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Fake versus Real Laughter – An Interesting Research Study for Tickle-philes

May 24, 2014

Fake versus Real Laughter - An Interesting Research Study for Tickle-philes

Just One-Third Of People Can Tell If You’re Faking That Laugh
by Anne Miller

OZY – May 15, 2014

Scene: The happy-hour office party….

Kinesthetic Empathy or ‘I see or hear women being tickled, erego, I become aroused’

April 15, 2014


I recently discovered a wonderful podcast entitled, ‘Speaking of Sex‘ by ‘The Pleasure Mechanics’ where two women with seductively smooth, silky, and sexy radio voices converse on all things erotic. It’s a fabulous show, and one I highly recommend.

One of their recent episodes dealt with a question mailed in from a married woman who wanted to know if she should feel threatened by her husband’s enjoyment of pornography.

During the episode, one of the hosts talks about how we all, as humans, posses something called ‘kinesthetic empathy’, or the ability to relate to, or feel, someone else’s pain or pleasure.

Listen to the episode by clicking HERE

At 2 minutes and 50 seconds into the episode, and again at 14 minutes and 30 seconds, one of the hosts discusses how it’s completely normal to simply hear the sounds of pleasure, and find yourself sexually aroused by just that auditory stimulation.

I loved the first part of the episode so much that I rewound it over and over again in order to write down exactly what one of the hosts was saying about it being normal to feel aroused by such sounds of pleasure.

Here is the transcript pertaining to what the hosts describe as kinesthetic empathy.  It is so succinct and beautifully said that I thought it worthy to post my version of the transcript.  Hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Starting at 1 minute and 55 seconds into the podcast:

“First of all, I think it’s really important to acknowledge that we, as human beings, are:


meaning, that, in our genetics, in our DNA, is the ability to get turned on by other people having sex.

We are not animals that naturally go into deep hiding in order to mate.

In human history it’s actually very likely that we would be hearing other couples mating, that we would be seeing them, that we would be participating in group erotic ritual…

and we don’t really think of this that often because, in the past few hundred years,

sex has been made to be sooooo private,

and the idea of anyone seeing you having sex is this really mortifying, embarrassing idea,

but, ultimately, we are very social with our sexuality.

And SEEING other people having sex, and HEARING other people having sex, is a HUGE turn on for most people.

Like, have you ever been in a hotel, and you hear sounds of sex coming through the walls?

Like, it can be an inherent turn on.

You don’t know who those people are, you have NO idea what they are doing, but just the sounds of pleasure, turn us on.

And this is partly because we have what’s called…kinesthetic empathy

Meaning, our bodies ATTUNE to what other people are feeling.

And this works in all directions, with all emotions,

Like if you are in a room with someone who is sobbing and sad, you start feeling their grief.

If you are in a stadium where everyone’s really excited and aroused by the game, like you’re, you getting caught up in that excitement even if you don’t care about football.

And the same is true with sex.

When we watch or hear other people having sex, our body flips into an arousal mode, almost…automatically.

And, we can use this to our advantage, as a source of turn on, but what we need to not do is PROBLEMATIZE it.

There’s nothing wrong with you if you get aroused by porn, of ANY variety.

And people report being aroused by gay porn when they’re straight, and vice versa.

You know, a lot of women love gay male porn, umm, even though there’s no women in the picture.

And so, just the acts of two humans engaging in sexuality can be an inherent turn on,

and that is a totally natural response..”


The image used in the article above is a slight modification of artwork done by the great Franco Saudelli.

Please support this GIANT of the foot and tickle fetish community by visiting his website at:


Looking for Laughter in All the Right Places :)

April 5, 2014


Looking for Laughter in All the Right Places :)

Click on the above link,

or paste this into your web-browser:

and sit back and listen to some of the most delightful ticklish laughter you’ve ever heard :)

Really wonderful video of a beautiful woman with gorgeous barefeet tickled with a hairbrush for the first 11 minutes of the 17 min and 59 second video. The first 2 minutes and 43 seconds are just the ticklee being prepared for the wonderful tickle session.

The woman’s laughter is just infectiously, and incessantly lovely. She truly never seems to tire of the tickling on her bare feet.

She really has one of those laughs that seems to say ‘I love being tickled!  This is FUN! Please don’t stop!’

I just love her sighs in between her bouts of laughter too.

Was totally expecting her to say ‘Stop’ or ‘Enough’ to her tickler, but she NEVER does for the entirety of the hair brush bristles being run up and down her bare soles.

Lovely, lovely video and one I hope you’ll enjoy.

Thank you Thomas Edison for posting.

If you can, donate to the original producer of this video:

to keep these high quality videos funded and available .

Thank you too to Vivian, the ticklee!  Just really love your laughter and fun spirit!

Potential Tickle Therapy Session

March 29, 2014

Potential Tickle Therapy Session with Vanessa


Meet Kelly.

Kelly’s a school teacher in New York State who enjoys having her beautiful feet tickled in public.

She and her husband, Vincent, have recently contacted me for a tickle therapy session, and we are working out the details to schedule our first meeting.

They both have become very interested in exploring the wonderfully therapeutic world of tickling.

That’s Kelly, above, in the photo, buried in the sand, on an undisclosed beach, awaiting the therapeutic ticklish touch of her husband, Vincent.

Again, if you haven’t read the piece on the tickle therapy spa that recently opened in Spain, well…you’re in for a delicious treat!

