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A potential long hiatus

February 21, 2016

I’ve had to face some very difficult things about myself as of late, one being my addiction to foot and tickling fetish media. It’s affected my work life, my home life, and my inner life. I’m taking steps to recover from my addictions and one of these steps involves not posting to this site, or any of my facebook, twitter, instagram, and google+ sites. I want to say real quickly that I appreciate all your support of this website over the years, and I’m sorry to have to end my contributions to the foot and tickle fetish community. But there comes a time in everyone’s life where what is most important has to be prioritized, and for me and my particular way of handling my life, I’ve had to come to the realization that me continuing to indulge my brain in this kind of satiation, is becoming quite counterproductive to me living a good life. This is my experience. No one else’s. I would imagine that others are able to ‘handle the reins’ so to speak much more adeptly than I can. To those of you out there in this camp, kudos to you. I, however, can’t handle these reins very well and have decided to abandon the stagecoach to keep with the metaphor. I may be back. I may not. I’m going to try and get a handle on my addiction with help from a very kind and caring individual I just discovered on Youtube this past week. If you are still reading and in any way shape or form experiencing this kind of media and it’s become an addiction, I highly recommend you check out the 4 videos below. They are LIFE CHANGING, full of compassion, and give you some tried and true tools to help you overcome the cycles of any addiction you may be experiencing. Truly has helped me this past week to get me oriented in the right direction. 

Thank you again for your support during this transition away from my addiction issues.


WWEHTFT Administrator

Tingly foot worship too beautiful for words

February 15, 2016

   This clip does not, I repeat, does NOT, contain any tickling. What it lacks in tickling though, it more than makes up for in beautiful feet being worshipped. 

At about 3 minutes in, the gorgeous lady being foot worshipped says that her feet being licked and sucked by her friend is better than a foot massage.

The beautiful lady doing the foot worshipping agrees and comments that she’s not sure if it’s better for her or for her friend as she is enjoying worshipping her friend’s feet sooo much!

The gorgeous lady who is getting this better than a foot massage says, and I quote, ‘I don’t knooooow, I feel a little tingle down under…’ and laughs.

Oh. My.


Brush slowly and regularly on Maria’s barefeet for best laughter results :)

February 10, 2016

  How do you solve a problem like Maria? 

Well, ticklishly of course :) 

Maria’s just a beautiful soul, with beautiful soles, who seems to thoroughly enjoy her ‘brush’ with death by tickling :) 

I think my favorite thing about this clip is just how wonderfully slow and softly the two ticklers work on Maria’s soles with both their fingers and brushes. 

They truly give Maria a soft synchronized tickling experience for the record books and one that appears she enjoys immensely, and doesn’t want to stop. 

Oh to just be one of those tines on the hairbrushes being ever so gently run up and down and all around her gorgeous bare solesπŸ™‚


Wonderful article on the health benefits of tickling!

January 30, 2016

A Rx from your doctor reading ‘Get your feet tickled by a foot tickling professional at least 3 times per week for good mental and physical health’ may not be as far off in the future as once thought :) 


WWEHTFT Administrator

Socks with benefits :)

January 28, 2016


 My wife (her gorgeous feet displayed above) is finally starting to understand this great and wide world of tickling and foot fetishes. 

She’s recently agreed to let me film her feet getting into and out of her socks, pre and post workout session, and then making those socks available to you the viewer.

My question to you, viewer of this website, is simple…

Would you like to receive a FREE (yes, I said FREE) video of my wife’s feet, both barefoot and with socks on, and the socks themselves, which would have been worn on my wife’s gorgeous barefeet? 

If so, be the first 3 people to email me at with ‘socks with benefits’ in your subject line, and you will get a FREE video of my wife’s gorgeous bare feet getting into and out of her workout socks, as well as a FREE package with her worn socks mailed to you. 

Email now, operators are standing byπŸ™‚


WWEHTFT Administrator

Teaching your way into an enjoyable foot tickling experience

January 23, 2016


Just when you think you’ve seen all there is to see in the foot fetish/foot tickling world, something like this beautiful clip from comes along and realigns your perceptions of the possible. 

Oh my, I just absolutely LOVE how this gorgeous woman, Nikki, who is actually asking to have her barefeet tickled, takes that extra, extremely rare, next step to actually TEACH her tickler how she wants to be tickled on her beautiful barefeet. The tickling on her feet is more instructional than real, honest to goodness tickling, but Nikki carries the scene well, and has you believing she’s enjoying the experience.

This is an absolute gem of a clip

Remember to support Taylor Raz by clicking here!

Hope you enjoy, and have a wonderful foot fetish/foot tickling day or night, wherever you may be!πŸ™‚

Your girlfriend’s sexy roommate seduces you with her gorgeous barefeet; game over!Β 

January 22, 2016 

I love this video as it really plays on a lovely theme I’ve fantasized about ever since I was in college back in the 90’s; your girlfriend’s sexy, seductive roommate. I dated a girl right after my undergrad years who had two attractive roommates. 

We all went on a camping trip together back in the mid 90’s where I wanted so badly to ditch my inhibitions and be the mischievous one who had had a little too much to drink at the campfire and ended up doing some crazy stuff with each woman’s barefeet while in the tent after dark. 

I used to feel so guilty having these fantasies, but now I realize these urges are totally natural, and just an outcropping of my humanity, my maleness, and my devotion to the female foot. 

One day I’ll write a short story based on that beautiful camping trip where I emerge the foot fetish hero, but for now I will just enjoy this delightful video where the beautiful roommate uses her sexy feet to bring a guy under her seductive power. 



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