest toothbrushes in the world’. 

‘Don’t believe me?’, he asks my wife during one of their breaks in the exposition meet and greets at the conference.

My wife says, ‘Oh, I believe you. They definitely look soft.’

Dentist comes back, ‘Now, I’ll bet your feet are pretty sensitive being in those heels all day, nay?’

My wife says, ‘Oh, you don’t know the half of it!’

Dentist again, ‘Well, what if I were to tell you that my brushes are SO soft that they probably wouldn’t even tickle sensitive feet like yours after a long day?’

My wife, ‘Oh, I don’t know about that. My feet are pretty ticklish. My husband likes to tickle them all the time. He’s got quite a foot fetish that guy! Ha ha! I think your soft brushes would still tickle my feet. Especially if I stay in my pantyhose. That makes my soles and toes doubly ticklish! Ha ha ha!’

Dentist, not missing a beat, ‘Well, I tell you what, care to wager a little bet? I’ll bet you a chocolate martini at that bar in that little restaurant over there across the lobby that if my toothbrushes tickle those ticklish feet of yours in the slightest, I’ll buy you that chocolate martini, and be on my way.’

My wife considers her options (she LOVES martinis) and begins to slip off her heels while saying to the dentist, ‘You’re on! Do your best brushing! Ha ha ha!’

So the dentist asks my wife to put her feet up on the table next to his booth. 

He grabs his little rolling wheel toothbrush that have these tiny bristles on each wheel spike.

My wife looks at this tool and thinks, ‘Hmmm, now that doesn’t look like a toothbrush. What the hell is that?’

Dentist, ‘Yeah, this is a little unorthodox I know. Trust me though, the little bristles on the tiny wheel do an amazing cleaning job on your molars.’

My wife thinks, ‘Maybe he’s right. Maybe this toothbrush IS the softest toothbrush in the world, and my feet won’t even feel it like he says.’

She waits in ticklish anticipation as this dentist is about to explore her nyloned soles with this instrument.

The tool meets her soles right below her toes, and immediately the tickle sensations run all throughout her beautiful body, up her legs, into her torso region, her arms, her back, wow! ‘What a ticklish jolt that was!’, she thinks.

More rolling.

More soft brushes tickling my wife’s soles.

Sweet, melodious laughter starts to eminate from the dentist’s booth. 

My wife realizes she’s already won a martini at this point, as this brush is obviously NOT the softest in the world.

But although it tickles, it’s not unpleasant. In fact, the bristles on the rollers going up and down her soles , and pushed into the bases around her toes feels actually pretty darn good.

My wife says, ‘Wow, that really tickles! You owe me a drink!’

The Dentist says, ‘You win. I really thought my bristles were the softest ,?and they wouldn’t tickle your feet. Ok, I’ll go get you that chocolate martini. Stay here, please.’

My wife, not missing a beat, ‘Hey, what are you doing?! You can’t just start tikling a woman’s feet like that,and just stop on a dime! Where did you go to dental school?! Ha ha ha! That brush actually feels GREAT on my tired feet. Please keep tickling them a little more , and THEN you can go buy me that drink.’

So, the dentist, given his new marching orders, continues to roll his propritary soft bristles all over my wife’s soles at this conference table. 

She’s loving it! Laughing, throwing her head back, stomach muscles working. 

She’ll tell most people that she hates being tickled because the tickling she received in the past was hard and fast and not too fun. But for others in her close circle, she’ll say she LOVES being tickled, especially when it’s THIS kind of tickling, soft and slow. 

Her laughter, if you can hear it through this picture at this conference , tells the story. 

My wife recounts later to me that she said the dentist had his way with her feet for a full 25 minutes. She said it was so much fun that she’d do it again. 

I said to her, ‘Next time, why don’t you get someone to video the scene?’

She said, ‘Great idea! In the meantime, here’s a shot of me that a passerby took as we were having our fun break. He just picked up my phone and took it without asking! Don’t you wish you’d come to the conferene with me?’

‘Um, yeah! I never get to see these kinds of scenes in California! Thank you, thank you, for the play by play! My imagination is running wild!’

My wife says to me, ‘Well wait ’till I tell you what he did to my feet in the hotel bar buying me that martini! Oh man!’

To be continued…

Thanks for stopping by, and as always, welcome your comments…

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