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Wonderful foot worship/foot tickling video!

January 5, 2014

Just loved how the woman in this video appears to really enjoy having her feet worshipped and tickled by this lucky guy’s tongue and lips. Having worked as a waiter in a restaurant, I’ve had this fantasy many times over! Thank you, thank you, thank you for recording such an incredible experience for all us foot fetishists and tickle fetishists to enjoy! Cheers!

Missed opportunity in San Francisco many moons ago

January 2, 2014

Missed opportunity in San Francisco many moons ago

I think the copyright here is all wrong…these beautiful ladies are actually in tickle HEAVEN.

I lived with a woman who was a brunette in San Francisco back in the late 90’s in a 3 bedroom house in the Inner Sunset District with one other guy. There are only 2 women on the planet that I have not dated that know about my foot fetish. This brunette is one of these women. Her name was Heather. The other is my therapist.

A woman I was interested in dating at the time I was living with Heather, a beautiful blonde who lived in Reno, NV, named, Jamie was coming to visit me in San Francisco. We’d dated before (see below) and she knew about my foot fetish, as well as my tickle fetish, and had indulged me on numerous occasions to worship and tickle her feet.

Now I can honestly say that I wasn’t attracted to Heather per se, but she did have quite beautiful feet. Sometimes when we’d watch TV in our living room, she’d prop her legs up on our couch’s arm, and hang her bare feet over the edge. I always had a hard time concentrating on the TV show we were watching when this would occur

Anyway, Jamie came to visit me this one time in July, and brought a mutual friend, another beautiful blonde named, Holly. Me, Jamie, and Holly all went dancing that evening in downtown San Francisco at a club. They both had on high heels and their beautiful feet were in full display the whole evening.

In between dancing we’d all sit down and they’d put their feet up on chairs or coffee tables. They’d comment that their feet hurt from dancing in their heels. I can’t remember if they took off their heels while we were at the club that night, all I do kind of remember is asking them if, when we got back to my place, I could take pictures of their feet. They both said yes without reservations. Yes!

When we got back to the house we retired to my room where I’d set up my futon mattress to accompany all three of us. Before getting into bed, I asked Jamie and Holly if I could take them up on their offer to let me photograph their feet. They again obliged. I took some pictures, and unfortunately, I don’t know where the pictures are today. I’m pretty sure I still have them in one of my old boxes of photos stashed up in my closet. Once I find them I’ll post them here in this album.

Which brings me to THIS picture…

At this moment in the evening, things could have gone much, much differently for me looking back in hindsight. I believe my roommate Heather was up when we got back to the house, and we all talked briefly about our experience in the club. If I had ‘played my cards right’ I think the picture posted here could have easily been me and my male roommate tickling Heather’s gorgeous feet in the center, and Jamie’s equally gorgeous feet on the left, and Holly’s tantalizing toes on the right. Oh my, the fun we could have had! Oh well, as fate would have it, that didn’t occur, but all hope was not lost…

I had another opportunity sleeping in the same bed as Jamie and Holly that night to crawl down to the foot of my futon, and start massaging and kissing those four beautiful dancing feet. But again, as fate would have it, that didn’t occur either.

Let me explain…

Jamie and I had broken things off at the beginning of the year because I’d wanted to make things work with someone else I’d dated for a long time in Reno. Things with that someone else didn’t work out, and I was now wanting to get back with Jamie, but I hadn’t communicated that to her yet.

As things were progressing nicely that evening, I began to wonder if she felt the same. I wasn’t sure. When we laid down on my futon, I still wasn’t sure. I think I maybe made it 10 minutes or something like that until I reached out to hold her hand. Once I did that the flood gates opened and we were kissing and caressing each other, all the while Holly was probably playing like she was asleep.

I say all this to just explain that that’s where my brain activity was most absorbed, making sure I was going to be able to get back together with Jamie. The foot and tickle fetish brain activity took a bit of a back seat if you will.

And while it pains me to recount these 2 incredible foot fetish and tickling fetish opportunities missed, I am glad for the outcome of the evening as it was the first time I made love to a woman.