Here’s a link to that incredible story:

There’s also some good science to back up what we tickle fetishists have always known was the case; laughter is the best medicine, and ticklish laughter is even better! :)

Check out this splendid article on the scientific benefits of laughing:

Some estimates put your caloric expenditure after laughing for 30 minutes at 120! That’s about what a can of soda contains in terms of calories.

Guess having a Coke and a Smile really does go together! :)

Click HERE for more photos of Kelly!

A special thanks to Kelly and Vincent for contacting me and sharing their story.

I hope to post more in the future about their ticklish encounters, as well as a potential ticklish encounter of our own on a beach on the Central Coast of California!

Happy Tickling Saturday to you all!

WWEHTFT Administrator

Wonderful foot worship/foot tickling video!

January 5, 2014

Just loved how the woman in this video appears to really enjoy having her feet worshipped and tickled by this lucky guy’s tongue and lips. Having worked as a waiter in a restaurant, I’ve had this fantasy many times over! Thank you, thank you, thank you for recording such an incredible experience for all us foot fetishists and tickle fetishists to enjoy! Cheers!

Missed opportunity in San Francisco many moons ago

January 2, 2014

Missed opportunity in San Francisco many moons ago

I think the copyright here is all wrong…these beautiful ladies are actually in tickle HEAVEN.

I lived with a woman who was a brunette in San Francisco back in the late 90’s in a 3 bedroom house in the Inner Sunset District with one other guy. There are only 2 women on the planet that I have not dated that know about my foot fetish. This brunette is one of these women. Her name was Heather. The other is my therapist.

A woman I was interested in dating at the time I was living with Heather, a beautiful blonde who lived in Reno, NV, named, Jamie was coming to visit me in San Francisco. We’d dated before (see below) and she knew about my foot fetish, as well as my tickle fetish, and had indulged me on numerous occasions to worship and tickle her feet.

Now I can honestly say that I wasn’t attracted to Heather per se, but she did have quite beautiful feet. Sometimes when we’d watch TV in our living room, she’d prop her legs up on our couch’s arm, and hang her bare feet over the edge. I always had a hard time concentrating on the TV show we were watching when this would occur

Anyway, Jamie came to visit me this one time in July, and brought a mutual friend, another beautiful blonde named, Holly. Me, Jamie, and Holly all went dancing that evening in downtown San Francisco at a club. They both had on high heels and their beautiful feet were in full display the whole evening.

In between dancing we’d all sit down and they’d put their feet up on chairs or coffee tables. They’d comment that their feet hurt from dancing in their heels. I can’t remember if they took off their heels while we were at the club that night, all I do kind of remember is asking them if, when we got back to my place, I could take pictures of their feet. They both said yes without reservations. Yes!

When we got back to the house we retired to my room where I’d set up my futon mattress to accompany all three of us. Before getting into bed, I asked Jamie and Holly if I could take them up on their offer to let me photograph their feet. They again obliged. I took some pictures, and unfortunately, I don’t know where the pictures are today. I’m pretty sure I still have them in one of my old boxes of photos stashed up in my closet. Once I find them I’ll post them here in this album.

Which brings me to THIS picture…

At this moment in the evening, things could have gone much, much differently for me looking back in hindsight. I believe my roommate Heather was up when we got back to the house, and we all talked briefly about our experience in the club. If I had ‘played my cards right’ I think the picture posted here could have easily been me and my male roommate tickling Heather’s gorgeous feet in the center, and Jamie’s equally gorgeous feet on the left, and Holly’s tantalizing toes on the right. Oh my, the fun we could have had! Oh well, as fate would have it, that didn’t occur, but all hope was not lost…

I had another opportunity sleeping in the same bed as Jamie and Holly that night to crawl down to the foot of my futon, and start massaging and kissing those four beautiful dancing feet. But again, as fate would have it, that didn’t occur either.

Let me explain…

Jamie and I had broken things off at the beginning of the year because I’d wanted to make things work with someone else I’d dated for a long time in Reno. Things with that someone else didn’t work out, and I was now wanting to get back with Jamie, but I hadn’t communicated that to her yet.

As things were progressing nicely that evening, I began to wonder if she felt the same. I wasn’t sure. When we laid down on my futon, I still wasn’t sure. I think I maybe made it 10 minutes or something like that until I reached out to hold her hand. Once I did that the flood gates opened and we were kissing and caressing each other, all the while Holly was probably playing like she was asleep.

I say all this to just explain that that’s where my brain activity was most absorbed, making sure I was going to be able to get back together with Jamie. The foot and tickle fetish brain activity took a bit of a back seat if you will.

And while it pains me to recount these 2 incredible foot fetish and tickling fetish opportunities missed, I am glad for the outcome of the evening as it was the first time I made love to a woman.

And yes, it was magical.

So, again, this picture represents a fantasy of mine that went unfulfilled that still magical night back in July of the late 1990’s in San Francisco in the Inner Sunset.

I just love how all the women in the photo seem to be enjoying the ticklish attention on their feet.

One of these days maybe I’ll get to recreate this fantasy, but in the meantime, I can always go to that special place in my memories, rework the events of that night to end with all 5 of us in Heather’s room having a spectacular bare foot tickling party! Oh bliss, double bliss!

A wonderful foot tickling story!

December 9, 2013

A woman finds her ‘tickle-mate’  and thoroughly enjoys the ticklish attention her new best tickle friend gives to her lovely toes!


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