And yes, it was magical.

So, again, this picture represents a fantasy of mine that went unfulfilled that still magical night back in July of the late 1990’s in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset.

I just love how all the women in the photo seem to be enjoying the ticklish attention on their feet.

One of these days maybe I’ll get to recreate this fantasy, but in the meantime, I can always go to that special place in my memories, rework the events of that night to end with all 5 of us in Heather’s room having a spectacular bare foot tickling party! Oh bliss, double bliss!

A wonderful foot tickling story!

December 9, 2013

A woman finds her ‘tickle-mate’  and thoroughly enjoys the ticklish attention her new best tickle friend gives to her lovely toes!

Tickling in the News, NPR News that is!

December 3, 2013

Wonderful Enjoyable Foot Tickling Video!

November 9, 2013

Quite possibly the best example of a woman enjoying having her bare feet tickled that I’ve ever seen! Enjoy!



Hot Sand Baths with a tickle twist!

November 3, 2013
From Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled

I love the buried in the sand theme for tickling women’s feet! One of my favorites is from Tickling Paradise (pictured above). The laughter is just delightful, the women are very attractive, and on top of it all, the women being tickled appear to be having a really good time!

My wife knows about my foot and tickling fetish, and indulges me from time to time by talking about different foot fetish and foot tickling scenarios to get us both ‘in the mood’.

It’s wonderful!

She’ll ask me sometimes what I would do if I came to her salon and watched her and other women having their feet massaged, and maybe tickled by one of the guys or gals working in the salon.

Another scenario she’ll ‘paint’ is me going into business as a reflexologist/foot masseur where I have a booth set up at the local mall, and I have to give session after session, after wonderful session, to beautiful women with gorgeous feet, all the while maintaining my professionalism.

You get the picture!

Yes, I’m extremely thankful and blessed!

One scenario in particular that ALWAYS ‘gets me’ though is the buried in the sand scenario that she dreams up.

My wife is from Japan and apparently there are hot sand beaches over in Japan where women go to get buried for relaxation, detoxification, and blood cleansing purposes. My wife says that most of the women who patronize these hot sand treatment areas have beautifully taken care of feet, and that they’ll usually be sticking out of the sand (see old photo below). She said it would be so easy to go walk by these women on the beach and give quick tickles to the multitude of bare feet sticking out of the sand, and that the women would most likely enjoy the attention! Oh my!

So, obviously, my mind races to try and recreate this picture above where I live in Coastal California. We have miles and miles of beaches along the Central Coast that would lend themselves quite nicely to this kind of treatment, and enough health conscious/eastern minded/beautiful women who take excellent care of their feet to want to try something a little out of the ordinary…

I could bill it as hot sand/laughter therapy!

Women, what do you think? Would any of you out there be interested in a short ‘buried in the sand with your bare feet exposed’foot tickling session on a beach?

The Flogger & The Anti-Feet Foot Fetish

July 6, 2013

Women Who Enjoy Having Their Feet Tickled:

Just discovered this blog and thought it worth a careful read…love the part where this woman describes her discovery of her ‘foot thing’. Her partner would lightly run his fingertips up and down the arch of her foot in a bid to see if she was ticklish. Instead of making her recoil in giggling hysterics, she would merely purr like a contented pussycat. Yes it tickled, but only a little, and in a very, very good way.’ Oh to be a witness to the prosecution of said ticklish foot worship :)

Originally posted on Dating Dramas Of A Thirty Something:


If the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, then the way to my vagina is through my feet. Firstly, let me explain something. I do not like feet. After the genitals, I consider them to be the ugliest part of the human form. I understand that they serve a purpose, but if I could go through life without ever having to see my feet, or anybody else’s, then I’d be a happy girl. To me, no matter how well maintained, they all look like the little hairy, club feet of unwashed hobbits. I hate them.

This said, I literally go weak at the knees if a man is prepared to spend some time pampering and teasing my feet. Don’t suck my toes. That’s just fucking weird. But a nice foot massage will earn you major points and thus guarantee I return the favour with an early morning…

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